NMA Radio: The Complete Guide to Running Gear


For all the simplicity of running, there’s no shortage of gadgetry and gear to sift through.

Every season, you’re told to upgrade your clothing, your shoes, your electronics. It’s fun the first few times … but once you realize the cycle never stops, it’s tempting to throw your hands up and decide you’re going barefoot, shirtless, and gadget-free.

But surely, a few items deserve a place in your gear bag. So how do you know what’s really worth your money? Just as importantly, how do you figure out what will perform when need it to … and which gear will leave you chafed and cranky halfway through your run?

In today’s episode, we help you cut through the clutter, focusing on the few — dare we say essential — items of gear that are undoubtedly worth it. From head to toe, hydration to recovery, we share our thoughts on the running gear we couldn’t do without.

Here’s just some of what we talk about in this episode:

  • The running shoes we keep coming back to
  • The least cumbersome ways to carry your water and nutrition
  • Do you need fancy running electronics?
  • Tools for injury prevention and recovery
  • The most important piece of running clothing

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  1. Hi,

    I love the podcasts normally, and this episode too contained many helpful tips.

    I was disappointed today, though, by the complete lack of inclusion of your non-male-bodied audience. A discussion on running clothing & gear that does not consider running bras is incomplete and naive. For many women this is the #1 gear – ranking higher even than the shoes! Runner folks with big breasts could probably run barefoot for a few kilometres, on soft ground, but running even 10m without a sports bra is not an option. The discussion on running without a shirt that followed – again even without as much as a side comment that running topless is not an option for many women was just the cherry on top of the cake.
    I understand that as two men you wouldn’t have been able to give first-hand ratings of these products, but I am sure you both have trustworthy women runners in your life that would have been happy to provide some insight for the podcast.

    Thank you for reading – I hope you can take this into consideration for the future.


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