The Return of No Meat Athlete Radio!

And we’re back!

To be honest, after we recorded our last episode back in January (!), I wasn’t sure when or if we’d do another No Meat Athlete Radio.

Podcasting, although fun, turned out to be a lot more work than writing a regular blog post, and I admit we were a bit ambitious in our goal of putting out a new episode every single week, or twice a month at the least.

But recently we brought on Doug Hay to the No Meat Athlete team (DC runners, check out his blog here), and Doug convinced me we could (and should!) make the show happen again: once a month, a little longer than before, and a little more chill than before. Just two dudes hanging out, talking about running and vegetables (along with the occasional guest, who I hope is not always a dude).

So that’s what we went for in our Ali-like return to the podcasting ring, along with a lot more reader participation (we’ve been asking a few questions on our Facebook page to get your input).

And this month, since we’re heading into fall race season right now, we focused our conversation and reader questions on a timely topic: increasing your mileage as you get ready for a half marathon or marathon and how that impacts your diet, pacing, psychology, and a lot more.

Give the show a listen, let us know what you think of the new format, and please, feel free to get involved when we throw out some questions on Facebook and ask for your input on each month’s topic. Enjoy!

In this episode, Doug and I talk about:

  • Catching up (4:27)
  • How to get enough protein (12:22)
  • When to eat your protein (16:12)
  • Good pre-run snacks (18:40)
  • Calories question (22:55)
  • Hydration (25:55)
  • Pace (30:42)
  • Preparing mentally (38:55)

Click the button below to listen now:


Links from the show:

Our phone number where you can call in to submit your question for next episode: 707-786-3429



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  1. Yaaaay this is great news! I’ve missed NMA Radio. Can’t wait to listen!

  2. Can you provide a normal RSS podcast link for people who don’t use iTunes to subscribe with please?

    Thank you!

  3. Thanks for bringing this back, Matt. The hard work and dedication to put this on is, without a doubt, very much appreciated. Viva la NMA!

  4. I’m a Nutrition & Dietetics student from Australia. Loving this website. First site I’ve found that gives clear cut advice on how to ‘live’ vegetarian while keeping fit. Keep it up. Always like to mix up my eating plans, try out vegetarian diets often but more of just a mix up thing. This site is making me think to go full-time vegetarian.
    Keep it real. NMA.

  5. I’m subscribed in iTunes, but I don’t see a new episode. The last one that shows is Scott Jurek (which was great).

  6. First off, just want to say how much I have enjoyed reading this blog and how much it has inspired and helped me in improving my running and diet. Can’t wait to listen to this podcast.
    Just have to vent a pet peeve: Please don’t use impact as a verb. It smacks of corporate jargon.

  7. I am absolutely subscribing! I saw you were at the DC Vegfest. I’m sorry I missed it this year – but I hope you will be there next year.

  8. Finally got around to listening to this (sorry, I have a hard time fitting in podcasts) – thanks for the mention of Predawn Runner in the discussion on pre-run food – those that visit my blog may find that I prescribe to a pretty minimalist approach when it comes to pre-run nutrition. However, if I do end up experimenting, I’m liking your idea of a few dates.

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