Introducing No Meat Athlete Radio


After months of meticulous planning and arduous rehearsals, the No Meat Athlete podcast is finally up and running. (Note: We didn’t actually do any of that; it was mostly just procrastinating on my part.)

Oh, and by up and running, I mean “not yet on iTunes.” But working on it, and hopefully we’ll be listed there in about a week so that you can subscribe that way.

About the show

No Meat Athlete Radio is hosted by myself and Ben Benulis, blogger at Vegan Gym Rat and the newest member of the No Meat Athlete team. Each episode (either weekly or bi-weekly), we’ll feature a guest who is doing something in the plant-based fitness world that we think is pretty awesome, or we’ll address a particular topic that we think you’ll enjoy.

And just so we’re clear, our goal with No Meat Athlete Radio is to bring you the same type of friendly, no-preach information and inspiration for vegetarian and vegan athletes that we offer on the blog, but in a format that you can bring along to listen to at the gym, on your long run, or in your car, and one that makes it easier to highlight and share the amazing things others are doing.

We’re really excited about this, and we hope you enjoy it. In this first episode, Ben and I get the ball rolling by talking about what we’re training for, what we’re eating, and the stuff we’ve been reading or watching that we think you’d like to know about.

Listen to the first episode now:


Links from the show:

We’re excited to hear your ideas about where we should go with this thing. Please leave a comment below to let us know what you’d like to hear on the show or any particular guests we should try to get!



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  1. I love the idea of a podcast! I admit I am a listen while you run/clean/mow type girl. The first episode was great! It’s always awesome to hear two people spit opinions on topics back and forth, so you’re hearing multiple points of view on the same subject.

    I’m excited for what is to come from this..

    p.s. see you in Boston at the end of the month!

    • Rueida Mirza says:

      Hello i am Rueida i went through a vegan raw diet through one year it was good great health but one month ago i got a brest cancer and dont know how to take it off without chemo

  2. Well done, I enjoyed listening to it. I think keeping it simple would be really interesting, basically talking about the things runners and vegetarians/vegans go through every day. A lot of vegetarians don’t get to talk to other vegetarians on a daily basis and its nice to hear two people discuss interesting topics that we don’t actually get to talk about.

  3. Great first podcast! I’ve listened to all the interviews you released withthe Marathon Guide earlier this year, and I can’t wait to hear more! Some things I’d like to hear more about: motivation (both food and running related), running specific nutrition and training, as well as how to get into ultra running.

    I ran my first 1/2 marathon this past Sunday and I can’t wait to challege myself even more!!

  4. Great first episode. I look forward to upcoming episodes. I hope you will get on iTunes so I can add you to my feed.

  5. Yay! A podcast! I really enjoyed this first episode and look forward to more. SO glad you have links of things that were mentioned! Can you get Ruth Heidrich? She is an awesome vegan athlete!

    • Caroline, that is a great idea. She was definitely inspiring in FOK. If you have her contact info please send it to us.

      Thinking out loud here we also need to get that 100 year old vegetarian guy who just ran a marathon.

  6. Love this idea!

  7. Congratulations Matt!!! I can’t wait to download your first Podcast 🙂 This is so exciting and a really great leap for Vegans everywhere! So proud of you guys!

  8. I would love to hear an interview with Michael Arnstein!

    I am a martial artist and runner. I’m also a vegetarian (nearly vegan, still stuck on cheese and don’t like soy analogs for anything). I found Michaels blog and have read 80/10/10 and have been fascinated with the idea of fruitarianism ever since.

    My top inspirations for my change in diet have been my fiancée (she’s going on 6 years vegetarian), Rich Roll, Brenden Brazier, you Matt Frazier and recently Michael Arnstein. This is my favorite blog!

    I will definitely subscribe once you hit iTunes 🙂

  9. great show, guys! really looking forward to future episodes. i would love it if you guys interviewed harley johnstone aka durianrider (from at some point. and i agree with brandon than mike arnstein would be a pretty awesome guest. i’m also really psyched to hear your interview with mac danzig! i’m a (somewhat raw) endurance athlete and it’s just so cool to hear the stories of vegan athletes doing something different than ironmans and ultrarunning, like fighting or bodybuilding.

    • Yeah, I think we’ve entertained the idea of interviewing Harley, but the guy is just such a loose cannon. I love the guy, but he’s crazy.

  10. Great job guys, I really enjoyed it. Matt, because we all read what you have to say, it is great to hear what you are up to/training for/eating outside of the blog.

    A few other ideas: 1) Vegan chef. 2) Quick interviews from random people you meet at these veg fests, like “Why are you a vegetarian? What’s your favorite vegetarian restaurant in (blank) city?” etc.

    I also really like the idea of profiling some readers! I’d love to hear some personal stories from other people in the NMA community!

  11. I’ve found this blog by an accident, and I think it’s one of the best blogs for vegans and vegetarians. I am not my self a vegetarian but I really enjoy reading all the posts here.

    The love the idea of podcast!

  12. Congrats on your first episode! I have enjoyed poking around your website for some time and I think you will translate well to podcast.

    I would like to hear an interview with Lindsey of the Happy Herbivoire (she has a great book, I use weekly) You might want to ask her about her post,,0_

  13. Nice job with the podcast!

  14. Love your new podcast – I listened to one and a half episodes so far. I bought a No Meat Athlete magnet from you at the DC Vegfest, and I had it on my car for a while, but then I took it off because I don’t know if I am actually an athlete. How does one know if they are an athlete – or is being an athlete a state of mind?

  15. itastrong says:

    Can you talk about about strongman training and being a vegetarian? Please and thank you

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