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  • I’m with Laura. Love your last sentence. Great post! I didn’t remember about the pepper on the fresh turmeric.

  • This is awesome advice and easily achievable!
    I am 2 days into the whole foods plant based diet!!! Wish me luck

  • Hey Matt,
    I think you got some really useful tips for someone who wants to improve his diet. I have also a few tipps that I want to leave for you and your readers.
    1. Start drinking a Green Smoothie for Breakfast every day or exchange your normal breakfast for a large bowl of fruit
    2. Instead of cooking your veggies eat them or raw, juice them or steam them. Cooking destroys a lot of the nutrients inside the veggies, so its very beneficial to eat a rum zucchini, tomato or bell pepper from time to time.
    3. Drink a cup of water before eating. Often we misinterpret hunger with thirst.
    4. Put slices of ginger and a few sprigs of mint in your drinking water. This makes drinking water more tasty and refreshing.
    5. Use seawater or salt diluted in water instead of table salt.
    Thank you again for your tips,

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