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  • The costumes are great! They have snuggies for dogs now so Sascha won’t feel left out. 🙂 It’s great that you can run with your dogs. Despite her long legs my dog, Rana, hates running! Than goodness she’s cute.

  • I have always wanted a Snuggie, too!! I think I am (no kidding) getting the dog one for Christmas.
    You look kinda like a monk, I have to say. It’s the brown robe-like qualities of the Snuggie.

  • OMG too funny! Congrats on the win and the fab idea too, love it!
    I barely had a belly at even 20 weeks with my first (the second is a different story). I was pregnant with Ava over Halloween and I went as a pregnant nun that year! Always fun to tie your pregnancy in with your Halloween costume.

    1. Thanks Brian! I had no idea you were still reading this thing… unless you have some weird Google alert that notifies you of any Superfan shirts on the web.

      1. Ha, no I don’t have an RSS feed setup for Superfan shirts! I am still reading the blog and enjoy it — keep up the good work and congrats on qualifying for Boston!

  • Those are absolutely the best costumes I have seen this year!!!! I saw the movie in the theater when I was pregnant which made it that much better.

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