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  • I can’t wait to try these. I love bananas, chocolate, coconuts and nuts. I bought agave nectar last week (to use in your recipes)and this looks a good recipe for the first time use.
    Your squirrel reminds me of the squirrel who used to visit my mom’s patio door every day because my mom fed her peanuts. My mom named her squirrel Sarah (we could easily see she was female). Sarah, however, never tried to get in the house, even when the door was opened. Your squirrel is very bold indeed!

  • These really do look simple and delicious. You’re very much your father’s daughter when it comes to “scratch & dent” shopping. My Safeway has a clearance meat section. One should really understand how conservative “sell-by” dates are. Of course I’m buying a lot less clearance meats these days due to your, Matt’s (NMA), Erin and M’s influence. Keep on bakin’.

    1. I always try to hit the farmer’s market apple stand 5 minutes before closing- then they have the slightly sad looking apples marked down to 8 for a dollar! David’s natural market also marks down their produce. Bruised, super ripe fruit is perfect for pies!

  • I’m going to try those! They look delicious!
    Lol on the squirrel!
    I’m also still doing well with the 30 day challenge… Not so difficult when you put your mind to it…

  • I wish those pics are reall, so I canb grab one truffle.
    OMG! The squirrels are always an uninvited guests in my house too. They do exactly the same!
    .-= Ann´s last blog ..Ratatouille =-.

  • Very interesting dessert- I wished I liked bananas! Good job on your committment to your 30-day challenge! I’ve had a harder time this time around compared to the first 30 day challenge. I’m not sure why… but what it has done is make me really think about my choices instead of just casually eating and drinking. Each of the two times I didn’t have a healthy breakfast, like I committed to do, I was acutely aware of the unhealthy choice. Somehow the morning cookies and coffee didn’t taste quite as good. Really! But I haven’t given up… a little more slack than I had wanted myself to be, but still a huge improvement! Maybe this is actually… MODERATION!

  • I made these on Sunday and really liked how they tasted. You weren’t kidding when you said work fast. I took your advice and used three containers which was a very good idea. They kind of remind me of banana ice cream and since I can’t have ice cream next time I might make scoops and freeze them for my “ice cream.” I think it would be good in a bowl with granola, fudge topping or other ice cream kind of toppings.

    1. Oh I am so happy you tried them! They are a nice option for ice cream! If you click the link from where I saw the original recipe, they have a variation for strawberry and chocolate that build upon the original banana mixture.

  • Hey Christine! I’ve had so much fun (and delicious food) trying your recipes…I’m excited to give this one a whirl. Here’s my question: I’m one of those “won’t-eat-a-banana-as-soon-as-it’s-started-to-brown” types, so I toss them into the freezer when they begin to turn. Unfortunately, all my attempts at defrosting them have left me with banana sludge. Any suggestions?

  • I tried these today, they were most excellent.
    What I did a little differently is instead of tahini, I used reduced fat peanut butter and half the agave nectar. Also if you put the blended mixture into the cups while it’s still a little liquidy, they freeze into peanut butter cup like shapes.
    It was quite the party!

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