Anniversary Risotto

On Monday, Erin and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary!

[erin and matt photo]

I’d love to tell you that the reason there was no blog post yesterday is because we snuck off for a spontaneous mid-week getaway to a bed and breakfast to pamper ourselves and celebrate.  The reality is that there was a server issue that kept the blog down for most of the day, and still it doesn’t seem to be working quite right.  Almost as romantic.

Monday wasn’t really the ideal day for an anniversary.  We both had long days at school/work, and neither of us would get home until seven o’clock.  As I was driving home, I tried to think of something to make for dinner that would be just a little bit special.

On both our honeymoon and our first anniversary, Erin and I shared a bottle of our favorite wine, Brunello di Montalcino, and we had kind of hoped to make it a tradition.  But with Erin being pregnant, that wasn’t going to happen this year.  Not because I couldn’t bear to drink it without Erin, but because Brunello is way too damn expensive to open and not finish!

So no Brunello this year.  And no Champagne either.  Unless…

[asparagus risotto]

Champagne risotto!  I remembered a Giada de Laurentiis recipe I had used for New Years once.  Perfect!  Easy and a little bit special.  The alcohol would cook off since it goes into the pan early.  Since Erin wouldn’t be drinking any Champagne, I couldn’t justify opening a full bottle, so I pulled out the little commemorative bottle I got at the Wineglass Marathon!  (Enjoy the photo with the autumn trees reflected in the glass…that’s as artistic as this mathematician gets.)

[wineglass marathon champagne photo]

So I whipped up the Champagne risotto — well, New York sparkling wine risotto — with asparagus.  (And realized that risotto would seem a lot more special if I didn’t cook it all the time.)

While I was doing that, Erin made us a little salad.

[anniversary salad photo]

Top it all off with some strawberry sorbetto and some Q.T., and I’d say we made the best of the little time we had together on our second anniversary.

Wedding anniversaries don’t have much to do with running and fitness.  But it is neat for me to look back at how far we’ve come in just two years.  At the time we got married, neither Erin nor I was doing any kind of physical activity.  I had run the Shamrock marathon in March, but when my foot was hurting in the days after the race I discovered a small stress fracture.  I took a few weeks off, and just like that, a few weeks became seven months.

But in late December of that year, about two months after the wedding, Erin and I started running together.  Nothing hard, just some nice runs around the neighborhood.  As New Year’s approached, we thought we’d try to keep it going by resolving to train for a half marathon.  Together.

In April we ran the Charlottesville half marathon, after doing every single training run together.  And from there, we both trained harder and more consistently than we ever had, in order to get in shape for the Baltimore marathon.  Three months after that, we ran the Disney marathon.  Then Erin got a roadbike, we went vegetarian, I started blogging about it all, and finally I ran Wineglass and qualified for Boston.

Moral: you can change a lot in two years, especially when you have the right person there to change along with you.  And this isn’t even counting the baby that’s on the way!

Alright, I’m publishing this before the site crashes again.  Thanks for all the great comments on the Vega Sport giveaway, and don’t forget to enter before Friday if you still haven’t!



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  1. Happy anniversary (2 years is cotton I believe) you two are so cute!
    .-= meatlessmama´s last blog ..Favorite Fall Vegetable Recipe Roundup =-.

  2. sounds like a great anniversary celebration to me 🙂 A night in with a good meal and my other half is usually the best type of night.

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. It sounds like a marathon champagne risotto fits perfectly for you two and your lives. Happy anniversary!
    .-= Evan Thomas´s last blog ..How The Time Flies =-.

  4. Laura says:

    ah, i wish i could get the man to start couch to 5k with me, but he’s vehemently against anything faster than a walk. it’s nice you and she are able to exercise together.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful dinner. Happy Anniversary!!!! Amazing how much ya’ll have accomplished in these last two years- congrats

  6. Sounds like a fantastic dinner! Happy Anniversary!
    .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..Cookies For Breakfast! =-.

  7. Sounds like a nice anniversary evening anyway!
    .-= Nobel4Lit´s last blog ..This is What 20 Looks Like =-.

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    .-= Whitney @ Lettuce Love´s last blog ..Rainbow Wrap =-.

  9. Next time try using kamut instead of rice, it’s delicious (and, yes, I know it wouldn’t be a “risotto”, then… a “kamutto”, maybe? :D).

    Happy anniversary!

    (back to lurking from google reader, ciao!)
    .-= giorgia´s last blog ..In Godman we trust. =-.

  10. Congrats on two years! My long time partner and I started running and biking together a year ago, and we just completed our first half marathon last week. Plus, when we met he ate roast beef for breakfast. Now? He’s practically a vegan. Love conquers all! <3

  11. Happy Anniversary!
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..2009 Baystate Marathon Race Report =-.

  12. Such a sweet post – congrats on your first two years and I wish you much love and happiness for many more!!!
    .-= katherine´s last blog ..Full On Panic Mode =-.

  13. Happy anniversary! 🙂
    .-= Diana´s last blog ..Flowers! =-.

  14. Happy Anniversary!!! You dinner looks amazing. I love Giada! I have never had that wine before…. sounds like a winner though. I must give it a try sometime. Hope you have a great evening.

  15. Aw, Happy Anniversary! Any chance you went to Italy on your honeymoon? We did and Brunello is our favorite, unaffordable wine too! We drank it on our first two anniversaries and then decided to skip out this year.
    .-= Jess in NYC´s last blog ..Princess and the Pea =-.

  16. Congratulations! Here’s to many more Happy Anniversaries!

  17. Happy anniversary! I hope you enjoyed your last anniversary as a family of two!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Pumpkin + Veggies + Apples = STUFFED =-.

  18. Happy Anniversary! and congrats about the baby on the way. I love the idea of champagne risotto. I may even have a bottle in the fridge… (off to look up the recipe…)

  19. What a cute couple and Happy Anniversary! You’re right a lot can change in two years and I’m so happy for you that it has changed for the better, in a big way!
    .-= LindsayRuns´s last blog ..I swear I have productive days =-.

  20. Happy belated anniversary! You’re right, you two have come a long way in two years…

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