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[no meat athlete shirt trail race photo]As of yesterday, 99 No Meat Athlete shirts (plus a few freebies) are floating around this planet!  Most are in the U.S. lower 48, but I’ve shipped some to Hawaii, Australia, Denmark, and many to Canada (eh?).   This is so neat for me, since when I first considered getting shirts, I was pestered by my own nagging “Why would anybody want a shirt from your stupid blog” thoughts.  So it is awesome that so many people have bought them and it’s cool to hear people tell me they saw someone wearing one in a race.  Just yesterday, NMA-reader Elisa sent me this photo of herself showing her veggie pride at the Jack London Trail Race in Nashua, NH!  Thanks Elisa. (And the other 98 of you, feel free to send me your photos.  You, too, could have your photo on this newfangled interweb!)

Two runs, one day

I just got back from a nice 7-miler this morning, and tonight I have my weekly trail run.  For those scoring at home, that’s two runs in one day!  This is actually something that serious runners do a lot — your legs get a chance to recover, and you can refill your glycogen stores — but I’ve never in my life run twice in a single day.  I’ve just never wanted to; it’s always been a “workout” mentality for me.  One workout a day, no need for any more.

But it’s not about that anymore.  I really just love running recently.  When I’m running, everything is good.  I told you Stu Mittleman‘s book was a little bit of a daisy-picker so far, but maybe it’s rubbing off.  When I consciously direct my focus and try to enjoy running, I’m finding that it gives me the same sort of “high” that I get from coffee (which, by the way, I haven’t had in six days).

Four 50K’s, four months

Part of my motivation for putting in more miles recently — every day in November, going strong — is something I haven’t told too many people about yet.  I’ve signed up for a 50K (31 miles) race in each month from December through March!

This is definitely a change from the “train for a marathon” mindset, where you build up to the race and go all-out on race day.  It will be a nice test to see if I can maintain consistently high mileage for an extended period of time, rather than training in terms of build-ups and rests.  I certainly won’t “race” all of these; I’ll take some easy and use them as long, slow training runs.

Of course, this is all in preparation for a 50-miler which I hope to do in the spring.  I was really hoping to do Bull Run, but I’m realizing that April 10th is just a bit too close for marital comfort to our baby’s due date of April 19.  But there are plenty more; I just might have to do some traveling to get there.

And one thing vegan

Michelle from Eating Journey and Katy from Silly Tater Tot have gone vegan for the week!  They asked me to participate by going vegan for the day, which is coincidental since I’ve been vegan for the week too, ever since I found 1,000 Vegan Recipes.  They’re having lots of guest posts about vegan stuff, so check out their blogs and think about going vegan for a day this week!

Stay tuned

[Recovery Sock logo]I have an awesome giveaway in store for next week, one that I know you runners/athletes will be excited about.  Now, I don’t want to mention any names and spoil what it is, but somewhere on this page I have placed a very subtle clue.  It’s one of my favorite things, something that I use ALL the time, after every long run.  Hmm, what ever could it be?

Enjoy the rest of your week!



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  1. Glad to hear the November running challenge has been working out. And holy moly those add up to a lot of kilometers
    .-= Evan Thomas´s last blog ..What Makes A Good Day? =-.

  2. A double running day= awesome! Running makes me so happy-I wish I had more days with time where I could try the double up. I put a pic of me in my NMA shirt on my blog but I’m not sure where the copy is now. I will just have to take another 🙂 OWWWWWWWWW I can’t wait for the giveaway! I so want that prize. Have a good day.
    .-= Erica´s last blog ..Training Day & Brussel Bake =-.

  3. go with your bad running self boy!!!!
    .-= Holly (The Healthy Everythingtarian)´s last blog ..Sick =-.

  4. I need one of those shirts. ;O) Its perfect for vegetarians/vegans that are doing races. ;o)

    Holy COW..that is a LOT of races and a LOT of miles. I can believe I am just starting with a 5K. hehehe ;o)

    Very inspirational.

  5. Holy running mania, Batman! 4 50ks in 4 months?! You’re my running hero!!

  6. 2 a days are fun- they make me feel bad ass. Ok, I’ve only done it once, but I felt pretty bad ass…

    Your race list is impressive- I’m in awe! Good luck. (and i love your subtle hint)
    .-= kristen´s last blog ..blogger vegan for a day =-.

  7. Holy Guacamole!
    4 50ks in 4 mos!!

    I’m hoping the ‘hint’ is the recovery socks- and I double hope I win, because I’ve been thinking about trying these out…

  8. I love those shirts. It’s on my Xmas list. We’ll see if Santa brings it or not 🙂

    4 50Ks in 4 months?? I’m still working up to my first 5K! I’m totally inspired by you!
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..To Vegan or not to Vegan =-.

  9. Hmm what could be that giveaway 😉 I haven’t taken the plunge to two a days yet, but I definitely could see myself getting there! And 4 of those trail races? ARe you nuts? LOL I am glad your finally learning to love running.

  10. That’s great!! I might need one of those shirts for some of my upcoming races!!

  11. I’m one of the 99! A part of me wants to wear it for my first marathon but due to my unideal training (missed 5 weeks because of ITBS), I don’t want to wear it and misrepresent vegetarian athletes! I can just see it now, “oh – that poor girl is walking and limping. Did you read her shirt? That’s totally why she doesn’t have the energy. Give that girl a steak!” 🙂
    .-= Charm City Kim´s last blog ..Follow Me During My Marathon! =-.

  12. EEEEEKKKK! Recovery socks….looking forward to THAT giveaway!

  13. My tech shirt came today – just in time for the SOME Turkey Trot in DC on Thursday! Ridiculously awesome shirt for a ridiculously awesome price, thanks Matt!

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