Summer Running Camp, Part 2: Running Form

A man in a sports uniform is running along the shore of the lake

Get your lake gear ready, it’s time for week two of Summer Running Camp!

During the first week of summer camp we discussed building a consistent running routine. This week, we move on to proper running form.

Most of us learned to run as children, playing tag, sports, and chasing friends around the neighborhood. But it isn’t until we get older — and start running for exercise — that running form even becomes a consideration.

At it’s worst, your running form can leave you injured, but proper form will help with your overall running economy, reducing effort and fatigue while increasing speed.

So what are the basic principals of proper running form?

That’s what we cover in week two of camp.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Why proper form starts with your head
  • The forward lean … why is it so hard?
  • The form technique that changed Matt’s running forever
  • Midfoot vs. heel striking
  • Doug’s big announcement!

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  1. Cindi Martin says:

    Congratulations Doug! I “awww’d” as if you were a close friend. All the best to you and your wife during this very exciting time.

  2. Congrats Doug!!!! So excited for you!!!

  3. What about shoes?
    Don’t you have to wear zero-drop shoes (or close to it) to do the proper high cadence / mid-foot strike type of run?

  4. Andy Averill says:

    Just listened to this today (listen to Rock Creek Runner podcast for a while)

    2 things: Congrats and I LOVE SALUTE YOUR SHORTS!

    Can I still create a song just because?

  5. Michelle Kilty says:

    Thanks for the advice on cadence! I focused on that today during my long run and what a difference. It felt so much more economical amd I definitley felt better during the run (and after.) I used the “running” playlists on Spotify that play songs that have the same bpm. That really helped. Thank you! Loving these running camp episodes.

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