Vegan Running Meets Funny — Comedian Jeffrey Binney and His Quest to Beat Obesity and Run the Leadville 100



For the most part, running ultramarathons, fighting obesity, and being vegan are pretty serious subjects. They cause debates, emotions, and hard work, and most people wouldn’t consider them a laughing matter. Enter Jeffrey Binney, a comedian and actor based out of Los Angeles.

After losing his mother to obesity, Jeffrey knew he was headed down the same path, so he decided to do something about it. He registered for the Leadville 100 mile ultramarathon. The only problem being that Jeffery was overweight and not a runner. That’s where the comedy comes in.

Jeffery is in the process of making a part stand-up comedy, part documentary movie about his journey to lose weight and run the Leadville 100 called Once is Enough. In today’s episode, we discuss his motivations behind taking on such a big goal, and some of the roadblocks he’s already facing.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • What motivates a non-runner to register for the Leadville 100
  • Becoming vegan after growing up as a son of a pig farmer
  • The struggles of training for an ultramarathon in the heat of LA
  • What makes Once Is Enough different from other ultrarunning or vegan films

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