High Carb Hannah on a Starch Based Diet and How She Lost 70 Pounds


Matt first met Hannah and Derek, who you likely know from Hannah’s YouTube channel High Carb Hannah, at the roulette table on the vegan cruise, and they immediately hit it off.

(Having spent many hours with Matt at a roulette table before, I can say that them getting past his unique betting strategy to the point where you actually want to talk to the guy is a miracle. 😉 )

The three of them hit it off mostly, it seems, because Hannah and Derek like to have fun… An approach to life that has not only helped grow her YouTube channel to more than 650,000 subscribers, but has shaped the way they think of food and diets.

In today’s episode, Matt sits down with both of them to discuss weight loss, the vegan YouTube scene, and why Hannah replaced her fruitarian approach to weight loss with a starch-based diet.

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