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It’s election day in the U.S. (speaking of which, if you haven’t already, go vote!), and right about now your inbox is probably filled with last minute campaign notifications and news alerts.

So we thought we’d do something a little different…

I was looking back through the archives, and we haven’t posted a community update since April of 2013.

2013! A lot has changed since then…

In April of 2013, no one had yet suffered through What Does a Fox Say, we were still using the iPhone 4, and NMA Radio was only on episode 10.

Can you imagine all the marathons, triathlons, ultramarathons, and delicious plant-based treats this tribe has finished in the past five and a half years?

As a team member here at NMA, I’m lucky enough to see firsthand some of what this community is up to. From posts on our Facebook page, Pulse members sending out updates, or people just reaching out via email or Twitter to share their latest accomplishments, I’m constantly blown away by your stories.

But recently we haven’t done a very good job of sharing those amazing stories from other NMAs with you.

For example, did you hear about Terry Hagio, jumping her way into a finish at the Soldier Field 10 miler?


Or about Kristen Nelander and her family hanging with Meb Keflezighi in St. Louis?


Then there’s Erin Derby, who also loves to involve the family on race day. Here’s Erin’s son after cheering her on at the Flat Five 5-miler in St. Louis.


And Andrew Rohrbacher, who crossed the finish line at the 2018 Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon sub-2 hours…


We can’t forget about Madison Marie, who set a new PR at the San Diego Half!


Oh, and remember the No Meat Athlete running groups?

The NMA Baltimore group just celebrated their fourth birthday with a big group run, followed by a delicious breakfast at the classic Baltimore veggie breakfast spot One World Cafe.


And the NMA Boston group took on the trails of New Jersey at Ragnar Wawayanda! Their team name? ‘Team Herbivorous Beasts’!


But it hasn’t been all running…

You guys have also been cooking up a plant-based storm!

Like Pulse member Bianca Phillips’s take on Savory Oatmeal…


Kristin Helena’s Black Eyed Pea and Collard Stew (she calls this her favorite meal ever!)…


And Michelle Nelson’s veggie burger.


Did I mention all of these came from recipes in the No Meat Athlete Cookbook?

Needless to say, this community has been busy, and the NMA Team couldn’t be more impressed. Thanks to everyone who has been posting their photos.

And thank you for making this community what it is!

Want to join the fun?

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  1. When I first came to No Meat Athlete I came for info on vegan cooking and recipes. Sure, I was into yoga and fitness but I had zero interest in running, I hated it! However, somewhere along the way interest was sparked. Last year I completed the Couch to 5k programme and a couple of weeks ago I completed my first ever race, a 10k. This is something I never thought I would do! Who knew at 44 years old I would love running.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Doug.

    As you can see, I take my race photo inspiration from the lovely and talented Terry Hagio. Although we have never met in person, I feel very connected to her through the NMA Community. Our community is very supportive and uplifting for athletes at all levels as well as those who are just starting on their fitness journey. I am grateful for the connection I have to the resources and people of NMA.

    And, one of these days I am going to SoCal so I can swim, bike, and run with you Ms. Hagio.

  3. Much love and respect to all you guys!

  4. Congrats all!! And thanks Matt! I met Scott Jurek at NYC Marathon Expo. It was so cool and even better when I asked if he knew you and of course he did. Finished NYC 3:44 plant strong. Continue doing what your doing out there Matt and all you No Meat Athletes!!

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