Cleaning out the ol’ pipes

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You may be wondering why I’m choking down green slime.  I’m doing a seven-day cleanse; that’s why.  To be honest, I have no idea if these things work.  I know there’s a lot of doubt about whether herbs and fiber can actually do anything to clear out your liver, kidneys, lymph system, and a bunch of other (grosser) stuff.  But even if it’s just a placebo effect that leaves you feeling lighter and more energetic afterward, I’ll take it.  I will henceforth refer to this cleanse as Super Colon Blow II.

So why am I doing Super Color Blow II?  Well, I’ve found myself extremely busy recently.  With grad school, running, three blogs, and all the other things I like to do, I just don’t have enough time.  (You should see how gross my car is, I haven’t cleaned it out in so long.)  So I got the idea that I need to start sleeping less.  I think I average seven and a half or eight hours now.  And I really don’t think I need that much, especially with my diet and the amount of exercise I get.

[cleanse photo]So I need to have more energy if I’m going to train myself to sleep less.  Since digestion consumes a buttload of energy, I am trying to clean up my diet even more. (This is partly where 1000 Vegan Recipes comes in.)  So I picked up some Amazing Grass Green Superfood and I’ve been drinking that daily, and now I’m officially starting everything with this cleanse (Super Colon Blow II).  With the cleanse comes a cleanse diet, which for me just means lots of fruits and vegetables and raw foods; in particular, alkalizing ones like greens, limes, lemons, avocado, and almonds.  And not drinking any coffee or (much) alcohol.

Having given up coffee in the past for as long as a month, I don’t see that happening long-term.  I never feel like I need it and I’m fine when I don’t have it, but I just enjoy it too much to say I’m giving it up for good.  And I’ll make no attempt to stop drinking beer; doing that after trail runs is just too much fun. (And I’m going to brew a new batch of beer soon, what fun would it be if I couldn’t drink it?)

So that’s the plan, Sam.  We’ll see how it goes.  On a related note, I got my copy of Stu Mittleman‘s book Slow Burn yesterday.  So far it’s a lot of daisy-picking fluff, but I’m hoping that once I get out of the “Think” section and into the “Train” and “Eat” sections, it will be more inspiring and informative.

That’s it for now.  Off to pop some more cleanse pills, watch Monday Night Football, and limit myself to seven hours of sleep!  Super Colon Blow II, MNF, and self-imposed sleep restrictions — typical guy night, huh?



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  1. Oh, that kind of cleanse. Good luck!
    .-= Runeatrepeat´s last blog ..Full Time Blogger =-.

  2. Good luck with the cleanse! Can’t wait to read about your results!
    .-= Katherine´s last blog ..(Blog)World News =-.

  3. If you can chug that green stuff, all the power to ya!
    .-= Evan Thomas´s last blog ..Popcorn Flavored Cod =-.

  4. I totally know what you mean about cleaning out your system. I have been on a detox for the past four months and honestly it Love it. It’s not as full on as that, but there is something to be said about cleaning out your system.

    This week I have devoted to going vegan the whole week. I honestly already feel less heavy. It’s been great. Hope the cleanse goes well.

  5. ugh….I’m not sure if I could do that! Let us know if you think it helps ya out. I need more sleep! I’ve been rocking about 5.5-6….not good! Hope you have a good week dude
    .-= Erica´s last blog ..More Savory Squash =-.

  6. Good Luck with the cleanse, I’ve been wanting to do one…haven’t decided if I really should. Can’t wait to hear results.
    .-= Nicci@NiftyEats´s last blog ..Good Habits are Forming =-.

  7. Love your name for the cleanse -LOL!

    I’m with ya on the coffee. It hates me, but I can’t let it go…
    .-= Marisa (Trim The Fat)´s last blog ..Practicing Vegan =-.

  8. Great timing for this experiment, Matt! I’ve been giving thought to both these topics for a while – cleanses and sleep reduction. Cleanses are huge in Boulder and I haven’t been able 1) get over the placebo effect idea and 2) which one makes sense to try. I’ll be following your progress for inspiration!

    • Hey Brian, I just picked one quickly at the store because I had no idea what to look for. I think if any of them really work, they’re probably the expensive ones. As for the placebo effect, just embrace it! It’s still an effect.

  9. I’ve heard radio DJs do cleanses…I think they only did three days or something. And they just kept talking about how hungry they were!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Marathon Week: Pasta Galore! =-.

  10. I am a big believer in cleanses… They really do make the body function better. Good luck!
    .-= Hanlie´s last blog ..Let her cry =-.

  11. Good luck with your cleanse. I am all about detox and cleansing. 🙂 I hope all goes well. Sounds like you have a great game plan. And it is hard for me to give up wine… so go ahead and have some beer 🙂
    .-= Pure2Raw Twins´s last blog ..Raw sauerkraut avocado sandwich for lunch, please =-.

  12. I dig cleanses! Good luck!!
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..$5 for Your Health: Eggs =-.

  13. Colon blow sounds very…explosive? Be careful!

    I’m drinking green smoothies for breakfast every day this week, that’s about as close to a cleanse as I’ll ever get, ha ha 😉
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Mama Pea’s chickpeas =-.

  14. I’m very skeptical about clenses- so I’m interested in hearing how it goes. Funny that most people I know are trying to get MORE sleep…but they sleep 5-6 hours not 7.5-8. Good luck! If nothing else, it will prepare you for when that baby is around interrupting your sleep 🙂
    .-= kristen´s last blog ..8 healthy ways to start your day =-.

  15. I picked up my copy of Slow Burn on Sunday night…I’m about 1/3 of the way thru it and I’m still wading thru the ‘fluff’ I think it’s about to get to the good part, I hope so anyway…

    I’ll be curious to see your take on it when you finish, let’s compare notes!


  16. I couldn’t even choke down the grass!

    I’m in awe at how well you take care of yourself. I am pretty good, but not that dedicated. You rock!

  17. I’ve never done a clense before. Looks interesting, but still not convinced.
    .-= Sara Cox Landolt´s last blog ..GRATEFUL: Gastric Bypass, 5Ks & A Dash of Magic =-.

  18. Once you finish Slow Burn, if you haven’t also read this one it is a must read – Training For Endurance by Phil Maffetone. Stu Mittleman probably mentions him. Phil has some other books which I would highly recommend.

  19. Just by coincidence I started a 7-day cleanse on Sunday also! Mine seems pretty basic. I’m following Tony Robbin’s suggested diet which is 70% veggies and fruits, and 10% fish/nut protein, 10% complex carbs which is grain, rice, pasta and 10% fats like olive oil and avocado. Plus I’m adding lots of lemon to my water to keep my diet alkaline and also eating lots of greens for same reason. No refined sugar, white flour, alcohol, coffee. Thank goodness it’s only 7 days! The cleansing kit part for me is the $19 Spring Valley 7-day Total Body Cleansing from Wal-mart. It has a morning and evening formula packet of supplements (4 huge pills in each) for each day along with 7 prebiotic capsules and 7 fiber and prebiotic blends. The formula packets seem to have everything I’ve read about and would think to be necessary. But so far I feel the same. Hopefully I’ll feel a difference by day 7!

  20. Lance Mateas says:

    Reread your Brendan Brazier: don’t “cleanse” just eat good, clean low fat, high fiber plant food. Your body will take care of the rest. Speaking of which, why try to limit sleep? Listen to your body: if it wants to rest, sleep! Personally, I sleep about 9 hrs. a night when training and I love it. Think about traditional societies and everyone before the industrial revolution: early to bed early to rise. They used the sun. Go to bed!

  21. Hey Matt, discovered your blog from Pure2Raw.

    What were the results of this experiment, Matt? I’m actually considering doing a cleanse of some sort, but there are so many options from this Color Blow product to the master cleanse to oxygen-based cleansers… I wonder if we really need cleansing if we’re eating a vegan diet, and staying away from processed foods.

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