Win a Pair of Brooks Running Shoes and Shorts Just for Reading No Meat Athlete!

Ready for this?

In No Meat Athlete’s best giveaway yet, one lucky reader is going to be fully outfitted from the waist down in Brooks apparel (minus the socks; you’re on your own there).

Brooks Running and FEED Company are giving away not just a PAIR OF BROOKS RUNNING SHOES, but a PAIR OF BROOKS SHORTS as well!

FEED Company is marketing a new video about Brooks’ DNA technology and the new Glycerin 8.  The video is not just some boring ad; it’s a LOST parody.  I’ve never seen LOST, so you’ll have to watch it and tell me if it’s funny.  The DNA and SAC technologies are intriguing too, even if far from the minimalist-shoe philosophy that seems to be popular these days. (Brooks makes some more minimalist shoes, too.)

So, about that giveaway…one winner will get to select any style of Brooks running shoes AND any style of Brooks running shorts.  Can’t beat that, can you?  The shoes alone would have been enough for me to wet my running shorts.  (With sweat, of course.)

So here’s what you need to do to enter.  Two options: You can leave a comment about the video, or you can visit and tell me what shoes you’d pick if you won.  (I run in the Brooks Defyance; I’ve actually bought the same shoe four or five times in a row now.)

I’ll select a random winner next Tuesday (9/21/10) at noon Eastern.

Bonus: Double your chances of winning!

In the past, I’ve shied away from offering bonus entries in return for tweets or Facebook shares, because I didn’t want the contest to be unfair for those who aren’t social media nerds like the rest of us.

Here’s the solution.

I’ve put together a little survey that will take you less than two minutes to fill out.  It’ll help me decide what direction I want to go with this site, so your participation ensures that your voice is heard! (Not to mention the DOUBLE CONTEST ENTRY!)

So, if you want double your chances of winning the Brooks running shoes and shorts, simply take the survey and tell me that you did when you leave your comment (gotta love the honor system).

Or, if this is your first time at the site or you’d just rather tweet or share on Facebook, you can do that instead.  Either one works for me.

In summary: Click here to take the survey, or share this post on Twitter or Facebook with the buttons on this site. And then when you leave your comment about the video or the shoes you’d choose, let me know to count you twice in the drawing.

Good luck, and thanks for helping me out!



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  1. Great give away!!! I would definitely order the Adrenaline GTS shoes and would love the epiphany skort!

  2. Wow! I’d pick a pair of Brooks Adrenalines.

  3. I would run in the Brooks Adrenaline! (I’ve actually tested them in-store a la treadmill..they were awesome!)

    And I did the survey =)

  4. Also, I just took the survey. 🙂

  5. I would get the Defyance3 – Brooks shoes are my favorite brand to run in!

  6. Great Giveaway. I really want to try the Green Silence shoe!

  7. I just took the survey, too!

  8. I did the survey!

  9. I also took the survey!

  10. Sweet! I am all over this.
    I’d love a new pair of Adrenaline GTS 10’s. I am just hitting that point of needing a new pair…perfect timing Matt!

    Also, I took your survey. Promise!

  11. YAY!! I have my first Marathon in December and could use a new pair of shoes for it!! I would get the Launch or the Green silence, minimal and light!!

  12. I would go with the Ravenna!

  13. I’d like the green silence for sure. Thanks for posting another giveaway!

  14. If I were to win a pair of Brooks shoes, I would definitely order the Green Silence. I took the survey, so please put my name in the hat twice!

  15. I retweeted instead of the survey, I have a lot of running readers/followers. WONDERFUL giveaway! Thanks!! Mary

  16. Awesome giveaway! I’ve never tried Brooks shoes, but I’d probably get the Brooks Glycerin. I’ve heard so much about them, and they seem to be a good neutral shoe for someone like me.

    I also took the survey! Cross my heart!

  17. I’d probably go with the Glycerin 8 (and I took the survey!).

  18. what an awesome giveaway! I just bought my first pair of Brooks on Friday and so far I love them! I’d probably get another pair of Revenna’s since that seems to be the model that worked best for me!

  19. I would love the Ariel shoes. I high very high arches and need a quality stability shoe for my up coming 1/2 marathon in San Antonio. Its hard to find stability shoes that don’t look like clunkers, the Ariel style looks almost normal!

  20. Katie Musser says:

    Great video, interested in the shoes. I love the LOST take on things I felt like I was in the swan station, all it needed was a shirtless Sawyer. I did love the casting of the Bio-Mexperts.

  21. Great giveaway. I’d pick the Green Silence.

  22. I always wear Brooks Addiction running shoes, and I definitely could use another pair! Also, I just took your survey as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. love the blog! would love to try out the brooks green silence; already in love with my

  24. Stephanie D says:

    Took the survey! Would definitely choose the Brooks Ravenna – great shoe! Thanks for such a great blog, Matt – it’s really been encouraging as I’ve switched to a vegan diet while running this year.

  25. I think a pair of Brooks Racer ST 4 would suit me well. I have never tried a pair of competition shoes… but I like the idea.

    I submitted a survey response, and I figure I will re-tweet also. Keep up the good work!

  26. I’d love a copy of Brooks Adrenaline. My sneakers are 3+ years old, and I’m too poor to replace them.

    And I did the survey!

  27. I just finished the survey. Thanks again.

  28. I would get the Brooks Adrenalines.
    Oh, I did the survey as well.

  29. Awesome giveaway!
    Ghost three and survey complete!

  30. Hi Matt,
    I would opt for the Brooks Dyads – they have been successful for me to run without pain so I LOVE them.

    I filled out the survey and retweeted so please count me twice. 🙂

  31. Oooo…. love those non-Newtonian liquids! I’d probably have to get a pair with that in ’em if I won, just for the fun of it.

  32. And I just took the survey.

  33. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love a pair of Brooks Adrenaline.

    I also did the survey.

  34. I just took the survey 🙂

  35. I wear the Brooks Ghost – and I took the survey. Thanks!

  36. I took the survey!

  37. Just completed your survey. 🙂

  38. omg, a LOST parody! forget the shoes, the commercial had me grinning from beginning to end 🙂 i’m a recent LOST fan in process of finishing up the second season. i LOVE the commercial.

    i also LOVE the brooks shoes – green silence would be my choice 🙂

  39. I’d get the Defyance… I think they come in wide widths which I need!

  40. Never saw the show either, so I’m a little lost.

    I would choose the Defyance 3 shoe.

    Put me down for two entries (including 1 for a retweet)

    Thanks Matt!

  41. I also took the survey!

  42. I would go with the Adrenaline ASR 7. I’m doing my first trail run this Saturday, and something tells me I may be finding a new past time 🙂 I’m off to take the survey now!!!!

  43. I love the Glycerin but I’m also looking for a trail shoe- not sure if I’d go with the glycerin or the cascadia. (and i’ve always loved Brooks’ advertising)

    I took the survey too!

  44. Hey Matt, thanks for offering this giveaway. I always run in Brooks shoes. If I win, I’d get the Cascadia 5. Also, I took your survey. 🙂

  45. brooks adrenaline for me! they would be my first post-surgery return to running shoe!

  46. Double points for me, survey taken and video watched. I also didn’t watch Lost. I will take any running shoe thats free.

  47. Such an awesome giveaway!! I’d have to go with a pair of Brooks Ghosts, as I’ve heard great things about them! I thankfully don’t require anything too snazzy, so a good neutral shoe would be right up my alley!!

    I also completed the survey for you :o)

  48. oops, and I took the survery 🙂

  49. I hope I win…my current running shoes are done! I would chose the Glycerin 8. I also took the survey. Thanks! 🙂

  50. Holy awesome giveaway!

    I’ve always been a big fan of the Brooks Adrenaline shoes. I’ve been running in them for years (and always just purchase them so I’ve never actually tried another pair).

  51. I would pick the Ghost, because I actually just bought a pair and love them! Although my Cascadias are getting pretty worn, so I would maybe go with an updated pair of those.
    I took the survey as well so please enter me twice!

  52. Brooks Ghost 2. They’re the best (for me that is).

    Btw, absolutely love the video.

  53. Great Lost parody, but not hilarious. Watch the show on DVD when you have a few free months…

    Awesome giveaway, I’d get Adrenaline GTS 10. I also took the survey.

    Love your blog, by the way!

  54. Woo! Giveaways, Really interesting video I would love try try the DNA shoes to see how their non newtonian fluids work, also curious what exactly the composition of their fluid is! I have also heard good things about brooks green silence and seeing how I like lighter low profile shoes I would want to give them a shot!

    Commented and survery’d

    Ian D

  55. I’m a huge Brooks Cascadia fan (first the 4s and now the 5s). My 5s are getting up there in miles so another pair would be fabulous!

    Took the survey as well…gotta love surveymonkey. 🙂

  56. Awesome giveaway. I’d definitely pick Brooks Addiction — the best running shoe ever for this overpronator.

  57. Hey! I’d go for the Summon 2, according to my little trip through the shoe advisor, or the Ravenna, according to what I think I need. 🙂 And I took the survey. Thanks for offering a great giveaway!!

  58. Caroline Stahlshmidt says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the offer. I completed your survey and I’d love to have the Women’s
    Defyance 3.

    Thanks! Caroline

  59. I’d totally like to try the Trance 9 so I could run like that cute little lizard!

  60. I’d want to try the Switch 3 or the Adrenaline (trail). And I just finished the survey. 🙂

  61. Awesome giveaway! I would love to run in the Green Silences! I also took the survey. Thanks!

  62. I would love the Adrenaline ASR 7. I desperately need a new pair of trail runners!

    Also, I took the survey.

  63. What a great giveaway!

    I’d get the Glycerin running shoes!

  64. hahahaha sweet video….. although it would have been better with Jack and Sawyer running shirtless in those Brooks…… 🙂

    And yes I took the survey! I’ve used NB shoes for years but recently have been having problems with plantar fascitis and am considering trying to switch things up…. and what better way to do that than free shoes!!!! 🙂

  65. I would choose the Brooks Ariel for my flat feet!! Also, I took the survey (double my chances, please!) 🙂

  66. Just took your survey too! Hope it’s helpful

  67. I’d love to try the Glycerin8 or Ghost3. 🙂

  68. I would get the Adrenaline ASR 7 I think. I have recently discovered my love for trail running and it’s really hard to do in my neutral running shoes.

    This is such a great giveaway! Oh, I took the survey to! Hope it helps!

  69. I’ve never worn a Brooks running shoe, but I’d certainly be interested in trying them out!

  70. Annnnnd according to the Brooks survey, I should try the Ravenna. (Crossing my fingers that you don’t disqualify me for not reading directions the first time.) 🙂

  71. I did the survey hope it helps. Love LOST.

  72. Just took the survey!

  73. Just took the survey about NMA.

  74. Bill Gerros says:

    You guys are doing a great job. I took the survey and watched the video. The video was good for a grin. I think the Dyad 6 shoe would work for me.

  75. I think I would try the Ghost 3 shoes. And I shared on Twitter! Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. I would choose Summon 2.

    I also did the survey.

  77. I’d have to go with the Cascadia 5’s. I’ve been eyeing trail shoes recently and have heard nothing but good things about these. Oh, and I took the survey (great questions, by the way) and look forward to seeing how you utilize all the feedback.

  78. I love Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10s!!

  79. I took the survey!

  80. With winter coming I would love to have the Adrenaline ASR 7.

    I took the survey!

  81. I took the survey and wrote my comments.

  82. The video was pretty funny – it IS just like the videos on LOST 🙂 The concept is interesting, but I wonder how it works in real life. I’ve always been an Asics girl myself, but I am looking to try Brooks for my next pair of shoes!

    I also took the survey 🙂

  83. Okay, completed the survey (honest, I did!)

    I’ve never watched Lost either, so I checked out the Brooks website. I would have to pick the Green Silence. Although I have no need for competition shoes anymore, I love both the look of the shoes and the eco-friendly aspect of them.

  84. Great giveaway! I would go for the adrenalines GTS shoes — I used their shoe advisor to figure that out. Cool feature of the site.

    And please count me twice — I filled out the survey!

  85. I would definitely be wanting the Green Silence racing flats! I love me some racing flats–and they’re “green,” to boot. My kind of shoe!

    Also, I took your survey. Promise! 🙂

  86. I just discovered the Brooks Adrenaline in June and it changed my life–and made my feet happier. That’s what I’d get!

  87. I wear Brooks Adrenaline now and really love them. My marathon is in 4 weeks, and I’m coming up on when I need to replace my shoes, so this is great timing!

    I also took the survey. Thanks!

  88. I would pick a pair of the Adrenaline ASR 7. I’d love to start moving off the road and onto the trails more!

    I also did the survey!

    Thanks for this NMA, what a great giveaway.

  89. I’m not a “Lost” viewer, so can’t really address whether the video is funny based on any connection to the show. It reminded me of the old filmstrips schools often used when there was a substitute teacher–I found it amusing in that regard.

    I also did the survey. 🙂

  90. Id want the Ariel! and I completed your survey 🙂


  91. I would try the Trance 9, and I just finished the survey! Awesome giveaway!

  92. Hey Matt,

    I started reading your blog only couple of weeks ago and I have enjoyed it so far.

    I absolutely love my Brooks Trance 9 shoes and was planning on getting a new one sometime in the future. I also completed your survey. Hope the answers help you in your quest.

    Btw, I love the tech shirt. I feel so proud wearing it on runs, especially long runs. I hope to represent NMA on future races in San Diego!

  93. I would get Brooks Adrenalines! They are the best!

  94. Wow, this is definitely an exciting giveaway! I’d go for the Green Silence. I absolutely love that it’s made from post-consumer recyclables and contains biodegradable pieces. Plus, the glues and dyes are non-toxic.

    I also took the survey.

  95. Since I need motion control shoes, I guess the Addiction is my only choice. I hope they were lighter than the last time I owned a pair…

  96. I did you survey just now! Cool that you’re interested in readers’ suggestions!

  97. Awesome giveaway! I’d like to try the DNA shoes but if I win I’ll get the Ghost 3.

  98. I took the survey too!

  99. I just found out about Brooks and I really want the Adrenaline GTS 10. I tried them on and they are perfect! Also, I filled out the survey! 🙂

  100. Brooks Addiction 9!

    Or whatever Brooks shoe I have right now. I bought it a while ago & forgot :S but it was super comfortable & hand-picked for me from a specialty store, so…

    And I took the survey as well. Huzzah! 🙂

  101. I’d love to try the Glycerin 8!

  102. I also took the survey! Good idea!

  103. I would love a pair of the Adrenaline ASR 7. I’ve always wanted a pair of trail shoes and with winter fast approaching they would be perfect!

    I also completed the survey.

    Love your blog and my No Meat Athlete shirt!

  104. I’d pick the Ravenna style! Also, I did your survey….

  105. I would pick the Defyance 3, because I trust your opinion and they look cool! 😉

  106. I would get the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10! I pronate slightly so I need the extra support. The only tough decision is whether to get the all black (how cool is that?) or the pink!

  107. I love Brooks and would try the Ravenna!

    I took the survey as well. Great giveaway!!!

  108. Oops! Forgot to say that I took the survey!

  109. Great video!

    Good survey too. Keep up the great posts! Look forward to Susan’s race report.

    I would love a new pair of Racer ST 4s. (Yeah, not really a DNA shoe.) Thanks!

  110. I’ve never watched Lost, but the video is great.

    And I took the survey! I love reading your Blog and look forward to new posts.

  111. I would love to run in the Glycerin 8 shoes.

    (and I took the survey!)

  112. I’m broke and could totally use a new pair of awesome Brooks Ghost shoes! *count me in twice bc I just took your survey*


  113. New reader here! I would choose a pair of Launch(es?) to have a minimalist running shoe to swap out for my Vibrams on long runs.

    I took your survey too so enter me twice, please 🙂

  114. I thought the video was cute – kinda DHARMA-y…I also run in the Ghost 3. Love them! 🙂

  115. The new Glycerin 8 shoes look great, I wouldn’t mind trying those : )

  116. Cute video and yes I took the survey so please enter me twice and please PICK ME! Thanks!

  117. My husband is obsessed with Lost – so I have seen my fair share of episodes! This was just like a Dharma training film! Very cute. I also answered your survey on survey monkey.

    I think I would get the Adrenaline ASR7, the Ravenna or the Launch… I will keep debating until you announce me as the winner! 😉

  118. I’m using the new Brooks Launch…it’s a tad cushy for my liking, but I’ve been using it in my daily training rotation without complaint. Funny video!

  119. i’d go for the adrenaline. i just started hitting a trail network by the new place i moved into and it’s pretty technical. i need some trail shoes that can get ‘er done!

    and now i’m taking the survey . . .

  120. I just took the survey, so count me twice for the swag.

  121. I just completed the survey! Hippee!

  122. margo baxter says:

    brooks green silence, mens 9.
    i filled out the survey.

  123. I’d definitely get a new pair of Brooks Ravennas. My old ones are nearing in on 500 miles. Yikes! And I filled out the survey.

  124. I would love to try the Brooks Green Silence. I have been running barefoot but would be interested in trying different options for the cold winters!
    I also took the survey!

  125. If I won I would pick the Trance 9 shoe. I love it!

  126. I’m “lost” on the commercial too.
    I filled out the survey and would LOVE a pair of Ghost 3s.
    Great site by the way! I’m new here.

  127. I just started training for my first full marathon and either of the support shoes (Trance 9, or Adrenaline GTS 10) would be great
    ~count me twice please, I did the survey~

  128. I would get the Brooks Adrenaline 10 series. I have 2 pairs and love them!

  129. I took the survey too!

  130. Glycerin 8 – says they’re Runner’s Choice!

  131. I would choose the Brooks Ravenna! I also took the survey!

  132. hahaha – awesome video. everyone could use more ‘sack’ in their life.

    I also took your survey.

  133. Cheesy but funny video. I’d love a pair of Brooks Ghosts. And I took the survey!

  134. Ooo, the Defyance 3 ones look very snazzy. I’d love those ones if I won.

    And I took the survey 🙂

  135. I’d love to try the Glycerin 8 and I took your survey. Can’t wait to read Susan’s race report – should be hilarious!

  136. I also took the survey.

    The Green Silence is one shoe I really want to try.

    The video is pretty funny. I don’t think you need to be a ‘Lost’ fan to find the humor.

    Brooks is solid company. I don’t run in their shoes now, but I did in the past. I always appreciated their philosophy and craftsmanship. If they decide to make a more minimalist shoe, I will be first in line to check it out.

  137. My feet would love to run in a pair of Cascadia 5’s. Yes, I took the survey.

  138. Bob Trustman says:

    I would love to try a pair of the Green Silence in Black and Kelly Green.
    I also took your survey.

  139. I have never run in Brooks before but am curious about this new SAC technology…and a free pair would be an awesome way to try them out. Also i don’t follow lost and was didn’t really get the video.

    Also Matt- I filled out your survey!

  140. I run in Brooks now and got the Glycerin 8’s LOVE THEM! I used Adidas before and the Brooks are definitely better! I’d get another pair in a heartbeat!
    Oh I did the survey too!

  141. The clip was alright but I think I like the other ads with the two brothers better.
    I would love a pair of size 11 Green Silence and I just took the survey.

  142. Love the cutbacks to the Jesus Lizard and scratchy tape of ’70s experiments throughout the video running on water…gives it that same little Hmm?! factor that LOST has too. Overall, great commercial (would have been a bit better with more suspenseful instead of cheesy action music). Brooks shoes are awesome and have propelled me through many runs; I’m sure whether I win this or not, I will be getting another pair. 🙂

    Took the survey too; hope it helps! I had to think hard about other collaborations on the site, since so many of the blogs I read I’ve discovered off of NMA! 🙂

  143. I took the survey. I have been a Brooks Adrenaline girl since the day I started running. I switched shoes once and got blisters. I won’t stray again. I just bought a new pair, so I’m going to go with the Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes for women when I win. 🙂

  144. WOW- this is one rocking giveaway. I need new shoes like no ones business. I liked the video. Lost was one of my favorite shows ( so sad its over), so I enjoyed the whole darma initiative take on the ad 😉

  145. I love the Brooks Adrenaline shoes and I took the survey!

  146. oh! And I just took the survey

  147. I completed the survey!

  148. Allie Medack says:

    The Glycerin 8 sounds great. I haven’t replaced my shoes in a bout a year so I’m looking for new ones.

    And I took the survey so count me twice! : )

  149. Great video and idea. Anything LOST-related captures my undivided attention! Haven’t tried Brooks running shoes before, but will definitely consider them the next time I purchase running shoes.

  150. I’d like to try the Brooks Green Silence. I like to see if the eco-friendly minimalist shoe lives up to the hype. I also took the survey.

  151. Katie Murray says:

    I would run in the Glycerin 8 shoes. My Asics are just starting to run down so I am in need of a new pair of shoes. Great giveaway!

  152. Katie Murray says:

    I shared this on Facebook but forgot to write it in my post above!

  153. Can’t say about the video, never watched Lost either. As for the shoes, I desperately need a new pair! I need some support, so probably the Adrenalin GTS 10 if I got them.

  154. Danielle N. says:

    Best giveaway yet on NMA! I just took the survey to double my chances. As for the shoes, I think I would go with either the Mach 12 spikless racing shoes to set new PRs during the shorter races, or the Cascadia trail running shoes.

  155. I would choose the Glycerin 8!

  156. As a mild pronator, I might try the Trance 9 shoes – although I’ve never tried Brooks before!

    I love the video (big Lost fan!!) especially that they show science as a smoking test tube.

  157. I would definitely get the Glycerin 8. /drool

    Also, I did the survey. You’re doing a great job, I wish I had more constructive criticism for you other than you’re already badass and I like what you’re doing currently!

  158. Glycerin 8 shoes and I just filled out the survey!

  159. I think I’d like to try the Brooks Ghost shoes.

    I also filled out your survey!

    Thank you!

  160. Just took your survey!

  161. I would love to win a new pair of sneakers! I did the survey too 🙂

  162. Mary Ellen Reimers says:

    I love your website! I would love new sneaks even more! I took the survey, too!

  163. Love, love, LOVE the Defyance. And I filled out the survey, along with everyone else. 🙂

  164. I would choose the Cascadia 5 or the Green Silence! Tough choice…. And count me in for doing the survey as well (fingers and toes crossed).

  165. Holly Burlew says:

    The video is great!!! Funny and informative. I would go with the Defyance. (And I took the survey)

  166. This poor college nursing student would buy a pair of Cascadia 5 shoes.

    I also took the survey!

  167. I am trading for a half marathon, and am in desperate need of new running sneakers. I have had mine for well over a year, and they are about to fall apart!
    I have used various different shoes, but would love to try the Defyance shoe. I work part-time, and go to nursing school full time, so this would be amazing!!

    I took the survey – pinky promise!

  168. I’ve never seen Lost, so I can’t help much there, but I’d love to try the Adrenaline ASR 7s!

    I took the survey too…I’m interested to find out what everyone has to say.

  169. I like the Ravenna shoes! Also – I really liked the beans and rice recipes from last month

  170. i’d pick a pair of the trail shoes, i need something for all the trails in portland!

    also, i took the survey.

  171. Took the survey (thanks for asking for the feedback!) and, honestly, can’t decide if I’d get the Mach 12 Spikeless (thinking about using less support when I run) or … maybe I need new trail shoes to get me back out on the trails. Thanks!

  172. I would totally get a pair of Ravennas! I love my Brooks Ravennas!

  173. I filled out your survey!
    I currently run in the Brooks Defyance and LOVE them, so that’s the shoe I would pick if I could.

  174. steve weick says:

    would really like to try out the Green Silence and compare to my Launches.

  175. I run in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS, and am about due for a new pair, so I would pick those.
    Also, I filled out the survey 🙂

  176. I would choose the Glycerin 8. (and its about time I got new shoes!)

  177. Molly Kalisch says:

    Hi Matt! Thanks for the chance to win some amazing shoes. If I won, I would get some trail running shoes. Both the Adrenaline and the Cascadias look pretty great. Oh, and I took your survey too! Cheers to website feedback and free shoes 🙂

  178. Hi Matt!

    This is an AMAZING giveaway! I am just a month shy of running my first 1/2 marathon and my poor shoes are in dire need of replacing right after the race.

    I currently wear the women’s Brooks Glycerin 8 and I intend to buy/win them because they are the best shoes I have owned thus far.

    I completed your survey in order to double my chances of winning.

    Thanks again for hosting such a great giveaway!

  179. Definitely a parody on Lose. I’ve never run in Brooks so it would sure be a good way to try them out.
    I also took your survey.

  180. I have also completed the survey

  181. Fantastic giveaway, especially because I need new shoes! I’ve never tried Brooks shoes before, but I like the look of the Adrenaline GTS 10s.

  182. I’d want to try the Launch.

  183. Took the survey

  184. I participated in your survey as well.

  185. This is the best giveaway I’ve ever seen!! I would love to have any of the Brooks shoes because 1.I’m a broke teacher 2.I’ve always wanted to try Brooks and 3.I need a pair of running shoes VERY bad. My shoes have ran their last leg. I would pick the Adrenaline GTS 10s if I won.

  186. I took the survey. I hope it helps you out! I hope it helps me win!

  187. just completed the survey! thought it would take a lot longer to complete.

    I have been wanting to try out the Brooks Launch.

  188. Kyle Anderson says:

    I would choose the Adrenaline 10. They look like the perfect shoe for me. I also took the survey. I love the blog, it is very inspirational to me as I am a recently converted vegetarian and am training for my first marathon. Thanks for the cool giveaway and the awesome blog.

  189. Love to try their new green silence shoes

  190. Filled in the survey

  191. Velma Radloff says:

    If I were to win, I would choose Dyfiance. I did not view the video, but I did read all the info, take the survey (I honestly did), and looked at the Books shoes on the website.

  192. I’m glad I found your blog via this giveaway! I would like to give the adrenalines a try. I also took your survey.

  193. I would love to get the Brooks Adrenaline ARS 7 so I can get off the pavement and onto the trails as I recover my stress fracture!

    Also-I took the survey!

  194. That video was kind of strange…but also kind of funny. I’ve never seen Lost either, so I don’t know about the parody thing, but I’m a physics nerd so I liked the stuff about the non-Newtonian fluid!!
    Oh, and I filled out the survey too! 🙂

  195. That video was totally Sebben & Sebben Employee Orientation. I enjoy surveys, so I definitely took it. And I’ve been wearing Adrenalines for three years now. They look like transformers, but they’re the best running shoes I’ve ever worn.

  196. I took your survey. 🙂

  197. I’ve been fitted by a running store in the Glycerin 8’s… haven’t purchased yet – it would be even better if I won them! 🙂

  198. I am leaning towards the Glycerin 8 as well.

  199. I would get the Brooks Glycerine – I really hope I win!

  200. Yay! I’m definitely entering this giveaway! Thanks!

  201. I currently run in the Brooks Ghost, but would also love to run in the Cascadia. I love me some offroad too!

    I took the survey, so please put me in for 2!

  202. The video was…interesting, although I didn’t get all the references. I’ve been traading off on the Defyance and the Addiction this year but think I’ll stick with the Addiction since it gives me more support. I did the survey too!!

  203. I’d choose the Glycerin 8, they really look spectacular!

    I did the survey by the way & left a cheeky comment about the design of nomeatathlete ;-).

    All the best, Ricki.

  204. Brian Bogar says:

    Ok I like the green silence. The ghost looked promising also. I’m 63. I’m just happy I can run 5 miles. Size does matter I’m told though at 63…… Size 11.5
    keep up the good work.

  205. I think I’d pick out the Ghost 3 shoes – neutral and green? Perfect!

  206. I would choose the glycerine 8

  207. And I filled out the survey :).

  208. I LOVE the Brooks Adrenaline GTS. I would definitely get those!

  209. I just did your survey! Excited about this contest!!

  210. Jessica Rosales says:

    Just took the survey to double my chances!

    The video: I found it amusing, but a tad long. Perhaps b/c I never got into Lost I didn’t quite “get it”, but to me it seemed like a cheesy ad out of the 70’s. The demonstration of the runners running across the “material” really brought home the point of this new shoe, and the little dna helix figures were cute. But it was a tad long for a commercial.

    As for the shoes I’d pick the Adrenaline GTS 10.


  211. For me it would probably be the Trance 9, can’t say 100% for sure yet though I would want to try them on. They seem to offer the best support for my low arch and under pronation.

  212. silverlakerunner says:

    Cool video, big fan of Lost and it’s a great parody. I run in Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10. They’re great shoes for long runs. I’d choose Brooks Ghost 3s. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  213. Oh, also took the survey. wasn’t sure if we needed to let you know in the comments or not.

  214. What an awesome giveaway! I’m already jealous of the winner…

    I’m partial to my Mizuno Wave Riders, but I definitely wouldn’t turn down a pair of Brooks Ghost 3 (women’s size 8, in green, please!)

  215. I liked the customer reviews for the women’s Launch – I trust other marathoners who love their shoes. These get such good marks from fellow runners that I’d give them a try.

  216. Original! Loved it!

  217. Great offer- AND I rocked the survey!

  218. Count me in on the Trance 9! Love those things! Actually, count me in TWICE, ’cause I took the survey, too! 😀

  219. I’ve never worn Brooks, but I’ve heard so many good things about them! I have a neutral foot, so I think the Summon 2 would be cool to try.

    ps I also took the survey.*

  220. I’d be interested to try the Ravenna (based on the website’s suggestions). I took your survey, too… thanks for the opportunity to provide some feedback!

  221. Michele Fleming says:

    Hi Matt – love your site! I found it when you did a guest post recently on the Front Burner and have been a regular reader ever since.

    I wasn’t able to view the video (no speakers), but I did take your survey. I have been wearing the Brooks Ariel size 9 2E’s for the last several years so they would be the shoes that I chose if I won the drawing.

    Keep up the good work.


  222. Awesome giveaway!!! Brooks Ghost for me please! =)

  223. PS…I took the survey!!! Forgot to include that in my prior post =)

  224. I would sooooo get the Glycerin 8 though the Defyance looked mighty fine too.
    Also… I’ve been wanting a skort for ages.

  225. Oh wait, I forgot to mention that I took the survey!

  226. I would try out the Mach 12 spikeless, I think…

    And I took the survey 🙂

  227. Here is my comment. I would try out “THE BEAST”

  228. I would like to run in the Glycerin 8 since I have heard so much about them. I also completed the survey. Thanks for blogging and the contest!

  229. I have a neutral gait and I like a lighter shoe, so I’d go with the Defyance 3. Also love the biodegradable midsole!

  230. Oh! and I also did the survey. 🙂

  231. Now I have taken the survey too.

  232. HAHA! I love the video!! For me, I would go with the Brooks Glycerins. I have been in these shoes for a few years.

  233. I have two pair of the Brooks Ghost.

  234. I would select the Ghosts. And I took the survey. 🙂

  235. I would love the new shows, and I also did the survey, keep it up!

  236. For some reason “The perfect ride for every stride” makes me giggle…
    I would love to try the Launch. I could use a lightweight shoe for speedwork, and it would be something new. Awesome giveaway!!!!

  237. I think I run on Summon 2 which looks closest on the website, but I’d have to check. I did the survey to 🙂 Hey thanks for a great blog it’s been really keeping me going 🙂 Dani

  238. Hi there. probably Summon 2 as I think that’s what i’ve been running in forever. Took the survey to 🙂

  239. Completed survey. Love the Women’s Silver Glycerin 8’s. Love your recipes. Love your blog.

  240. Oh, and I totally took the survey!
    C’mon luck! Work with me here!

  241. Not a Lost watcher but the video was funny – and informative.

    Took the survey!

  242. Great, have my fingers crossed and the survey’s been filled out! I really need a new pair of shoes! Love your site!

  243. I wear Brooks Addiction 9 and love them!! I took your survey too 🙂

    I didn’t get the humor in the video….was never a Lost watcher.

  244. I took your survey and if I could chose a new pair of sneakers I would chose either the ladies Ravenna or the glycerine 8. I do love Brooks sneakers. Also, I love No Meat Athlete. It is helping me to become more vegetarian and potentially vegan. Thank you. -Jen

  245. I would love to try the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10’s!

    I filled out the survey too!

  246. Hi Matt, I DID THE SURVEY so make sure to give me 2 chances. 🙂 I would pick the Glycerin 8 in BlueGlass/Java/Wht/Alloy/Blk – 434 color scheme. Size 8 please. I never win anything…
    I run in the Defyance 3s now.

  247. S.A.C. (HA) pretty funny video. I currently use the Brooks Launch and T6 Racer.

    Also did survey

  248. Took the survey and would try out the trance maybe!

  249. Took the survey! 🙂

  250. I love science because it helps in the development of shoes and video helped me to understand the difficulty of making shoes .I would love to win a new pair of sports shoes and .I love what you’re doing now.Thanks for the contest!

  251. I totally would get Brooks Adreneline. Haven’t switched from that one in 5 years and love them. Also took the survey! Love the blog.

  252. Elizabeth Stolle says:

    I’d love to replace my nearly-new Brooks Ghost 3 runners that American Airlines lost (my luggage is “MIA”). Thanks for the opportunity.

  253. I’m not sure which shoe I’d go for…probably one of the racing flats although I might look into the trail shoes to see if anything in there met my current needs.

    I filled out your survey, hopefully you get some good data from it.

  254. I took the survey, and I’d love to try the Ariel shoes! thanks!

  255. I would most definitely get the Adrenaline ASR 7 shoes (and the infiniti short tight, for the record). I filled out the survey.

  256. Elizabeth Stolle says:

    I also filled out your survey but forgot to mention it in my previous comment.

  257. Michelle Novak says:

    Classic. I wish I could run like that lizard!–maybe if I had a pair of Brooks shoes I could! I’ve never had a pair.


  258. I think I’m going to have to go with Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10. That’s what I’m running in now and I love them! They’ve gotten me through 2 half marathons and several 5Ks. I’ll need some new ones soon anyway so… 😉

    I’m taking your survey too. I would take it even without a bribe 🙂

  259. I would pick Brooke Adrenaline’s because I own them now and love them!

  260. OH GOODNESS the green silence is awesome!!!! Even if I don’t win thanks for introducing me to brooks.. i’ve actually never heard of it before haha.

    Also, I took the survey.

    Thanks Matt!

  261. Okay, the ad was long, but it did sorta remind me of LOST, very interesting though, since I just retired my first pair of Glycerin 8’s! They were very cushiony, is that a word? I switch between Mizuno Wave Creation and Brooks, hmmm, maybe a new pair of Glycerin 8’s would sway me to stay with Brooks 🙂

  262. Mira Thompson says:

    Could always use new shoes! I filled out the survey as well. Thank you for all the great information!!

  263. i’m digging on the Cascadia trail shoes. Does Brooks have a smoke monster??

  264. I would totally pick the Brooks Green Silence. As a broke grad student, I could really use a new pair of shoes. I also filled out the survey.

    Those things aside, awesome site. I make the Thrive sports drink and gel for all of my workouts and long runs… not only have they helped my performance, they’ve also been great conversation starters.

  265. Stephanie Newbanks says:

    I thought it was a really good commercial. A lot of good humor and it did remind me of the Lost episode. That was one of the few that I actually watched. I’ve never had any of the Brooks running shoes but am willing to try some. I have a lot of trouble with shim splints so I’d be willing to give these a go and see how they work.

  266. YESSSSSSS!!

    I would love another pair of Adrenalines, they are my favorite!!

  267. I’d get the Trance 9 if I won. I also took your survey.

    Just became veggie last month and I cannot wait to order your t-shirt!

    Love your blog!

  268. I would get the Adrenaline GTS 10

  269. Chris Kilmer says:

    I’m waiting for October to roll around so I can get a pair of the New Balance MT101s. I run on the road with a pair of Brooks Green Silence, but have yet to find a pair of trail shoes that suite me.

  270. Carrie Riggins says:

    The video was entertaining and educational. I had never really thought about the science that goes into making a great running shoe. I am currently running in the Brooks defyance 3, but I would love to try out the Glycerin 8. I hope to win!!

  271. Katie Didit says:

    I wear the adrenaline and I need a new pair!

  272. I would choose the Trance 9s. Those are some nice looking shoes with good reviews and good support. Exactly what I need.

  273. Brooks Ravenna! My new favorite shoe…love Brooks. I also did the survey!

  274. I’d get the Ghost 3.

    I completed the survey.

    Thanks a bunch!

  275. I just completed the survey!

  276. I would get the Brooks Glycerin and I took the survey!

  277. I really like the Glycerin 8.

    Survey completed. Thanks for putting this on. Cool idea. Keep up the great posts.

  278. I would definitely get the Brooks Launch! I love my Saucony Kinvaras and I imagine they would be similar.

  279. I completed the survey 😀

  280. I took the survery! I had the Brooks Ghost Rider 2, and they worked pretty well for me, although I think I’m still an Asics girl through and through.

  281. I desperately need trail running shoes since I want to run an ultra next year so id pick the Adrenaline ASR 7.
    By the way, I’ve made the butternut squash risotto for my family a zillion times now, they are in love with itttt
    (I used Gouda and orange cheddar instead of parmesan though because I hate parmesan cheese)

  282. Oh! And I’m going to do the survey right now!

  283. I switched to Brooks Adrenalines when I was diagnosed with peroneal tendonitis and they got me right back on my feet, I’ve bought two pairs since June and would gladly buy another! I took the survey as well but I’m not sure I had anything useful to add!

  284. First of all, took the survey. Now that that’s out of the way…
    If I won I’d get the Ghost 3; not only do they come in the super-sweet color combination of orange/black/silver, but they have biodegradable midsoles and laces from 100% recycled materials. What’s better than a vegetarian runner?? A vegetarian runner in earth-friendly running shoes!

  285. I think I’d like to try the Ravenna…but I’m nervous about switching over from Asics! I also took the survey 🙂

  286. I would love the GTS Adrenaline 10!! I love Brooks, they have been my shoe for the past 5 years 🙂

    (loved the survey too)

  287. I love Brooks, since they are the only mainstream running shoe company I’ve see openly claim to make vegan running shoes. If I won, I’d add another pair of Cascadia’s to the mix.

  288. Took the survey!

    Would love a pair of the Green Silence! Been eying them for awhile and even happened to try them on this afternoon.

  289. I took the survey also.

  290. I love Brooks shoes and apparel! I would love a pair of the Brooks Racer ST4!

  291. I took the survey! 🙂

  292. loved the Brooks video. I took the survey, and would choose the Ghost 3 shoes if I win.

  293. I’d take the GTS

  294. I took the survey, thanks\

  295. (took the survey, too)

    Brooks is by far my favorite brand. I run in the Ghost! So fantastic!

  296. I’d love to try the green shoes. I also did the survey. : )


  297. I love my Brooks Defyance (maybe not as much as my FiveFingers), but i’d probably go for those again!!

  298. I would get the glycerin 8!

  299. and i took the survey-what a great idea!!

  300. all i wear is brooks!

    and i took the survey 🙂

  301. Would definitely like to try out the Adrenaline GTS 10 and compare them to the Asics GT-2150’s and K-Swiss K-Ona’s I’ve been running in. I took the survey as well.

  302. I would get a second pair of the Brooks Dyad 6 – as a replacement for when my current pair wears out. I just got them a two months ago and they are the best shoes I’ve ever run in – great support. I took your survey, even though I haven’t been reading very long. I’m happy I found your site!

  303. I would choose the Green Silence, size 9. Now to the survey for …

  304. My shoe of choice would be the T6 Racer. I have recently started doing Triathlons. I have my second sprint tri coming up early Oct. The more IMPORTANT thing I have also recently started (early summer) was eating a vegan diet. I have been dedicated to my new diet. 80% of my diet is raw. I am reading as much as I can to learn about vegan and vegetartian nutrition. Thanks for the website! I’m learning a lot!

  305. I also took the survey. Those shoes would be awesome!

  306. I am in serious need of new shoes — I’m a poor grad student with holes in her shoes. pathetic, right? I’d definitely get the Trance 9 shoes because I pronate and they’re recommended for my stride type!

  307. Hi! I need some new shoes– I am very ready to try Brooks- heard they are great! I want to bring a new pair to study abroad in next semester and run through the hills in Italy 🙂

  308. I’m not sure which shoes I would like, I’ve never worn Brooks but I’d love to try them.
    I filled out your survey also.

  309. Adrenaline GTS 10 for sure! Love those shoes!

  310. Pick me! I’d order (another) pair of Glycerin 8s! 🙂

  311. p.s. i took the survey

  312. I thought the video was hilarious as a parody but interesting (where can I get some non-Newtonian liquid to run on!!!!? Ha!) Plus, the guy in this one was much less creepy than the Dharma Initiative guy on Lost. P.S.- I took the survey and for a half a second I thought “who the hell is Matt?” because I’m so used to using the NMA monicker!

  313. Thanks for this! I’d love a pair of Brooks Launch, and Brooks Epiphany shorts are my favorite. I took the survey, too.
    I really enjoy your site–very informative!

  314. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Green Silence pair of ‘competition’ shoes.

    Btw, I’ve been trying to order the No Meat Athlete standard shirt in Large but it’s been out of stock for awhile…and idea of when the stock might be replenished? 🙂
    My apologies if this is not the appropriate place to make such a request.


  315. I’d go for the Addiction. I actually need a new pair of shoes soon, and I was going to try Brooks.

  316. I’d pick the Green Silence or let my husband pick a pair as new parents we are always getting stuff for our lil vegan so our feet have been ignored. These shoes sound great since I’m rather tall & my hubby is short I’m sure these would be comfy. I’ve Never watched lost either =) Did the survey as well.

  317. Loving the posts lately! Awesome give away, thanks!

    Of the Brooks line up, I would love to try the Green Silence. They look really fun for training runs and half marathons on days that my feet want a break from going barefoot.

    I also filled out your quiz…

  318. I like the green silence! I think I may have to find some in a store if I don’t win.

    Also, I took the survey, so enter me twice!

  319. There are distinct Thunderbirds styles in that retro advert 🙂
    Would love another pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS. I’m on my 3rd pair of Brooks cause no other shoe fits better!
    Thanks for all the NMA goodness

  320. Loved the video. Reminded me of old movies you had to watch in school.
    I always wear Aesics so I would love to try Brooks.
    I did the survey.

  321. I’ve never run in Brooks before, but wouldn’t pass up a free pair of sneakers! I’d like try the womens Glycerin 8.

    Love the blog! Thanks!

  322. I would like to get a pair of dyad Brooks 6. I only had a shoe is fit for runners, which is a small thing. I’m glad I found your site:

  323. I just switched to Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10… they are awesome. I took your survey!

  324. I got a good laugh out of the video (move over GECKO, there’s a new “lizard” in town :)) even though I, too, prefer a more minimalist shoe. I took the survey as well–keep up the good work, Matt!

  325. I’m dying for a pair of Brooks Ghost 3s! And I took the survey.

  326. I would want the Addiction 9’s. And I took the survey! 🙂

  327. I *love* Brooks! I also took the survey 🙂

  328. I love Brooks running shoes! They have gotten me through 2 Marathons, 4 Half Marathons, and several 15k and 10k races. Not to mention they are a super comfortable shoe to walk in! Posting on my Facebook wall too 🙂

  329. I think I’d like to try out the Cascadia 5’s for trail running.

  330. oh and I did the survey as well 🙂

  331. Casey Henley says:

    I’d get the green silence shoes. I mean, come on, eco-friendly and minimalist. How can you beat that?

    I also took the survey.

  332. Sign me up. I love your website. Thanks for all you do.


  333. Awesome!
    I’ve been wanting to try the Ghosts!
    Tweeted about your giveaway!

  334. I would love love love to try out the Trance 9 shoes! Just finished my first marathon and I’m moving on to a tri…new shoes for new training? I think so!!

    P.S. I took the survey 🙂

  335. I would love love love to try out the Trance 9 shoes! I just finished my first half marathon and I’m moving onto a tri…new shoes for new training? Yes please!

    P.S. I took the survey 🙂

  336. I am a HUGE fan of Lost, and this was actually a pretty decent parody 🙂

    I also took your survey for the extra entry!

  337. I would have to say either a new pair of Ravennas to replace the ones I’ve got now or the Mach 12 Spikeless for xc courses that feature a lot of pavement. And I also took the survey.

  338. Love the video – especially the molecule ‘characters’ 🙂
    completed the survey so please double my entry! would love to have some good shoes and am in critical need of some right now!

  339. This is a clever and inexpensive trade off for traffic, Matt. Well done. Personally, I’d like to find out who sells the old Brooks running hats. I love mine, but it’s fraying after 2 years of heavy use. It’s the best hat I’ve found as it reflects the sun and absorbs sweat. It says “X-static” on the inside label and I’m happy to provide Brooks with pictures from all sorts of races if someone over there can tell me where to find a new one.

  340. I would get Adrenaline ASR 7. I wore the previous pair (6) for marathon training and loved them. I also filled out the survey, so please count me twice! Thanks! Great giveaway!!

  341. i run in brooks neutral flats right now and LOVE THEM for trail runs! gives you such control running over roots and rocks and stuff, but i can’t remember the name of them. oops i’m a naughty runner…

  342. 1)Tweeted you,
    2)Shared you on Facebook,
    3)took the survey…
    4)which shoes would I pick?? Trail or Support…I’m on my feet most of the day for work so the Support pair would be awesome for day use. I live and play in the mountains so the Trail style would be a great addition to my shoe collection! xoxo

  343. I took the survey. I love your site. I would like to try Brooks green silence.

  344. I’d LOVE to put some miles in the Brooks Cascadia. Tried them on in a store but needed road shoes, not trail shoes, so left the Brooks in the store and went home with the road pair. It was a hard choice. I know you’re not talking skirts, but would also love to try out the Brooks Epiphany Skort – which was out of stock when I was last looking to order a running skirt.
    and yes, I took the survey – and love finding other vegan athletes in the blogosphere. Thanks!

  345. I would get the Adrenaline…I need a bit of posting to help with a pesky IT band…I have two pairs of Brooks running shorts, by far they are my favorites 🙂

  346. I used the shoe advisor feature on the Brooks website and based on the results I would try the Adrenaline GTS 10. I’ve never owned a pair of Brooks but my husband swears by them. I also took the survey.

  347. Kristen Shrout says:

    What a freaky video, but good. I am on my second pair of brooks defyance 3’s and love the fit. I also took your survey

  348. i took the survey! great questions, hopefully you get some helpful responses!

  349. i’ve never run in brooks shoes so i suppose i’d have to go into a store and get fitted before i knew which pair was best for me!

  350. I would get the Brooks Ariel, because I have the flattest of flat feet. It was only after getting fitted earlier this year that I was able to run without pain. I’m so glad they make motion control shoes.

    I’m about to take the survey!

  351. I’ve taken the survey. Never watched Lost, but the spot is funny anyway. If I won this contest, I would pick the Green Silence shoes. They are cooler than Antarctica in August.

  352. I would try the Adrenaline GTS 10

  353. And I also took your survey!!

  354. I like the Brooks Adrenalin GTS. I’m on my 4th pair, they’re nice and lightweight and give me support as well. The video was silly but I don’t have a reference either as no television, except I thought there was a Goldilocks reference in there.
    Also took the survey. Thanks for a great blog, I love it, I read it most days

  355. brooks Beast or the Ariel-D

  356. maria põder says:

    i took the survey as well

    Brooks Beast for my extreme over pronation

  357. Christina Ratcliff says:

    If I win I’d get the Adrenaline ASR 7 trail running shoes. I also did the survey, so count me twice!

  358. Sweet giveaway! And, I took the survey. 🙂

  359. I need trail shoes — Adrenelines.

  360. Took your survey!

  361. I’d probably get the Ghost 3. This giveaway rocks!

  362. Also, I took the survey.

  363. Brock Holmes says:

    Hi Matt, took the survey and appreciate getting your email/blogs…I’ve got a few friends who now follow you…

    I haven’t run in Brooks for a long time but a low cost, no cost offer helps induce the possibility of change!

    Brooks for Brock…..cheers

  364. This is an amazing giveaway!
    I like Brooks Ravenna a lot,
    and I took your survey. Please count me as double entry! 🙂

  365. debbie binder says:

    THANKS for giving us a chance to win a new pair of Brooks shoes. I have just about logged my 500 miles on my current Cascadian 5 trail runners, so I need a new pair to keep the old body injury free 🙂 It would be great not to have to roll pennies in order to buy new shoes. Oh, and btw, I took your survey. debbie

  366. hooray! i wear the adrenaline gts 10

  367. and i just completed your survey!

  368. Oh nice – I run in the Brooks Adrenaline and I was just about to buy another pair. Fingers crossed!!

  369. Just watched the Brooks video. Loved “Lost”, but this version did not grab me or hold my interest. (But, now I do know about Brooks, and will be eager to learn more.) I do love your blog. And took your online survey this morning.

  370. Survey taken!

  371. I have run in Brooks before and liked them. I’m all about experimenting with different brands and was happy with the Glycerins (I think they were 7s) I had in the past. I also took the survey.


  372. I took the survey, I enjoy taking surveys and providing feedback! Thanks for all you do with the blog.

    I’d like to try the Ghost 3 shoes. 😀

  373. Survey taken and Green Silence is the way to go! (or rather, the shoes I’d go for.)

    Thanks for having this giveaway.

  374. The Brooks DNA video was very funny, although I must admit I’ve never seen LOST either so I can’t comment to that… 🙂 I am just starting to run and have recently gone mostly vegetarian (still eating fish right now) so I just love that I’ve found your site. I completed the survey as well.

  375. I’ve never worn Brooks before but am interested in the Cascadia 5 for trail running. I run trails 1-2 times a week in normal shoes and just don’t feel ready to spend the money on another pair of running shoes just for trails so having the opportunity to win one would be excellent.

  376. I just completed the survey!

  377. I would want the Ghost 3. And I took your survey as well, so give me an extra entry! 🙂

  378. Great site Matt. Ghost 3 would be nice. I did the survey too. Keep up the good work. Your site convinced me to try vegetarianism and I’m on month 6. So far so good. 2 half marathons (PB, then another PB)done sice then and my first ever marathon coming up in less than 4 weeks.

  379. I just found this site recently and it’s been tremendously helpful in explaining to my non-vegetarian friends the pros of becoming vegetarian.

    I’m about to start training fora 5k…then 10k..then tri eventually…

    Leaving a comment for the Brooks shoes! and also filled out a survey….FINGERS CROSSED!

  380. Great giveaway. Put me in for two: one comment and I took the survey!

  381. Definitely would want to get me the Adrenaline GTS 10. The shoe is so popular and has alot of features that important to me (like support for moderate pronation and a closer fit through the arch).

    I was all gung-ho to try out the Trance 9 shoe, but after reading the comparisons on its fit versus the Adrenaline, I feel like my narrow feet would be swallowed up by the roomier fit.

  382. The Ariel would be my choice!

  383. I would get my FIFTH pair of Brooks Ravenna in a heartbeat. More specifically, I’d get the new green/black ones.

  384. Hi Matt!

    I would pick the new Ghosts. I have been running in Nike Pegasus forever (last 5 pair of running shoes!) and really want to switch it up!

    I also took the survey!

  385. I love the Green Silence and I’m just about due for another pair. Thanks for the chance to win!

  386. I took the survey too. Thanks again.

  387. Wow! I’ve never tried Brooks… but last time I went in to get some new insoles/shoes they suggested I try Brooks Adrenaline.

  388. Survey done! 🙂

  389. I would choose the Brooks Adrenaline!

    and I also took the survey!

  390. I took the survey!

  391. I would choose the Brooks Launch running shoe.

  392. Took the survey and I’d love to try some minimalist shoes! The Glycerin 8 sound interesting!

  393. survey is complteteeeeeeeeeeee

  394. Done and Done!

  395. Andrea Johnson says:

    Yay! I took the survey. Love the site AND those Brooks commercials!

  396. Would like to wear some Brooks Launch to the Marine Corps this year. Thanks.

  397. Just compeleted the survey too.

  398. I’d choose the women’s Glycerin 8. Hope I win!!! 🙂

  399. I’d choose the Trance 9 shoes… and I took the survey!

  400. brent patterson says:

    I thought the ad was more informative than a humorous parody. It seems logical but I am skeptical of their claims. Thanks for the site! Oh, and I took your survey too. Thanks again Matt.

  401. iwuzbounced says:

    also don’t follow lost but if i had to choose a shoe, it would be the cascadia. i also took the survey! 🙂

  402. Awesome! I took the survey. I would happily take the Addiction 9 shoes… I am suffering from shin splints!

  403. Madeline Martin says:

    WooHOOO for free SHOESSS!!!

    Shoe: Glycerin 8
    Size: 8

  404. amusing video, but no shoe ever “propels you forward”.

  405. Long time reader, first time commenter. Thank you so much for a great blog for those of us vegan athletes to take advantage of! Sept. 21 is actually my birthday so here’s hoping to winning a bday pair of Brooks Green Silence that I’ve been eyeing for awhile!
    Took survey as well! Thanks for the double entry chance!

  406. I took your survey- I could really use the new shoes!

  407. Chris Kilmer says:

    I’d go with the Green Silence. Amazing shoe.

    I took the survey, tweeted, like and shared on Facebook.

  408. The Defyance 3’s are looking awesome- I think I’d go with those!

  409. Awesome video. 🙂

  410. Are the mach 12s they’re only minimalist shoe? I want some synergys so I can be as ba as Scott Jurek. Oh also took the survey.

  411. I’d like to get some SAC!! 😀

    Oh, and I filled out the survey. double entry for the win!!

  412. Nice video…it made me wish I finished the season of lost. Count me twice as I did the Survey Monkey on this site as requested!

  413. Wow there are so many shoes to choose from! I’d go with the March 12 Spikeless shoes. They look light and comfortable.

  414. Alexandra Foster says:

    I’ve been slacking on my training, and your blog has helped me to get back into the swing of things! (I also took the survey) Keep up the awesome work and good luck on all of your races!

  415. Very lost-like video, haha. I just did the survey as well, so please enter me twice!

  416. I like the Ravenna! Thanks for the opportunity to win and I also took the survey!

  417. Interesting video. I have never seen Lost so this was Lost on me. I just took the survey also. Thanks!

  418. I would love to try the Brooks Glycerin 8s!! I also took the NMA survey – great idea.

  419. I would love to try the Trance 9 shoes…gotta love a little overpronation. And I’ve just been looking to get a pair of Brooks, upon excellent recommendations, so this would be perfect!

  420. For the sake of simplicity, I’m leaving a separate comment letting you know that I filled out the survey!

  421. brooks adrenaline – just took your survey…keep up the great posts.

  422. caroline m. says:

    I read this blog all the time and yesterday I couldn’t wait to find out what the giveaway was! Ironically, I JUST ordered new running shoes, but I’ve always wanted to try Brooks (I’m an Asics girl..).

  423. caroline m. says:

    Also, I filled out your survey. Thanks for this awesome opportunity! 🙂

  424. Love me some Brooks Adrenalines! Like you I’ve now had 4 pairs from that line, and I’d love to win some new ones to wear after my marathon in October.

  425. this is so exciting!
    glad you’re using a giveaway to get more readers and get some feedback.
    i took your survey so count me twice!
    keep up the good work. I love NMA!

  426. Mi-An Dela Cruz says:

    I would LOVE to try Trance 9. I’m a bit of an underpronator and need slight stability. I also took your survey! Cheers

  427. I’d go with the Defyance 3 shoes. I also completed your survey.

    Love your site!

  428. These shoes look amazing! I just finished completing the survey, hope the feedback helps. If I won I would have to choose..the glycerin 8. Reviews don’t lie and this shoe has some good ones. Would love these to train for my first marathon then triathlon in!

  429. I would love the Mach 11 Spikeless. Keep up the good work and hopefully you got that running Mojo back!

  430. Took the survey…count me twice!

  431. I was going to try Brooks next year when I run to death my Mizuno :). Maybe this is it!

  432. I would want the Glycerin 8’s.

  433. I took the survey also!

  434. Wo! Lots of competition! I would love to have another pair of Brooks Adrenaline..LOVE THEM!

  435. Becca Jones says:

    I would love a pair of Adrenaline ASR 7 they are so neat looking!

  436. I took the survey!

  437. bruno barcelos says:

    also run on defyance for the last 3 pairs, so would / will definitely buy them again, but getting one free would not hurt either
    completed the survey, so put me down for double entry

  438. I’m a very new runner, so I’m not entirely sure which Brooks would be best for me actually. I’d probably need something with a wider toe box and some extra support. Maybe the Brooks Trance 9’s.

    I also took the survey! Thanks!!

  439. funny video – i haven’t seen lost either though so some of it was lost on me…
    I took the survey too!

  440. hey matt, i just saw that your pinole and chia recipe book is mentioned in a runner’s world “other voices” piece. congrats on the exposure!!

  441. I would like to try the women’s trance 9 I have always worn brooks shoes I just love them! And I took your survey! Love you site!

  442. Loved the video! I also did the survey so count me twice! I would love to win the shoes and shorts!

  443. I liked the video overall, however I think it was a little long, so it’s probably good for just an ad video on the Brooks site, but if it were a TV commercial or an interrupting ad on someone else’s site I would find it’s length annoying.

    It was funny though “B.I.L.B.O.” and “S.A.C.” lol.

    P.S. Took your survey too.

  444. I think I would choose the Ghost3. I like the name, plus they come in orange so they’ll match my No Meat Athlete shirt when I get one!

  445. Ok I tweeted this 🙂

  446. This guy looks like someone I know… My uncle Bob.

    PS: Survey completed

  447. I took the survey too. Hope it helps! (Okay really I hope it helps me win!)

  448. Haha – video is fun, 1950’s flare and for some reason, I couldn’t stop watching it. I’d like to try out Brooks Green Silence. Brooks has a long standing reputation of trying to push the boundaries of sustainability for an athletic company and I greatly admire that. They used to be a sponsor in a green race I put on in Charleston SC. The Green Silence would be fun to test out for running durability.. 🙂

  449. Loved the video — but not as much as I love my Brooks. I’m considering trail running, so I’ve been lusting after a pair of Cascadia 5s. Maybe one day soon?????? I’m also new to your blog, so thanks for the chance to weigh in on the survey!

  450. I filled out your survey and would love a chance to win a pair of Ghost 3s 🙂

    And thanks for supporting herbivore runners (and beyond)!

  451. What a great opportunity to try Brooks- I have been meaning to try and replace my Asics for a while, but have always been too scared to blow $100 and not like the shoes.
    I used the shoe advisor and found that the Ravenna (in orange :)) would be best for me! Hope I win!

  452. took the survey!
    Also, would love me some Defyance, but the Glycerins would be great to take for a test drive (usually can’t convince myself to shell out the extra $$$)

  453. Love the site and took the survey. I would like Brooks Ghost 3. I have run in ghost 2 for several years.

  454. I would most definitely choose the Glycerin 8. I haven’t tried Brooks yet and have been running in the same shoe for several years now, but I have toyed around with the idea of Brooks. A free pair just might make me a believer.

    Thanks for the blog. I love having virtual support and reference for myself and those occasions when I have to explain to people that it IS healthy for an endurance runner to be veg. So fantastic!!

  455. Cindy Henderson says:

    I like the Trance9 shoes. Enter me twice because I completed the survey. — Cindy

  456. I’d swing the things back to the Minimalist convo with a pair of Green Silence’s. Those things are Hot!

  457. Alona Banai says:

    Loved the video! and I filled out your survey. But I do have to admit, my favorite shoe is the green silence. I also love the launch!

  458. Whitefire Johansen says:

    I love this site it has helped me out on a few occasions with some great info. The video is great and I have always wanted to see what the hype was about Brooks. I think the style of shoe I would go with is the Racer ST 4 or Green Silence.

  459. I would love to win a pair of brooks shoes. They sponsored the Virginia Beach Rock n Roll HM that I ran in at the beginning of the month. I tried to win shoes there too! I’ve been a nike girl for too long and am ready for a change. I’d love to get my hands on a pair of Trance 9s or Adrenaline GTS10s.

  460. Love the website (especially reading about your road to qualifying for Boston)! Your story is very inspiring.
    If I win, I would pick the Brooks Ravenna! And I took the survey 🙂

  461. I need some new trail shoes so I would be going with the Brooks Adrenaline or Cascadia. Bad video. Good Survey. Thanks Matt for a great site!

  462. definitely the Ravenna 1200581B

  463. Took your survey as well.

  464. That video was a bit weird, but I don’t watch LOST so maybe that’s why I was “LOST.” Non-newtonian substances are great, though. We learned to make ooblik in grade school. If I won this contest I would get the Brooks Trance9. I love Brooks! Also, took the survey.

  465. My current shoes are the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 and I love them so much that I would get them again!

    And I also took your survey!

  466. I am in need of some new running shoes, and I love the Adrenaline GTS 10 – I have a couple pairs now. I’d love to win this contest and save some money!!

    I took the survey!

  467. I run in the Defyance now too and love them–I would choose them again as they fit my feet perfectly.

    I also took the survey just now so I get a double entry!

  468. Filled out the survey!

  469. Hey… could I win? I’d like the neutrals!

  470. i would love the chance to win! I just did the survey. Have never won anything from a blog before, maybe my blog contest luck will change Tuesday!

  471. Thanks… I want some expensive shoes even if I don’t win! I would choose the Defyance 3 which has awesome ratings and my soles look a little worn these days.

    Thanks for the contest!

  472. Video is great. I’m a huge LOST fan.

    I took the survey.

    I would go with the Brooks Launch.

  473. I would love a chance to try out the green silence! Eco-friendly and kind minimalist- sounds good to me 🙂 Thanks for the contest!

    I also filled out the survey.

  474. I filled out your survey, and I would LOVE a pair of Adrenalines… my old ones are worn down and I have a marathon coming up 🙂

  475. I’d get the Women’s Ariel sneaks. Thanks!

  476. I took the survey:)

  477. i didn’t catch the lost references. yet, i pride myself in never having even watched 1 minute of that show.

  478. I filled in the survey. Hope the feedback was useful.

  479. I completed the survey, and I’d be psyched to win the shoes (and of course the shorts too!), I’m running my first marathon in a few weeks and I’ve had a heck of a time finding the perfect shoe..not sure I can fathom spending any more $$$ on another pair. A giveaway would be sweet!

  480. I took the survey. I would want the brooks adrenaline gts 10, even though I already have 2 pairs that are usable.

  481. Fishback Boy says:

    Black Bean Brownies rock!
    Make my Brooks a pair of Cascadia or Ravenna.


  482. Crystal Labor says:

    I’m a neutral girl and I love that the Glycerin is in my category! I also took the survey!

  483. Loved the spoof on Lost and would love to win a new pair of Brooks!

  484. Great contest, great blog!
    I took the survey, btw.

  485. Great video 🙂 I’d go with a pair of the Green Silences. I’ve been lusting after those a bit, I must say.

  486. Took the survey and watched the video – I love lost, so I got a kick out of the dharma training spoof. I’d love to win a pair of Brooks! I’ve heard tons of great things about them, but I haven’t convinced myself to trade up yet.

  487. Derk Thomas says:

    That is a nice Lost spoof. Excellent way to teach someone about their technology.

  488. I am a huge Lostie and thought the video was pretty good… very amusing! I currently run in the Brooks adrenaline so I would want another pair. If they had a support shoe with the DNA technology I would want to try them out. Also, I took the survey. The thought of a free pair of Brooks is definitely enough to cause an accident 😉

  489. Thanks for the drawing! Since I do more fast-paced walking than any other form of distance training, I would likely choose the Trance 9 for its support and cushion.

  490. I took the survey!

    Also, I’d love to try the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 or the Adrenaline ASR 7.

  491. I’ve been dying for a pair of these but haven’t really been able to afford them at the moment. Thanks for this opportunity!

  492. I have my heart set on a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10s.

    And I took the survey!

  493. I like the video ! I am pleased to join you and share my beliefs with you .I’d love to win a pair of Brooks!

  494. What a fun way to learn about the features of Brooks running shoes and the advantages of wearing them! They are versatile enough for short and tall people and for both men and women, all of whom enjoy running. Certainly, much planning, research, lab work, and resourcefulness was put into making the shoes. My feet feel good already by just watching that video,so much that I wish I would win them to wear them in the next race.
    The Adrenaline ASR or Cascadia 5 would be very nice.

  495. By the way, I took the survey too.

  496. Velma Radloff says:

    Although I have never watched “Lost” the video was very entertaining. I could even be persuaded to try Brooks and leave the company whose shoes I have worn since beginning running 13 years ago (I am 73). At this time I cannot afford new running shoes (maybe Santa will be good to me) but would love to try a pair of Brooks Green Silence. I would like to begin to transition from a heel striker to mid or fore-foot and I understand these are the ones to have. Fingers are crossed!!!!!

  497. I’d definitely choose the Adrenaline GTS 11 pair!

  498. Also took the survey…

  499. Leslie Luu says:

    Love the acronym for SAC! Haha. I took the survey as well.

    P.s. Brooks Switch 4 = hope they’re comfy!

  500. Takes me back to those 5th grade science films. I love the Brooks ads/posters with a magic theme too.

    I am happy with the Brooks Adrenaline line, the ASR 7 sounds interesting!

  501. Liz Pagonis says:

    I want to run like an animal in the isoTransitions! I just started tri training and these look like a great shoe to have on during a race. I also took the survey!

  502. Liz Pagonis says:

    I want to run like an animal in the isoTransitions! I just started training for a triathlon and these look like a great shoe to wear during a race. I also took the survey!

  503. Just took the survey

  504. I like the poll to see all this

  505. The ad was logical & had superb concepts in it. But the ad consumes too much time & is not shown in a consumer acceptable way.

  506. Karl Sokol says:

    Def. the Glycerins.

  507. Kerry Martin says:

    I’d definitely get a pair of Ravenna 2’s. I tried them on and loved them. Then decided not to get them because of college tuition.

    Also, I just finished taking your survey as well. Great website, by the way.

  508. Teresa Doten says:

    I can not afford the upper prices at the running shoe specialty stores. I am need of a good, quality pair of running shoes and I know that Brooks makes one of the best in the industry. My Glycerin 9’s are expired and I had to settle for a cheaper version of another brand from a retail store – NOT the same. I would appreciate the consideration!! Thanks.

  509. Definitely the Brooks Ariel or Addiction 10

  510. Took the survey. =D Love the Adrenalines and Ravennas… and the Pure Projects. Brooks just makes a killer shoe.

  511. I think is a little late :=(, but it does not matter, I finished the survey

    I love this shoes!

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