Everyone Welcome (Even “Hipster Vegetarians”)

Leslie, Cathy and Jon at the No Meat Athlete tent after Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona

“So … are you guys, like, real vegetarians? Or just the hipster kind?”

It was 5 AM on a Sunday morning and I hadn’t found a cup of coffee yet. It was far too early for this shit. I looked the stocky dude at the next-door tent up and down.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Well, you know how vegetarians are. You guys probably say you don’t eat meat, and then you go home and eat a whole steak but don’t tell anyone.”

“Well, I don’t know about that, but …”

“Yeah, you just can’t resist bacon, right?” he interrupted.

I smiled politely and walked away in search of coffee.

I shared this story several times on Sunday, January 20, as I congregated with No Meat Athletes at our VIP tent at Rock & Roll Arizona. The response was always the same: an eye-roll and a chuckle of “oh, yeah, I’ve heard that before!”

To outside observers, our tent may have looked like any other team tent. There was a cooler full of water and juice, fruits and breakfast burritos on the table, and a lot of happy people in matching shirts. But for the 47 marathoners, half-marathoners, and mini-marathon finishers in No Meat Athlete shirts, it was something much more.

It was a community.

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Finally — NMA Women’s Tanktops, Cycling Jerseys, & More!

Hello from 24-hour lockdown! I’m in the thick of finishing up the No Meat Athlete book — the manuscript is due Friday, and it looks like the book is still on track to be released this fall. I’m excited; it has turned out really well and I can’t wait to share it with the world. Lots more details to come.

But as you can imagine, this final push to get it done has made it one of those weeks where I have no plans to change out of my pajamas except to run, and even then, certainly no time for a shower. And I’ve left the dogs in charge of babysitting our toddler. (I figured with two dogs for only one kid, that counts as acceptable parenting.)

Anyway, I wanted to quickly post three big pieces of news about the store before I get back to writing.

1. We Finally Have Women’s Tanktops!

Tank you for waiting!

For the past three years, people have asked about women’s tanks just about every time we’ve mentioned No Meat Athlete shirts on Facebook. Well, we finally have them …

Right now, we’ve got extremely limited quantities of two different styles of tanktops. One is a really nifty-looking, racerback-style tank in charcoal color, and the other is a more traditional tank in the same colors (green with white sides) as the men’s version you may have seen.

We only have 5-15 of each size, so I don’t expect them to last past today. But we’re going to try out something new once they’re gone — a pre-order to make sure everyone gets what they want, as long as they order ahead of time. If your size is gone already, you can sign up here to be notified when we’re ready to take pre-orders for the tanks.

Oh yeah, and we’ve also added a black version of the men’s tank. I’m a fan, myself, but perhaps I’m just a tad biased.

2. Cycling Jersey Pre-Order!

Another thing people ask about all the time is cycling jerseys. I’m actually nationally recognized as the country’s 4th or 5th worst cyclist, depending on who you ask, so I didn’t exactly have the fire under my arse that was necessary to get this done.

Thankfully, our lovable Susan Lacke did, and she helped design the shirts and make arrangements with Primal Cycling Apparel to have them print and handle the orders. (Okay, actually Susan did all of that. I didn’t help at all.)

The shirts look amazing, even to this non-cyclist. Without us making a cent on them, they cost 70 dollars from Primal (but people tell me that’s what cycling jerseys go for). If you’d like to get one, visit the Primal page, create your account, and then order before the deadline.

Mega-important note: This is a PRE-ORDER. That means there’s a firm deadline (Saturday, Jan. 26th, at 11:59 PM Eastern), and then it will take 10-12 weeks for the shirts to be printed and shipped. (That puts us in April.)

If it goes well, we’ll bring them back and do this again, but this your only chance to grab a No Meat Athlete cycling jersey for at least a few months. So if you want one, get it here, and before the end of the day on Saturday!

3. A Sale on Everything Else!

And last but not least, we finally got in the big shipment of stuff we’ve been waiting for ever since we ran out of just about everything during our Black Friday sale back in November.

So now through Monday, Jan. 28th, everything in the store, including ebooks like the Marathon Roadmap and the new Marathon Starter Kit (but excluding the new tanks), is marked at 15% off.

Why a sale? Because shirts went so fast in the Black Friday sale that a lot of people didn’t get a chance to take advantage of it before we ran out of everything, and I felt bad about that. So think of this as a make-up sale. And hey, sales are fun, plus it’s nice to get everyone all decked out in NMA stuff before spring race season starts!

Visit the store to take advantage of the sale before it ends on Monday!

Alright, that’s all from me. It’s back to writing, to get this book finished and out the door. 

See you soon! 



My Answers to 3 Questions about Protein, Avoiding Injury, and Vegan Cheese

A few months ago, I posted an interview with my friend Leo from Zen Habits, where we talked about creating healthy habits and his new fitness program, Simple Fitness Habit, which is unique in that it uses the principles of habit change to keep you on track.

As part of the program, each month one of the contributors (of which I’m one) does a live webinar, and another does a Q&A to answer questions submitted by members. This month was my turn for Q&A, and I figured it’d be useful to share some of those questions and my answers here. (Don’t worry, I got the okey-doke from Leo, so I won’t likely get kicked out for this.)

Hope you find my answers helpful!

Q: How much protein is REALLY necessary and what are the best vegan sources? I do find I work out better having eaten some type of meat than when I eat more vegetarian/vegan, but is that because my vegetarian meal is lacking something? Thanks!

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The Paleo Diet for Vegetarians: Your Questions Answered

Post written by Susan Lacke.

Almost immediately after I published my last post, How I Survived for 8 Weeks as a Paleo Vegetarian, my e-mail inbox was flooded with questions.

Though I knew paleo-vegetarianism was topic with few resources, I had no idea of the vast gap between supply and demand! There’s a lot of thirst for knowledge on this very topic of hybridizing the Paleo and vegetarian lifestyles — a thirst I feel slightly inadequate to quench. I’m not an expert on a Paleo diet, by any means, and I’m certainly not the be-all, end-all when it comes to adapting the diet to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

However, a dearth of information sometimes means an overgrowth of misinformation. It seems that many people believe that it’s impossible to combine the Paleo and plant-based lifestyle, solely because there isn’t any information out there on it.

To those naysayers: It’s possible. Here are the answers to some of your questions about my 8-week experiment as a Paleo Vegetarian.

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On Turning Pro

In a post called In Defense of New Year’s Resolutions at the end of last month, I wrote a little bit about my own resolution of conquering the anxiety that effectively ruined much of the second half of 2012 for me. (Or, to take responsibility for it, the anxiety that I employed to mess up the second half of the year for myself.)

It turned out that people were more interested in those few paragraphs than they were in the other 1500 words in the post, so today I’m following up on that topic with some more details. Not so much about my own issues — that’s a bit too self-indulgent for my liking, and probably not universally applicable — but instead, about how I plan to fix them.

And that “how,” I think, is immensely applicable.  Whether you’re an athlete, a mother, an artist, a business person or, well, a human.

The real reason to set goals

I’ve read many times that the real purpose of setting a goal isn’t the achievement of the goal itself. Instead, the reason to set a goal is because of the person you will have to become to achieve it.

On the flip side, I believe that’s also the best place to start making plans to take on the goal. Instead of asking, “What do I need to do to make this goal happen?”, the better question to ask is, “What type of person do I need to become to make this goal happen?”

Conquering anxiety, although my most important goal, is not my only goal. I also set goals for running and fitness, goals for my relationships with my wife, son, and future daughter, and financial and business goals. When I asked myself, for each goal, who I needed to become to make it happen, I found that the answer was the same across all of them.

You need to grow the hell up.

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