How to Run Long (and Strong!)

Distance runners are probably going to get mad at me for saying this, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret about endurance running (and by that, I mean distances of about 10 miles and up).

You simply don’t have to be an incredible athlete to learn how to run long.

iStock 000001382347XSmall 300x199Seriously. Don’t believe me? Go hang out at a half marathon, a marathon, or even an ultramarathon, and look at the people running. Sure, most of them appear to be in decent shape. But they’re regular people.

Some are thin, some are fat. By and large, they’re not superathletes. People who run long are people like you and me.

The marathon has been called “Everyman’s Everest,” and that’s a perfect description. Running a half marathon or a marathon is an incredible accomplishment, no doubt, but it’s not a feat that’s reserved for the genetically-gifted.

Almost anyone who wants to, given enough time, can train their body to run 13.1 or even 26.2 miles.

And that’s what this series of posts is about. It’s designed to show you how to run long and strong, even if you’ve never considered yourself a runner or even an athlete.

You won’t find a lot of training schedules or paces or technical advice about perfect form here. That’s not what running is about for me. What you will find is practical advice to help you train smart, avoid injury, and most importantly, love running.

Just don’t be surprised if you end up doing something pretty kick-ass along the way.

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