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  • This event sounds pretty awesome. As a former high raw foodie, I think you will be ok transitioning into 100% raw for the week considering over half your diet is already raw. Maybe including a few more raw meals leading up to the event would help. I sort of doubt you will have any serious detox like symptoms since your diet is already so clean.
    My daughter would also LOVE this event. Every time we finish dinner she exclaims, “blueberries, strawberries” which is usually her desert. She also geeks out over her smoothies every morning.

  • So glad you’re coming, but bummed we’ll be there different weeks. I think it would be wise to pack extra diapers for your kids because… well I’m sure you understand. Otherwise, you eat pretty clean as it is, you should be well prepared especially if you’re already doing smoothies for breakfast.
    Definitely take advantage of all the waterfront activities. The inflatables are awesome and the unlimited canoeing/SUPing/kayaking is pretty cool too. Other must do’s: Dan McDonald’s nature hikes, Dr. Robert Lockhart’s talks, Dr. Graham’s fitness classes, Chris Kendall’s yoga class.

  • I tested out the fruitarian diet for a few weeks a couple of months ago. There were actually some pretty phenomenal differences I found in myself in only a couple of days (I have an odd skin condition that causes my face to break out and it became perfectly clear, my sense of smell went from good to ridiculous). I did end up detoxing the next morning pretty hard during that time if I even had one beer the night before (and this is coming from a very clean eat to live-style diet previous to the fruitarian switch). I think you’ll be fine, especially if you’ve been sticking to your smoothie + big salad every day before. You could experiment with monomeals (or close to), which I found to be fabulously easy to plan for, filling and digested great. For example, one of my favorite lunches during this time was half to a whole watermelon or a 10-banana smoothie (often with dates and some romaine or spinach). I did feel like I was lacking energy at times (I was consuming next to no fat and zero grains, beans or starchy vegetables) and I really missed my salads, so that’s mostly why I kicked off and went back to a plant-based diet with more variety. Overall it was a great experience! I’m excited to hear what you and your family have to say about it.

  • Being raw fir a week will be a piece if cake for you guys. The main issue that I usually have is not eating enough calories. So just make sure you eat enough which with fruits and greens will be a lot. Add avocadoes and nuts and lots of bananas and you’ll be fine. I often miss chocolate so I’d recommend taking a stash….hehehe

  • Matt, As you know Joe and I eat pretty much as youb do now, so I am interedted in hearing about your week of raw experience. I have done a week of raw before to detox and felt amazing afterwards. I don’t remember ever feeling hungry. Good Luck.

  • Ease your body into it with naturally raw stuff like greens, fruits, and veggies. When I first tried to go raw (although I am not any longer) I made the mistake of eating too many sprouted beans and nuts and grains and not enough fruits and veggies and I had digestive issues quite a bit during the transition.

  • What a great week you have to look forward to! I’ve been vegan for almost a year, am an ultra marathoner, ran 2 100s this year as vegan.
    I think it would be SO much fun to spend a week with like minded people. Although you are the ‘moderate’ one of the bunch, what a great group to spend time with. What a concept-you, the moderate 🙂
    I’d love to find a vegan ultrarunning group to spend a week with-cook, run, eat, vacation…hmm…what a great idea!
    Enjoy yourself.

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