Vote: New NMA Shirt Designs


A few weeks ago we put out a call to the community for new No Meat Athlete shirt designs. And let me just say…

Wow! Just wow.

We received nearly 50 amazing designs, each with their own creative take on what it means to be a No Meat Athlete.

(Have we told you how much we love you lately? Well, we do. We really do.)

The designs were so good we couldn’t choose a winner ourselves. So we’re asking for your help:

Will you vote for your favorite design for our next NMA shirt release?

Update: Keep in mind that the new designs will not replace the standard logo shirts. They aren’t going anywhere! Our goal is to continue adding to the designs already available so you can find the perfect shirt to fit your style.

The Contestants

As a team, we narrowed it down to three contenders for this first round. Now you have a chance to pick your favorite. Based on the results, we’ll select a winner for an upcoming release.

Important note: The T-shirt colors are just examples. You’re voting on the design, not the shirt color or cut. We’ll likely offer a variety of colors and cuts all with the same design.

Option 1: Fruits and Veggies!

This design was created by the amazing Meagan Buratto.


Option 2: Ka-Pow!

This design was created by the amazing Pete Reynolds.


Option 3: No Harm!

This design was created by the amazing John Gandy.


Which is Your Favorite?

Deadline to vote is Wednesday, September 12.

Thank you for the help!

Want to Submit a Design of Your Own?

Have a design in mind, but didn’t submit it for this first round? No problem! We’re accepting designs on an ongoing basis, and will release new community designs regularly. Click here for details.



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  1. John Shipley says:

    Can’t wait for the new shirts. Any idea when they will be available?

  2. Bring back the running carrot!!!

  3. I am going to vote for the first one-Fruits and Veggies. I love the creativity with all of the names of beloved plants. Awesome job!

  4. I love number 3!! Let me know when it’s available!!

  5. Rosie Croggon says:

    Absolutely love the first one!

  6. I think it’s cool that you opened it up to your audience for input. So here’s my 2 cents worth-
    I prefer the original design with the running carrot and Runs on plants.
    Because it’s funny, and simple. I for one, never buy tees that have all those words on the front with sayings – it’s a fad, and most of the time they are just stupid and play to the lower vibrations. Plus, I dont want to read people’s clothing. That’s why I like the running carrot. It’s novel and cute and funny.
    Matt, stick with what works! If you do decide to go with any of those 3 designs please continue to offer the original.
    Thanks for reading and good luck. !

    • Lorina Visico says:

      I agree with this post 100%!
      Runs on Plants and the running carrot…they’re straight forward..simple and gets the message across easily. Not busy in the eye…easy to read

  7. Leesa K Briones says:

    I loved all the designs – they’re all brilliant! I could hardly choose one! If I could choose one to wear, I would probably just go with the running carrot too. Can there be more than one?

  8. Constance Hoffman says:

    I agree with Lynn. I hate reading t-shirts and spending so much time looking at someone’s chest. The more simple the design is, the better. I LOVED the running carrot. I voted for #3.

  9. Ashley Renee says:

    These are great, but can I still vote for that original, running carrot? A logo like that is much more likely to stick in people’s minds anyway, and it perfectly embodies this community!

  10. Really hard to pick just one but I like #2 easy to read

  11. Paul Donald says:

    I like all the designs. None of theme are really a logo though. So they aren’t competition for the carrot ???

  12. Love them all! 2 is the guy ??

  13. Jennifer Klim says:

    I chose the first one because it really took some time and thought but I like the original design best. I hope you continue to offer it!

  14. Andrew Rohrbacher says:

    I would not wear ANY of these designs in an event or on the podium. They are not representative of me as an athlete or an individual. Option 1 is too complicated. It is nearly impossible to read No Meat Athlete in mess of other words. Option 2 is too cartoonish and does not look professional. Option 3 is too political. I wear the No Meat Athlete logo to encourage curiosity and dialogue. This design only encourages negative emotions and stereotypes.

    I like the existing design. It is no confrontational, simple and clear. The Runs On Plants tagline makes people smile (c’mon, it’s funny/nerdy) and makes a great hashtag for body marking and social media.

    Also, BRING BACK THE RUNNING CARROT. (see above)

  15. chris coyle west says:

    Love the carrot – the new designs are too busy – too many words or lacking in identifiable images.

  16. Katherine Keen says:

    That first shirt that was like a crossword puzzle revealing the NoMeatAthlete theme was excellent work! I hope to see that in print. The others deserve printing, too!
    It is just that I love the revelation in the crossword puzzle like style. It was well done!

  17. I voted for number 3. I have to agree that I love the simplicity of the running carrot, but would actually like to see more options involving a carrot athlete. Like a carrot lifting weights, a carrot doing yoga, a carrot playing different sports, etc. Also with different lettering for “No Meat Athlete” that would go with more colours and looks more artistic/refined/professional. I’m having trouble finding the right words, sorry!

  18. No 2.

  19. Lorina Visico says:

    I voted for the 3rd one but not really too crazy about it. I prefer the original carrot design…the Orange carrot is great…runs on Plants is great…keep the original please even if you decide on a new design. I have the blue racer back and it always gets great comments…keep what’s working please. Thanks.

  20. Well… as long as we are keeping the running carrot ?… I ❤️ #1 whether it’s THE design or not I would totally just wear a shirt like that everywhere. It should be an option anyway in my opinion. It is an awful lot of wording for a race shirt though.

  21. I like #1 with all the veggie names on it.

  22. #1 is a shirt I’d wear for everyday use, not necessarily for a race/event. It’s difficult to read and “no meat athlete” really doesn’t stand out.

    #2 is the easiest to read, and I’d probably wear it for anything…everyday, race, etc.

    #3 is a little too “vegan” and I’d be afraid to reinforce negative stereotypes by wearing it.

    I like the running carrot too and would like to see a full restock on colors/sizes in the shop! Do any of the three new designs have text on the back? Sometimes during a race, text on the back can be just as visible and eye-catching as text on the front.

  23. I ask myself “On an out and back racecourse, which design can someone coming towards me read and understand in under 1 second while we’re both running?”
    So I pick #2 by default but would like any and all 3 for casual tees.

  24. Love these and I for one don’t love the running carrot. Yes it’s simple and striking but it also plays into what omnivores think plant-based food is… ie rabbit food 🙁

  25. Shannon Dixon says:

    Love the concept of the first one but I did not see the “no meat athlete” part at first. Seems like the colors don’t show enough in the midst of all those letters.

  26. Hi. I like them all, but I vote for #3, with #1 a close second. 🙂

  27. Love #1! Can’t wait to wear it!

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