Complement Vegan Vitamin Spray

As low as $0.65 per day*

Vitamins and Nutrients: B12, D3 and EPA/DHA Omega-3s

Convenient spray form: spray directly in your mouth or use to fortify your meals, smoothies, salads...

Dosage: 5 sprays per day (1ml), 60 servings per bottle

These are fresh nutrients, so best stored in fridge

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1 Bottle - 2 Month Supply

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Complement™ combines — all in one place — the three essential nutrients that are missing from a typical, whole food plant-based diet:

B12, D3 and DHA Omega-3s.

It's everything you need to complement your diet, and nothing you don't.


Whole plants are a phenomenal source of almost every vitamin and mineral you need to thrive.

That's almost.

But as good as they are, even the most well-rounded plant-based diet may be missing a few important micronutrients: Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, and long-chain Omega-3s like DHA or EPA.

(And if you're wondering, no, it's not because you're not eating meat. It's because these nutrients come from bacteria, the sun's rays, and algae — things we do not always consume a lot of.)

But when you eat a well-rounded plant-based diet, you're already getting most of the nutrients provided in a large multivitamin, and there's no ready to supplement with vitamins and minerals you're already getting in abundance through your food. 

In fact, with all the fillers and unnecessary mega-doses most multivitamins contain, it's quite possible they do more harm than good.


Instead, complement. Complement your plant-based diet with only the essential nutrients that might be missing.

And nothing else.

We took those three nutrients — nothing more, nothing less — and put them in a bottle to ensure the health and happiness of every member in the plant-based community.

The Complement™ formula is the purest possible form of these nutrients — without the fillers, additives, and excipients found in many pills.

Why a spray? So you can easily "fortify your own food" in order to maximize absorption. Simply add your daily serving of Complement™ to salad, a smoothie, or any other food you wish to fortify.

Made with our Friends and Family in mind
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Suggested Use: Ages 12 or over take 1ml per day (5 sprays), directly in mouth or preferably on food.

WARNINGS: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Pregnant or nursing mothers, or if under medical care, consult a health practitioner prior to use.

DOES NOT CONTAIN: milk, egg, corn, fish, peanuts, shellfish, soy, gluten or wheat.

Recent Customer Reviews from

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(Indianapolis,  US)

Superb product.

Quality and transparency - two pivotal factors that help me decide what type of supplements I'm looking for to empower my active vegan lifestyle. Complement is fully transparent with their ingredients, which are of amazing quality, and what's perfect about this spray is that it's just what you need, not a bunch of extra fillers for the sake of cramming a bunch of hard-to-pronounce words on a tiny bottle. I was previously juggling numerous pills and such to get my Vitamin D3, B12, and Omegas, and this spray makes life MUCH easier. 5 stars and up for Complement!

Lynn C.
(Windermere, US)

I love using complement.

Easy to take while standing with the fridge door open while getting out the ingredients for a,morning,smoothie, I take 5 quick pumps of complement beneath my tongue and I'm on my way. It tastes great. I can't say that I feel noticeable differences, however I do have peace of mind knowing that I am getting a clean , daily dose of Vit D3, B12, and dha/epa.

Lisa L.
(Carmel, US)

High Quality Products and Great Customer Service

100% satisfied with their products and CSD. They are ethical, transparent and source and the highest quality ingredients.

Vince-Ann M.

Highly recommended

Great product fills the gap in my plant based diet all in one bottle! A recommendation of my friend JP . So a double win!!

Kevin H. 
(Atlanta, US)

Love Love Love it.

It is a great product and serves a great purpose. Especially for a vegan.

John C.

Great product for vegan nutritional insurance, highly recommended.

Heather Van T.
(Burnaby, US)


I love how easy it is too spray on my food. It makes me happy to know that I am getting so many key nutrients. Thanks!

Anne C.
(Asheville, US)

Easy Peasy

I enjoy the simplicity of this product. It's easy to take and contains only the most important nutrients to complement my plant-based diet. They made an update to the flavor which, for me, greatly improved palatability of this product. It has a pleasant citrus-orange flavor I can now take straight. The liquid formulation proves to be most cost effective than pill-form as well. I'm very happy with this product and hope to keep this as a part of my routine for years to come.

Patricia P.
(Walnut Creek, US)

Pleasantly surprised how this has made a difference in my diet.

Definitely noticing a difference in how I am feeling. More energy, less brain fog,a sense of wellbeing, and I like the zest flavor it adds to my breakfast!