No Meat Athlete Grows Up!

Well, I’ve been maintaining this blog for just over two weeks.  Up until now, the blog has been hosted at, where anyone can literally set up and start writing a blog in ten minutes (which I highly recommend if that seems fun to you).  Though there’s not much flexibility at, I initially thought it would be fine for my purposes of sharing a few vegetarian recipes and training tips.  But the number of visitors to the page and amount of positive feedback have been overwhelming, for which I am endlessly thankful.  I’ve decided that in the interest of growing the blog and moving toward the idea of a community, the time is right to move to self-hosting.  So No-Meat Athlete is no longer part of

What does this mean for you, the reader?  Not all that much yet.  Of course the site looks a little different, and it will probably change a few more times as I try out different themes.  Also, you might have noticed that even if you were typing “” to get to the blog, your browser was being automatically redirected to “”  Not so anymore; now your address bar should say simply “”  But most importantly, there are a lot of new features and widgets that I can now add to the sidebar and elsewhere to create a better experience for everyone.

It will take some time for me to get comfortable with the programming required to take advantage of the new customization potential, so hang in there!  If, for example, I have trouble uploading a picture or video, a post might be delayed by a day or two.  But don’t give up on me; keep checking back!  I can promise that within a few days, the improved appearance and functionality of the blog will be worth whatever growing pains there are.

Finally, if you thought I was pushing for comments before, you ain’t seen nothing yet!  Now is when I really need your feedback.  Let me know what you love, like, and hate about the new format.  Make suggestions that you’ve seen on other blogs or are envisioning in your head.  Virtually anything can be changed: text sizes, fonts, colors, backgrounds, photos, layout, sidebars, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  I’m really excited about what this blog can become, and it whatever that is will be so much better with your help!

And before you get mad that today’s post is just this techno-babble, relax.  I’ll be posting last night’s meal, Orange-Glazed Salmon Fillets with Rosemary, later today.




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  1. Mr No-Meat,

    This isn’t a comment on the new site really, although it is a little more eye pleasing. I know we spoke about this when you first started this blog, but i’m still struggling with lunch ideas. I’d like to see some ideas for people who work in an office with no real kitchen (microwave and toaster). You did suggest using the leftovers which is a great idea. We seem to eat the entire meal everytime so leftovers haven’t really existed yet. Welp, any ideas or is it back to turkey sandwiches and pringles?

    • Pete, when I tried to go veg a year ago, it was because I was so sick of eating deli meat sandwiches for lunch. Deli meat is pretty bad for you and kind of gross anyway. But I really haven’t found many good vegetarian lunch-to-go options. Maybe some other readers can give us some advice. I’ll twitter it and see what people say.

      I’ve done a lot of veggie wraps recently; they are not bad if you add a healthy dressing, and actually can be filling. But they get boring, they don’t have much protein, and they are a lot of work to make every day if you want a variety of vegetables. You can add some feta cheese to the wrap or nuts on the side for a little more protein, but they’re still boring.

      If you can microwave black beans, you could make a burrito some days. I’ve done that and it’s decent. That’s the best I’ve got for now.

    • Pete, very tepid response from the Twitterers about vegetarian lunch options. Salads and hummus sandwiches were all I got. So I’ll keep looking out for lunch ideas. Maybe I should have a blog contest or something to see who can submit the best idea. If only I had prizes…

  2. Ta-dah! An upgraded site! I like the lighter background better. The pictures look a little dark on top of the gray for some reason. That shouldn’t effect the picture brightness, should it?

    And, I’m confused. What do I do to make sure I see the updates and comment notices in my email? And will I be able to just click and comment the same way?

    I know… I’m still computer-ly challenged.

  3. One more thing- how do we add little thumbnail pictures next to our comments? Thanks! By the way, I really enjoyed the coconut oil blog yesterday! Christine and I thought it was funny!

    • I don’t know too much about the RSS stuff, but I’ll work on that soon. I can definitely do an email subscription feed; I don’t know about the comments.

      I also need to make it so that the comments are in a hierarchy, so that if I reply to a comment (like I am now) it will appear as a reply to that specific comment (which this won’t yet).

      As for the colors, I think I’m going to change the background color since it’s a little drab. I’ll also see if I can edit photos to brighten them. Anyone know how to do this without buying expensive software? I don’t know anything about photo editing.

  4. I think if you get a ID, upload a photo, and log in (there’s a link on my site for this under “Meta”), then you’ll have your own picture next to your comment. The site isn’t part of now, it’s part of, but I think the user ID’s work for both.

  5. Jenna McD says:

    I’m proud of you, you blogger you. I am not a big internet reader, but I do enjoy visiting your site from time to time to see what you crazy kids are up to. I like how your blog definitely fits your personality. Every entry I read, I can just picture you saying (I thoroughly enjoyed the onion video, you should have demonstrated the 5-second rule pick-up and kept going, that’s what i do). I am definitely going to try some of your non-tofu recipes. I married a meat and potatoes kind of guy but still try to cook healthy. When I do cook healthy he’s been complaining of ‘lack of flavor’ so I’m going to try some of your recipes and if there are any complaints I can know blame this guy called “no meat athlete, aka: Matt Frazier” Love you guys, keep it goin. -Jenanana (hey!)

    • Thanks Jenna; I’m glad you like the blog and that you can tell I’m being genuine when I write it. And this comment wouldn’t be genuine without saying some kind of mean thing about you. So…I bet the reason Jonathan doesn’t like your meals is that you’re a terrible cook!

      But thanks for reading and especially for commenting.

  6. christine says:

    Congrats on the jump! How bout a share-on-facebook button?

  7. Great idea Chris. I’ll add that to my list. But I expect everyone to use it once it’s up!

  8. I really like the new color scheme! But I don’t get notices any longer in my email of comments left on the site. Is there a way to get notified of that?

    By the way, Kelley told me she looks forward to reading this blog every day! She says she laughs out loud at your sense of humor!

  9. Thanks, I really like the blue too. That green-beige was just too dull! I really don’t know how you can get comments updates by email, just the posts by filling in the form at the top of the page. Maybe if you click “Comments RSS” under “Meta” you might be able to figure something out. In the meantime, you can check the “Recent Comments” section on the right sidebar and find new ones that way.

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