Three Days Without Coffee and Still Kickin’

Reader 30-Day Challenges

Wow, my innocent query “What change do YOU need to make for the next 30 days?” has inspired quite a few of you to join me in this challenge!  Here’s what we have so far:

  • I’m giving up coffee
  • Christine is starting the Core Performance Essentials program, a fitness plan that I really like
  • VeggieRunnr (from Veggie Runnr) is giving up cheese (and has encouraged her readers to take the challenge! See her post about it.)
  • Holly (from The Healthy Everythingtarian) is going to reduce the amount of coffee she drinks
  • Colleen and Joel are giving up soda
  • Jeffrey is going big and giving up soda, alcohol, chips and cookies!
  • Krys (from Two Vegan Boys) is giving up coffee
  • Katherine (from A Runner Wife’s Life) is giving up dessert
  • Pete (of guest post fame) is giving up all caffeine and running a 5k
  • Angie is giving up all red meat, pork, and poultry, and exercising 3o mins/day (wow!)
  • Laura is going to walk a mile and run four flights of stairs each day (change doesn’t have to mean giving something up)
  • My mother is going to limit herself to 1200 calories per day (I really need to get her eating plan together so she can stop this self-torture!)
  • Nicole (from Goddess of Everything) is giving up emotional eating, and mentioned this challenge on her blog

[Green tea photo]A lot of good is happening here, people!  I started three days ago, VeggieRunnr started when she aborted her plans for pizza a few days ago, and I’m not sure if the rest of you have started.  If not, why not make your official start right now? Don’t wait!  How many times have you heard someone say “I’m not smoking anymore after this pack is done”?  If you have to wait, then you don’t really want to change.  Start now!  Need extra motivation to stick with it?  Brag about your blogosphere fame by showing this post to as many people as you can, so that you’ll never hear the end of it if you wimp out on your commitment (“Share on Facebook,” hint, hint)!  This is the way to make it a “must,” not a “should.”  And for you stragglers, it’s still not too late; just leave a comment with your 30-day commitment and I’ll add you to the list.

I’m doing just fine without the coffee, though of course I still crave it.  I’ve been drinking loose green tea, which (according to my extensive and official internet research) has about one-eighth the caffeine content of coffee.  And trust me, I don’t drink nearly as much green tea as I did coffee, so my caffeine intake is a tiny fraction of what it was.  Hooray for change!  This morning I had my tea with some Wasa crispbreads and almond butter.

[Crispbreads with almond butter photo]

Eat ‘n’ Run

Erin and I made smoky black bean and cheddar burritos with baby spinach last night, our first repeated dinner since I started this blog over two months ago.  This approachable meal was one of the first that a lot of readers tried, and everyone who makes it seems to love it.  Especially with those toasted pepitas!

Interestingly, someone commented that the tortillas I used back then actually contain lard, which, in addition to being an animal product, has the virtue of being disgusting.  This time I bought lard-free (actually, vegan) Nature’s Promise Organic Whole Wheat Tortillas.  Their ingredient list is so much shorter than that of any other tortilla brand I saw.  I love Nature’s Promise stuff!  And it’s the Giant organic store brand, so it’s cheap too.

I went for an easy seven-mile run on the trail yesterday, foregoing my track workout since my half marathon is Sunday and my knee doesn’t need that kind of abuse.  It felt tight for the first minute or two of the run, but after that everything was completely fine.  In the spirit of taking it easy, I didn’t bring a watch, iPod, or heart rate monitor.  Unplugging once in a while is good for the runner’s soul.

I must say I’m getting nervous about my race on Sunday. I suppose it’s because I just haven’t logged in that many good runs with all the rest I’ve given to my knee.  And I really wonder how it’s going to hold up to my pushing it hard over rolling hills for 13.1 miles.  Or how I’m going to hold up.  I worry about overestimating my fitness level and going out way too fast.  But that’s just how I am; I can’t pace myself for anything less than a personal best.  If I’m not shooting for something great, then I’d just as soon stay in bed on Sunday morning.



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  1. Good luck with the half marathon on Sunday. I am training for another half marathon. It is in October. I did my first 1/2 last year and my first marathon last yearas well. I love the 1/2 much better. The training isn’t as crazy. But I can at least say I did one marathon in my lifetime and I did it pregnant with our second child. I was in the first trimester, but I was determined to do it. I had trained way to hard not to. My goal is at least one 1/2 marathon a year, if not more. And to take the boys in the double jogger with me.
    I gave up coffee over the weekend. After having a stomach bug, I didn’t drink it for several days and felt compelled to continue to stay on the wagon. I have been drinking breakfast tea. So I have joined you in the “no coffee” guest.
    And yes the comment my friend’s aunt made, really annoyed me. It is funny how people just feel the need to challenge vegetarians. I didn’t start with her on the meat issue. Ignorance is bliss, it is very obvious in her case.
    Hope you have a lovely day.

    Krys’s last blog post..

  2. Today marks day 30 of not having coffee so I guess its a good day to start a new challenge. I will renew for another 30 days and also go for no caffeine. But, since thats already been done, I need to add something. So, I’ll commit to running a 5k next weekend.

  3. Good luck with your race on Sunday! I’m glad you enjoyed your trail run – so nice to have a break from pounding the concrete, and I’m convinced trail runs are good for the soul, as well as the body.

    I would love to participate in the challenge by giving up dessert for 30 days. For the next 30 days, I will eat dinner but will stop after that, no snacks or desserts for me!

    Katherine’s last blog post..Holy Salsamole!

  4. Hi there! I’ve been happily inspired by your blog and the many changes your readers have committed to so I will also state publicly my intent to change for the better. I’m currently observing #meatlessmonday but I will for the next 30 days commit to not eat any red meat, pork or poultry whatsoever (once i’m confident enough, I’ll phase out fish too). I will also commit to exercise each day for 30 minutes with the intent to begin training for a marathon in October. It’s always been a lifelong goal and I feel that this is the year my knee will be able to handle the task. Thank you for the awesome recipes & for challenging me! 🙂

  5. Laura says:

    haven’t given anything up (that was something i started months ago) but i started walking a mile at lunch daily, plus stair runs before i leave work (4 flights of stairs = just enough for my knee to start hurting).

  6. Krys, Pete, Katherine, Angie, Laura: I added you to the post, with links where applicable. Congratulations on your commitments; keep us posted on how you’re doing.

  7. I have been wanting so badly to lose the extra 15 lbs I added over the last year or so. I think this 30 day challenge is just the right time! I commit to an eating plan of healthy meals of under 1200 calories per day. I am confident that I can do that for 30 days and I will be so, so happy with the final results! Keep in mind that 1200 calories to my body is much different than to younger readers. That pesky age factor really DOES slow the metabolism (even with a lot of physical movement it seems) and it is much harder to maintain the same body shape.

  8. If you’ve made it to Day 3 without any major upheavals, you’re probably good to go! Giving up coffee is such a worthwhile gift to yourself!

    Good luck with the race!

  9. I’ve just committed myself to 30 days of no emotional eating! And good luck with your race, I’m sure things will be just fine!

    Nicole’s last blog post..Blech

  10. Cool, another veggie athlete!

    I gave up caffeine about a month ago, and it’s awesome (was hard for a while, though!). I’ve just started drinking something called teechino–a chicory-root beverage that tastes a lot like coffee but without the bitterness–and love it!

    Jen’s last blog post..move over, tofutti cuties!

    • I tried Teechino once a little while ago and didn’t like it, but maybe the problem is because I like coffee without sugar or milk. So I found Teechino really doesn’t taste much like coffee when it’s black. Maybe I should give it another try during this month.

      I like your blog name… the phrase I put on the back of my shirt was “Runs on plants.” Not too different!

  11. I am so amazed that an avid coffee drinker could make it without coffee. I haven’t taken the plunge yet, but am reading stories of those who have so I can get the courage to quit. It’s killing me slowly and I hate being addicted to it!

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