The Missing Link(s)

I mentioned earlier this week that I skipped my weekend link post so that I could take the time to respond to all your magnificent (and truly appreciated) comments on my Boston Marathon post.

But with the feedback on the new weekend link posts having been so great, I didn’t want to completely skip it this week.   For that reason, I’ve got a little mid-week special for you!

But first…

No Meat Athletes representin’

If you’ve tried to order a No Meat Athlete shirt in the past few weeks, you probably got a nasty “out of stock” message.

Well, no more.  We just got in a big shipment, so they’re available again.  But seriously, we’re still doing this out of our house, so when I say “big,” I mean “not entirely pathetic.”  Which means they’ll run out again soon, so if you want one, now’s the time to get it, before they’re gone again for another few weeks.

Readers have been sending me some great shots of themselves wearing their NMA shirts at races recently, so I figured I’d share a few with you today.  How great is this first one?

Natalie in front of the Trevi Fountain at the Rome Marathon

Tricia after her first half marathon, in La Jolla

Carolyn on her way to a PR in her first half marathon as a vegan, in Santa Cruz

Brian running an ultra in the Houston area

Vaala, taking the NMA lifestyle to the water

Carrie at the Worst Day of the the Year urban ride in Portland, OR

Grace after the Dallas RNR Half Marathon, where she even got nice comments from Beef Council supporters

Eileen in front of the Queen Mary ship at her first half marathon, in Long Beach

Vinda at the 5K Rock the Parkway in Kansas City

Katherine after her first half marathon, the National Half in DC

Thanks guys, for sending those in!

Now, I realize the NMA audience might be more female than male, but only one image of a dude?  In the words of the immortal DMX, “Where my dogs at?”  Come on fellas, send me those photos!

Anyway, if you’d like to make sure you get a shirt this time around, you shouldn’t wait.  Go here and grab yours so you can show it off at summer races.

The Links!

Alright, a bit delayed, but here we go!  Just three this week, but that just means you’ll have lots of time to check them all out. 🙂

Make Your Own Energy Chews (With Chia Seeds!) — Midpack Runner

You might remember Tim from the chia-seed energy gel he made and guest-posted on No Meat Athlete a month or two ago.  Well, apparently Tim’s a master at incorporating chia into homemade energy food, because he’s done it again — this time, with chews.  I’ve always found chews much easier to stomach than gels, at least when it comes to commercial versions, so I’m digging this.

How to Be a Vegetarian Marathoner — An Interview with Matt Frazier — Strength Running

I guess one could call one a tool for linking to an interview of oneself, but I ain’t too proud!  The reason I’m linking to this (short) interview with Jason from Strength Running is because Jason’s questions were great.  He asked me about qualifying for Boston, the difficulties of being a vegetarian runner, an interesting angle on “where do you get your protein,” and more.  (By the way, Jason is what I consider a “serious” runner — 2:44 marathon PR!  Download his free “52 Workouts” ebook while you’re there.)

Five Myths About Vegans — The Washington Post

Credit to Susan for finding this piece.  Boy, I wish there was more mainstream press like this about veganism.

Alright, that’s it for today.  I’m off to do the first track workout of many, on my new mission to get my ass back to Boston (which I’m guessing will take a 3-hour marathon under the new qualifying system).  Philly in November, perhaps?



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  1. Thanks for including me Matt! Great interview answers! 🙂

  2. Yay for veggie runners!
    I ordered a shirt this morning as soon as I got an email saying my size was in stock. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will arrive before Saturday’s marathon.

  3. I think all the guys are scared to post a photo when they know Brian’s bloody nipples place him in the upper echelons of badassery. The Ironman tattoo on his thigh just seals the deal. That’s a tough act to follow. 🙂

    • Too funny. I had been thinking that myself. Now where did I put that red food dye?

      I may not be excited about bloody nipples, but I am psyched to make the links this week. And you’ll be happy to know that the chews are all natural, and contain no animal products (gelatin’s out, agar is in).

      Thanks for the mention, Matt! 😀

  4. PS. Run Philly! I’m running it too (hopefully!)

  5. Thank you for sharing the chia recipe. I love chia seeds and really appreciate new ways to us them.

  6. Great links! I’ve always wanted one of your shirts too. My fiance said to set a goal and when I met it to buy a shirt. Hmmm. I hope they stay in stock long enough! Do you have any info on the sizes? I know women’s sizes tend to run small, so I’m not sure what size to order.

  7. Paul Shultz says:

    Dear Matt,
    Philly is an awesome race. Sign up now to do it for cheap!!!

  8. Just got mine! Can’t wait to wear it this summer!

  9. Will your shirt come in any other colors in the near future? I would love one–I just hate white!

    • Colleen, I’m not quite sure, but I hope so. Right now we’re looking at adding a few new styles and some other things like stickers, and I’m going to look into other colors too.

  10. I have to represent my running crew at races, so I wear my team’s singlet. But in the LA Marathon this year, I did personalize my race bib with “VEGAN DUDE.” It was pretty awesome how many shoutouts I got.

    • Yeah people really do show their support for vegans during races! I’m always surprised, not just by spectators, but by runners who come up from behind me and ask me about my diet or tell me that they’re vegan/vegetarian too.

  11. Jon Weisblatt says:

    Hey Matt,
    I want to buy a sirt and I even have my $10 coupon from when I bought your book, but I don’t know if I’m worthy yet, as I still have the occasional piece of fish every couple months or so and my wife makes killer nachos (she has hot yet tried the Daiya vegan cheese) and I did eat a piece of pizza the other day. So I’m maybe 90-95% vegan. Does that qualify? I don’t want to misrepresent to my Homeyboyz. If/when I qualify for a shirt, I promise to send a pic. I wish they had a website called chunkyshortmarathoner.

    • Hey Jon, just look at it as supporting the site! It’s okay to wear jersey from your local team even if you’re not a pro athlete, right? Seriously though, lots of non-vegan vegetarians wear the shirt and read the site (I wasn’t vegan until a month or two ago). And a lot of people would disagree with me, but I think vegetarian better describes someone who eats a piece of fish every couple of months than pescetarian does, since someone who eats fish every single day is still pescetarian.

  12. Awesome photos! I live near La Jolla, I want to meet Tricia 🙂 I’ve yet to see any other No Meat Athletes at races in San Diego!

    That “5 Myths about Vegans” article is awesome. Great link round-up!

  13. I haven’t seen these t shirt posts before, how awesome!

    You guys represent! 🙂

  14. I’m looking to order one but I was wondering if you had any info on the sizes? thanks!

  15. Amanda says:

    I saw a guy wearing your shirt at the OKC Memorial Marathon yesterday, running the half, but didn’t think to get a pictire. I did, however, yell out like a big goober, “hey, no meat athlete!” Ha ha. 🙂

    • Haha. That’s cool, lots of people yell that when I wear the shirt too… and I’m sure most of them have never heard of the site before. But it still helps me keep going!

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