The Best Stuff I Read Last Week

Well, it’s only my second “weekend links” post, and already I’m running late on it.  But technically, it’s still the weekend for four more hours, so I can only consider this a win.

Here we go…get those clicking fingers ready.

Vegan 101: The Ethics of Veganism – JL Goes Vegan

When I went vegan last week, I told you that I really wasn’t into writing about ethical issues on No Meat Athlete.  Thankfully, other people are into that, and Gena from Choosing Raw is one of the best I know at doing it in a casual, non-preachy manner.  There’s a lot to think about here, but if you’re intrigued about veganism or even vegetarianism, this guest post of Gena’s on JL Goes Vegan is a great place to start.

Why Your Fears Won’t Come True — Raptitude

Ever since I read Poke the Box a few weeks ago, I’ve been really big on this idea of giving fear the middle finger and just doing stuff that scares you.  After all, when I look at people who are in a place I’d like to be, it appears that’s the difference between them and me.

David, the author of Raptitude, commented on my “going vegan” post last week and had some interesting stuff to say about his own experiment with (and subsequent adoption of) veganism.  His posts are very well thought-out and well written, which I really like.  (Unlike the trashy linkbait you’ll find gracing the pages of NMA. :))  Read his stuff; it’s good.

Business Funding Through Kickstarter (Bearded Bros Organic Treats Inside!) — Ridiculously Extraordinary

This is a video where Karol interviews the guys behind Bearded Brothers, a brand new raw vegan energy bar company.  Caleb, one of the two guys who started the company, has been an online friend of mine for a while now, and I finally got to meet him in Austin when he came to my little vegetarian meetup.  He’s good people.  (I tried a few of the energy bars too — also good people.)

A lot of you mentioned wanting to start businesses in your comments on my Poke the Box post; Kickstarter is a really innovative option to check out for funding.  It worked for Bearded Brothers!  You can get a good overview of how it works in the video, plus a Bearded Brothers coupon code in Karol’s post.

These 150 Calories Go Straight to Your Bulging Belly…at the Rate of 1 Pound Per Week —

I wish this post would have been called “What Happens to Your Body When You Drink a Can of Soda,” because it probably would have gotten read more that way (though I guess 187,000 views isn’t so bad).

Nobody will be surprised to learn that soda is horrible, but if you’re having trouble kicking the habit, maybe reading this will increase your perceived grossness of it.

DC Blogger Meetup

I drove down to DC yesterday to catch the end of the National Marathon and Half Marathon, and hung out afterward with a few bloggers at Sweetgreen for lunch.  Evan, Anne, and Sana all ran; Gena and I just sort of ate.  There was a much bigger meetup at night, but I had to get home for a beer-brewing date with some pals.  Here we are at Sweetgreen!



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  1. Thanks for the heads up about the article about what pop does to you and how it metabolizes inside one’s body. Several folks that I know dropped 10-15 lbs after they quit pop b/c they stopped consuming all those empty calories.

  2. Matt – I’ve been a vegan for 6 years, a long-distance runner for about 2 years, and have followed you since Running Shorts on T/S. I’m glad that you’ve committed to veganism and are willing to call some attention to the ethical component of it. Scott Jurek, to my knowledge – likely wanting to avoid controversy/conflict – never has really discussed the ethics of veganism, and it’s a shame: more animal-friendly athletes should broach the subject. So don’t shy away from it, and screw it if you alienate a few along the way.

    • That’s interesting…I know Scott is at least very motivated by the environmental aspect, and often that goes along with the ethical/compassion aspect of veganism. Maybe in his new book he’ll talk about it some; I’d be interested as well.

      One reason I don’t write about it much is because I don’t feel all that educated in it. As a newish vegetarian/vegan and one who devotes more time to nutrition, I haven’t done the reading or thinking about the issues that some others have.

  3. Yay for running in DC – I came down from NYC to run the halfsie yesterday! And, partially thanks to re-reading your post on how to ruin your race, I PRed!

    Thanks for the links 🙂

  4. What a meetup! I love all those bloggers. Gena is going to kill you for that first picture (though she IS gorgeous as always).

  5. That’s right, I’m going to kill you. MATT!

    If it weren’t so fun to hang out, I’d be more pissed.

  6. Thanks for mentioning Gena’s guest post in the Vegan 101 series. Her post has generated incredible discussion and has certainly given me much to consider as a new-ish vegan (let’s just say she’s had such an influence on me that yesterday I decided to sponsor the sweetest goat ever at the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary!)

    Loved the meet-up pics! So nice to see some of my favorite bloggers all together!

    • It’s a great post; I’m glad you convinced her to write it! Funny that you sponsored a goat; Gena just told me she sponsored a pig. (And I had the pleasure of hanging out with her immediately after her visit with it, when she was still dirty and smelly. Ok, not smelly.)

      But seriously, I think that’s awesome of you two.

  7. I love these link posts, because it introduces me to others who are blogging about things that are so relevant to my life right now, like David from Raptitude. Last week it was Karol.

    • That’s great Hanlie! I was worried they’d seem like a lame way of publishing something on the weekend, but I really like doing them. Also, it makes me keep up on reading what other people are doing.

  8. It was great seeing you again yesterday, Matt! 🙂

    • You too, Anne. Congrats on your PR! One of these days I’m going to come check out some veg-friendly cities in North Carolina so we’ll have to hang out again then.

  9. Thanks for the link to JL Goes Vegan, that was an amazing article. Completely changed my way of thinking.

  10. It is nice to see your face Matt, you look so young!

    • Yes, young is one thing I do look. I hated it growing up but I guess now it’s sort of good! You’re not confusing me with Evan, right? He’s only 20. I’m the one in the middle of the group shot.

  11. I love this feature — I never would have stumbled across these links on my own!

    You look so healthy and vibrant and happy. 🙂

  12. Thanks for these new weekend link posts Matt. While you’ve upped my reading list considerably 🙂 you have assembled an interesting variety of material that I would have otherwise sought out. Congrats too on your veganism!

    • Thanks, Tawney. As I told Hanlie above, I’m happy to hear that people like this type of post. I like having something to write about on the weekend, and it sounds like people are digging the links.

      Veganism is great so far! Very easy; I haven’t really even noticed a difference in what I can eat yet. (Then again, I haven’t gone out to eat except to the salad place in DC.)

  13. sorry! that’s wouldn’t have otherwise sought out…

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