A Tale of Two No Meat Athlete Shirts

Without a doubt, my favorite part of this gig is hearing stories like this one, from first-time marathoner Scott. We posted it on Facebook earlier, but I wanted to share it here too.

Scott and Felipe


On Sunday I ran my first marathon, and I wanted to thank you. 15 miles in, my knee started hurting; by 20 miles I thought I was never going to finish. Somehow I dug deep and hobbled my way to mile 25.

As I was half running, half limping, I came upon a fellow runner wearing a No Meat Athlete shirt named Felipe. He was walking, so I slowed down to compliment him on his shirt. As soon as he saw my shirt, he stopped walking and started running with me, and explained he had tweaked his knee a few miles back and couldn’t find the motivation to start running again, until we met. We ran the last mile all out together and crossed the finish line with arms raised and proud of our shirts and accomplishment.

Thank you for bringing together runners that share a common thread, your shirts helped me and Felipe share the last push across the finish line together.


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P.S. — Did you hear Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona is offering a discount on registration for No Meat Athlete readers? We’ll have a tent at the finish, too, with vegan treats for anyone who shows up in their NMA shirt. Check it out here.



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  1. I LOVE this story! It’s high time I get my shirt Matt! I’m all ready a running advertisement for a plant based diet!!!

  2. Chad Bower says:

    Hey Matt,

    What brand are your shirts, where do you get them from? Are they technical fabric?


    • Hey Chad. All the running shirts are made by A4; technical fabric. We’ve also got everyday-type shirts from Anvil Sustainable that are 50% cotton, 50% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. I wouldn’t wear those for a race, but I like them for the gym. If you go to http://store.nomeatathlete.com you’ll see all the info.

  3. I LOVE this story. Thanks for sharing it. Runners are such amazing people and When I read something like this, it makes me so happy to count myself a part of that community!

  4. Love this!! Runners totally rock and no meat runners rock even harder!

  5. Hi! I love this site and I am running the Rock and Roll Half in AZ! Will you be there?

  6. Oh so cool! Love finding instant friends…just add carrots 🙂

  7. Stories like this are so fun. I wear my NMA to every race I do and love all the conversations that come out of it. Funny how it seems to be easier to chat with someone wearing a running carrot rather than “I just did it”.
    My nickname on course has become “Runs on plants” thanks to the slogan on the shirt which took me a bit to figure out. Proud to be known that way though.

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