7 Simple, Healthy Links

There’s nothing like a weekend of debauchery to get you inspired to be ultra-healthy.

I was in Atlantic City all weekend being a complete idiot with friends at a bachelor party.  I did a nice job of avoiding caffeine, a gambling-weekend staple for me, but something tells me that the double-digit beers each day may have offset whatever benefits that brought me.

So, having scratched the gambling-and-mass-drinking itch for a while, I’m feeling particularly excited about being healthy and doing cool things unrelated to gambling and mass-drinking.  I figured today would be a good day to pass on a few links that I’ve found inspiring over the past week or two.  Enjoy them.

7 Simple and Healthy Links

21 Simplicity Tips from the World’s Most Popular Bloggersfrom livesimp.ly.

This might be the first time I’ve been called one of the “World’s Most” anything, so of course I had to share it with you.

Lots of good stuff here from big names in the blogosphere, like Leo Babauta, Chris Guillebeau, Everett Bogue, and Glen Allsopp. In other words, I have no business being on this list.  My contribution, though, is something that really has helped me get the most out of the time I spend exercising, so check it out.

Stress-Free Vegan Travel (or How to Stay Sane While Traveling on a Vegan Diet)from Ridiculously Extraordinary.

1) This is a really useful guide to eating well on the road, which is hard enough when you’re not vegetarian or vegan, and becomes ten times harder when you are.

2) There’s a cool Buddhism theme to it, that of not rejecting any food that someone else prepares for you.  It’s strikingly similar to something I read in Anthony Bourdain’s new book, Medium Raw, where he trashes vegetarians for having the nerve to turn down dinner at a friend’s house because it contains meat.  Bourdain is actually an animal lover and isn’t totally anti-vegetarian, so it’s interesting to consider this perspective.

Cook a Super Healthy Meal in One Pot in Twenty Minutesfrom Tynan.

Just a neat, oh-so-simple meal with endless variations, from a perpetual traveler with lots of inspiring posts (and he’s vegan).  Depending on the grain you use, 20 minutes might be a little optimistic, but this recipe is a nice reminder that with just a tiny bit of planning, you can prepare extremely healthy food simply, quickly, and dirt-cheaply.

The Best Goal is No Goal – from Zen Habits.

Since I’m a big fan of goal-setting, I thought I wouldn’t like this one.  But then I read it and found that I agreed with a lot of the points Leo makes.

10 Essential Food and Fitness Habitsfrom Zen to Fitness.

The headline reminds me of the type of article that Men’s Health and similar magazines manage to regurgitate every single month, but it’s not that.  The tips here are more Michael-Pollan-esque, sort of alternative but very appealing in their simplicity and soundness.

What Alicia Silverstone Feeds Her Dogsfrom the Kind Life.

Actress Alicia Silverstone has a new vegan diet book called The Kind Diet (Amazon affiliate link).  It’s actually really good, making “vegan” seem a whole lot less scary.

This post from her blog is one of those inconvenient truths: Most dog food is junk.  I’m guilty of still feeding my dogs Iams, turning a blind eye to the ingredient list and even accusations of animal cruelty, instead of doing the research to find a healthy, animal-friendly dog food that I can afford.  Alicia gets a little more involved with it than I can imagine doing, but her post has made me want to change brands, at the very least.

Sweet Potato Chickpea Burgersfrom Choosing Raw.

Can’t say whether these are good or not, but my sister (and now-famous inventor of homemade vegan bacon) says the use of chickpea flour to keep the burgers from being mushy is genius.  So we bought the ingredients and are making them this week.  Most of Gena’s food is raw, so I’m excited to try a non-raw meal that meets her nutrition standards.

Start your week with these posts and feel better about whatever stupid stuff you did this weekend!



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  1. Yay! Thrilled you’re making the burgers. I found that my proportions had to be slightly different both times I made them (ie, different amounts of flax and flour) to be just the right consistency for baking or frying, so feel free to make slight adjustments.

  2. The sweet potato chickpea burgers sound really good. Please update us on how they come out. I love Gena’s recipes. Just made her granola bars and they are so delicious. 🙂 And glad you are back to “all about being healthy”!! love reading your blog.

  3. Thanks for the shout Matt! Glad you liked that article. 🙂

  4. I liked that zen habits post as well. I saved it for further reflection, since I vacillate between setting goals and not. It seems there must be a middle way between goal setting as planning, and living in the moment, but I haven’t found it yet.

  5. Congrats on being a “world’s best”!
    I really enjoyed the thoughts on eating a non-vegetarian meal if you were served it. I once was served a piece of chicken at a dinner party where everyone else was eating steak since I “didn’t eat meat.” I felt bad turning it down and ate enough to make me look grateful. I agree that being a vegetarian is gray, not black or white.

  6. Great selection of links. Love Karol Gajda’s suggestions!

  7. love this post! it’s a great compilation. those burgers look tasty … I’ll have to try them sometime.

    also, for what it’s worth, I feed my dog Wellness dog food. he loves it, it minimizes waste, and has the best ingredients I’ve found among the pet store brands. I still have to do more research on other brands though …

  8. Hey Matt!

    Sounds like you had a fun/crazy weekend with your friends! Now that you’re excited to get healthy and motivated, I have a suggestion for you 🙂 My fiance, who is a vegetarian, decided to take a challenge and go vegan for the next month to see if it made a difference in how he felt and athletic performance! What do you think of trying a month completely vegan, and see if that makes you feel healthier/cleansed or more energetic? I’m also asking for selfish reasons, it would be cool for my fiance to have someone athletic and creative in the
    kitchen(and a guy!) trying out the same thing! Thoughts?

    • Amanda, it’s as if you read my mind. I’ve gotten much closer to a vegan diet recently, avoiding cheese most of the time, never using it at home and eating it only when it’s convenient (like when I’m in AC and all there is for me to eat is pizza). I was thinking that a 30-day test would be the way to try it.

      I’m thinking the month of September is good, gives me some time to plan it. Maybe I’ll ask readers to do it with me. Thanks for the nudge!

      • Asking readers to try it out with you sounds like a great idea! Plus my birthday is in September and I can’t think of a better present than knowing my favorite blogger and some of his readers are taking on the challenge and enjoying delicious vegan dishes for a month!

  9. Thanks for the links. I am about to travel to D.C. so I liked the one about traveling as a vegan. Does your sister with the vegan bacon recipe (which I plan to try when I return from my trip) have a blog. Yes, Matt, it is now time to take the leap to being a vegan. Do give yourself at least the 30 days. After years as an unhealthy vegetarian, this year as a vegan has been the healthiest, most energetic and vital time of my life — and I will be 60 next week. Take the leap.

  10. aahh, is your sister’s blog, Choosing Raw?
    If so, I just subscribed. thanks you guys.

    • Hey Ann, Choosing Raw is my friend Gena’s site, not my sister’s. (It’s a great site, though!) My sister writes for No Meat Athlete on Wednesdays, when she does a weekly recipe post.

  11. Really great links! I’m traveling again this weekend and it’s super-helpful. Thanks so much.

  12. Love your suggestion in the “21 simplicity tips” article. I ran w/o my ipod this morning (for safety purposes–it was still dark and wet outside) and found that I love hearing the crickets – nature’s music!

  13. great list of links-thank you so much for sharing!

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