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Yesterday’s track workout was noticeably easier than the previous week’s, and how could it not have been?  Four half-mile repeats with two minutes of rest after each, as opposed to three one-mile repeats with only a minute rest after each.  And accordingly, I came much closer to the goal time.  The half-miles were supposed to be run in 2:52 each; I managed 2:52 for the first, 2:53 for the second, and 2:56 for the final two.  Not perfect, but darn close.  Definitely exhausting.  It seems like I can actually feel my lungs stretching out and getting stronger during these workouts, though I’m sure I’m making that one up.

The fact that I’m just a little bit short of hitting the goal time for each track workout makes me wonder if I would be better off with a slower workout (say, the track workout from the 3:15 marathon program instead of 3:10).  If I were to do that, I could complete each workout perfectly.  This would make me happy during workouts and immediately after, but here’s the problem.  If I’m hitting the target on every workout, then there’s no way to objectively measure the improvements in my fitness level.  I could consider how I’m feeling after each, but I think I prefer to measure my progress with numbers, specifically with how far off I am from the target pace.  And most importantly, my goal isn’t to run a 3:15 marathon.  It’s to qualify for Boston, and that takes a 3:10.  End of argument.

With a little prodding from my cousin who is just starting to enjoy running races, Erin and I signed up a few days ago to run a 5k with her next weekend, July 5th.  It’s at the beach, which means two good things: no hills, and beer at the end.  Of course, this means our 4th of July carousing with have to be reigned in a little, but I’m really looking forward to the race.  And it will be interesting to see if I can PR, having just established a decent one a few weeks ago.


No new recipe to share today; last night we ate whole wheat linguine with fire-roasted tomatoes and chickpeas, from the early days of my blog.   So I guess if you’re new to my blog, then it is a new recipe.  I think it turned out even more prettier than last time:

[tomato pasta photo]

Delicious again, though I wasn’t entirely happy with the tomatoes I got from the grocery store.  Yet another argument for seasonal eating.  I’ll have to wait until midsummer when they’re in season here to make this again.

Before we ate that, we had an arugula salad with some of the leftover dressing from Tuesday’s chickpea, carrot and parsley salad.  It was an arugula kind of night, which is just fine by me, since if I were to power-rank my leafy greens, arugula would come in numero uno.

[arugula photo]

But don’t be fooled into thinking that we eat like angels all the time.  This week we’ve done some serious damage to a tub of wildberry gelato that we bought for Father’s Day dinner.  Linus seems a bit indignant, doesn’t he?  Along with the gelato, we had some incredibly tasty Bittersweetness FEED granola.

[gelato photo]

[linus gelato photo]

[feed bittersweetness photo]


And with that I am off to my second favorite place in the country, fabulous Atlantic City, NJ! Ok, maybe fabulous is a stretch.  But as a lover of all things random, I’m never happier than when I’m gambling (except on my wedding day, Erin).

It’s just a quick trip, but for tomorrow’s post you’ll again be in the flour-dusted hands of Christine for Sweet-Tooth Friday.  And it’s a good one; my favorite STF post yet.  All week, Erin and I have been eating a plateful of the goodies that she brought for us to sample, and I can tell you they’re awesome!  But you’ll have to check back tomorrow to find out what they are.

Wish me luck in A.C., Papa needs a new pair of Brooks!



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  1. Have fun in Atlantic City. I think you are getting very close to hitting your paces in track workouts so wouldn’t change a thing. If you were far off, maybe, but you are obviously almost there, and there is a big difference in a 3:15 and 3:10 when a 3:15 means no Boston.
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Never Ending Rain =-.

  2. I recommend not basing your workouts on your target marathon time, especially if you aren’t at that level of fitness yet.

    Run a 5k, find what level of fitness you are at now, train your workouts at that level, and then in a few weeks run another 5k or do a time trial of some sort. Adjust your workouts accordingly based on your new level of fitness.

    That way you are constantly improving without burning yourself out.

    Good luck in Atlantic City; I considered running the marathon there until I looked at the course.
    .-= Blaine Moore´s last blog ..2009 Weekly Back Cove Race Series » Week 7 =-.

    • Blaine, good point about basing the workouts on recent race times. Based on the 5k I did a few weeks ago, my marathon equivalent is around 3:05 (from a chart in Daniels’ Running Formula), so in theory I’m at the correct level of workouts. It’s just that the track workouts are for some reason much more difficult than the others for me. But I’m not missing the paces by too much, so this is probably the right pace for me.

  3. The fire roasted tomatoes look outstanding. What a tasty dish! Have fun in Atlantic City! My husband and I aren’t huge gamblers, but we can’t get enough of Vegas for some reason. Must be the vibe and I haven’t been to AC, but I’m sure its a ton o’ fun too.

    • AC is definitely a ton of fun, as long as you don’t leave the casinos! Whereas Vegas has a lot going on even if you don’t gamble, AC is pretty much a hole. But I still like it 🙂

  4. What does PR mean? Personal Record? Public Relations for the blog?

    I remember making this fire roasted tomato and chickpea pasta and being really surprised about using canola oil instead of olive. Now I have one of those glass oil bottles with a spout that holds the canola oil- when it’s that convenient, I don’t reach for the olive every time out of laziness! Plus I stopped blowing through the expensive olive oil as quickly.

    • PR means Personal Record. But saying “personal record” sounds stupid, so people say PR.

      Yeah canola is much cheaper than olive oil. I found a canola/olive blend that I’m really happy with. I think the flavor is even better than pure olive oil.

  5. Wow, that pasta looks delicious! I’m definitely trying that!
    .-= Hanlie´s last blog ..A little bit of this & a little bit of that =-.

  6. Stick with the 3:10 plan. Your speed will get there, you aren’t too far off. Keep working hard!

    Good luck in AC. Win big.
    .-= diana´s last blog ..Heat! and Father’s Day =-.

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