Running Your First Marathon? Stick With Me.

Sure, you could go download one of those basic marathon training schedules. They tell you how many miles to run each day, and that’s really what it’s all about, right?

But running a marathon is about more than just running. It’s about setting the right goals, making sure you get the proper nutrition, doing the right kind of cross-training, resting when your body needs it the most. A generic schedule won’t get you there.

But I will. I’ll give you the workouts. I’ll teach you what to eat to maximize your nutrition and speed your recovery. I’ll give you the recipes. I’ll tell you what to expect on race day. I can even help you avoid injuries.

You might call it magic. I call it the No Meat Athlete Marathon Roadmap.

“You need to have a plan –- a map, if you will –- to get through a run of this distance. And for that, I highly recommend the Marathon Roadmap. It covers all the pitfalls to ensure you won’t make them.”

-Brendan Brazier, vegan professional Ironman triathlete, bestselling author of Thrive, formulator of Vega natural sports nutrition line

Just add determination.

You don’t need to be a super-athlete, you don’t need to count calories, and you don’t need fancy gadgets. All you need is our Roadmap and some drive, and we can get you across the finish line feeling strong and satisfied. And you’ll have time left over to devote to your job, your family, and anything else important to you, even at the peak of your training.

“A few years ago, I couldn’t even run one mile … the Marathon Roadmap helped me go the distance, and if it worked for me, it can work for anyone!”

-Wendy Fry, Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon finisher

Take it from the experts.

When you use the Roadmap, you’re benefiting from all of my experience—that’s 10 years of research, of trying different diets, of experimenting with different workouts, all refined into one simple system.

But there’s more. You’ll also hear from experts like Brendan Brazier, Richard Roll, and four other vegan and vegetarian athletes, all at the top of their game, and all with a wealth of knowledge garnered from years of experience. And it’s all at your fingertips.

Finally—a complete marathon training guide, for vegetarians, by vegetarians.

“I never thought I could run a marathon … the Roadmap is what did it for me.”

-Tom Giammalvo, 3:48:10 in Cape Cod Marathon

Here’s how it works:

Download the Roadmap, and you get everything you need to take you through your first marathon.

The guide.

Your main information source, broken into four main sections:

The mental game—how to set your goal, choose the right race, and stay committed.
Smart training—how to build up your mileage and fitness while minimizing the risk of injury.
The vegetarian marathon training diet—the foods you should eat to ensure that your plant-based diet is an advantage, not a hindrance (with special emphasis on what to eat before, during, and after your workouts).
Conquering the race itself—every last detail you need to know about the crucial days leading up to the marathon, including a comprehensive race walkthrough, so you’ll feel confident at the starting line and know what to expect at every mile.

“This book takes you deep into everything you will need to know to get it done right – from goal setting, to training to diet/nutrition and all the way through the race, it is an outstanding and very comprehensive primer. Soup to nuts – its all in there. A must read!”

-Rich Roll, author of Finding Ultra and one of Men’s Fitness Magazine’s “25 Fittest Guys in the World” in 2009

The training plan.

The 18-week program—exactly what to do for every workout, so there’s no confusion about what to do on what day.
An optional 6-week base-building plan—in case you need help building your weekly mileage before you start the 18-week program.
Five types of running workouts—how to train different systems to ensure all-around fitness, so you’ll cross the finish line strong.
Customizable training—guidelines for adjusting the plan to meet your particular fitness needs.
Built-in recovery—prevent injuries by giving your muscles time to rebuild.
Three-week taper—ensures you’ll arrive at the starting line feeling fresh, light, and ready.

“The Marathon Roadmap is an amazing resource! It has a truly effective plan that not only helped me survive my first marathon but also helped me do it well. I ran my marathon in July and not only did I run it without injury but I felt surprisingly strong at the end — so strong that I have already signed up for my next marathon! The Roadmap is an easy-to-follow plan that never is too punishing on your body.”

-Jose Sanchez, 3:33 in the Tijuana Marathon

The diet.

A two-week meal plan—follow it exactly, or use it as a framework.
17 recipes—all easy, all with vegan options, all perfect for marathon training.

The oh-so-important extras.

A goal-setting worksheet—Commit yourself and follow through.
Three shopping lists—one for each week of the meal plan, plus the everyday essentials.
What to pack—a checklist ensuring you won’t forget anything on race day.
What to bring—What you need (and what your spectators need) at the race itself.

We’re not done yet.

Download the Roadmap, and you also get instant access to my interviews with six of the top vegan and vegetarian athletes.

Brendan Brazier, former professional Ironman triathlete, author of Thrive: The Vegan Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life and Thrive Foods.
• Learn why a plant-based diet is optimal for recovery, how strength training can improve your running efficiency, the problem with whey protein powder (plus some better alternatives), and how better nutrition can give you more time in your day.

Matt Ruscigno, vegan Registered Dietitian who worked with Veganomicon author Isa Chandra Moscowitz on her most recent book, Appetite for Reduction; three-time finisher of the Furnace Creek 508, a 508-mile solo bike race through Death Valley.
• Discover the one time of day athletes must eat, how much protein you really need (and in what ratio with carbs and fats), and how to avoid common mistakes first-time marathoners make.

Richard Roll, vegan ultra-endurance athlete named one of 2009′s 25 Fittest Guys in the World by Men’s Fitness Magazine; competed in the 2008 and 2009 Ultraman World Championships; completed 5 Ironman-distance triathlons in less than a week; author of Finding Ultra.
• Rich talks about why he focuses on “high-vibrating foods” (and what that really means), why you don’t need to count calories or track nutrients, and the best investment you can make in your marathon training.

Ed Roshitsh, vegetarian athlete attempting to run across the entire United States (that’s 300 miles per week!).
• Learn Ed’s favorite vegetarian protein sources (not soy), the food he eats for energy (not carbohydrates), and the exercise he swears by to training his body to run on “borrowed energy.”

Robyn Flores, vegan runner training to run more than 114 miles on a treadmill in 24 hours, breaking the American record.
• Listen as Robin tells how going vegetarian got her off medication, improved her energy and helped her kick an eating disorder, her tips for getting enough protein, and how she balances her training with having a family.

Scott Spitz, vegan marathoner with a PR of 2:25:55.
• Learn the importance of a taper period, how to get all the nutrition you need without counting calories, and what a typical day of training looks like for Scott.

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That means you have no excuse — no excuse not to commit yourself to the life-changing journey of running your first marathon.

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P.S. Even if you decide the Marathon Roadmap isn’t for you, I sincerely hope you make your marathon happen somehow. The decision can change your life! If you’ve made it this far down the page, it’s obvious that some part of you really wants to be a marathoner — so do something to commit yourself while you’re inspired, whether it’s with my program or not.