Where Do You Get Your Protein?

tris di legumi in ciotola su fondo legno

For 91 episodes of No Meat Athlete Radio, we refrained from talking about protein. It’s almost as if we wanted to prove a point.

I wish this had been intentional. But maybe the fact that it wasn’t makes the point even more strongly: protein really just never came up when we brainstormed ideas for topics.

But although longtime vegans and vegetarians know that protein just isn’t the issue most people make it out to be, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have the conversation. If the protein hang-up prevents most people from giving a plant-based lifestyle a chance, then it’s worth talking about.

So here it is: the protein episode.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

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  1. Byron Friday says:

    Fantastic and very valuable episode gentleman.

  2. For many years I have gone ahead and both followed and promoted with my family and friends a philosophy that say a plant based diet is both better for humans and out world environment. I am 79 year old and fairly healthy except for some diseases of old age – but I have restricted my diet intake of meat and fish and promoted whenever I can joining a great majority of the world who eat very little animal or fish protein. Americans have been fixated on our beef cookouts and holiday grilled meals that too many of us don’t realize there is an alternative, We pay the consequences also in our health related disease. i still eat some chicken, turkey, etc poultry dinners and love eggs and cheese in moderte amounts but as I grow older my body responds with gratitude with plant based protein meals. Rev.Antoinette Pezet

  3. The “Where do you get your protein” audio was fantastic! I have never given much thought into how much protein that I get from whole foods that aren’t considered protein “sources”. This has made me totally re-thinking my way of eating! Thanks for another great podcast!!

  4. Helen Hart says:

    I am 56 years old . I am slowly moving to a plant based diet. I want to grow old graceful.

  5. There was some talk about smoothies. I have to recommend Katy Petalsky’s 365 Vegan Smoothies book 🙂

  6. World_runner says:

    Doug mentioned that he now takes a multi vitamin. Which one and why did you decide to start taking one? Also what should one look for in a vitamin to support a vegetarian marathon training routine ?

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