The No Meat Athlete “Diet”?


If you want to make your changes last, flexibility is key. A firm commitment might help at first, but without a little wiggle room, it’s nearly impossible to turn healthy eating into a lasting lifestyle, as opposed to just a “diet” (we all know how those turn out).

But if there were an official “No Meat Athlete Diet,” these 10 guidelines would be it. Guidelines for how to eat healthy on a daily basis, with enough room for spontaneity to make it sustainable for the long term.

In today’s episode, Doug and I discuss those healthy eating guidelines, and exactly why building in that flexibility is important.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • The pros and cons of “dieting”
  • Are smoothies healthy?
  • Why you have to be cooking your own food
  • Variety in diet — is it as important as everyone says?
  • How to get by without a $400 blender

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  1. the Qalo discount code isn’t working

  2. Regarding blenders, I am a huge fan of the stick blender. Mine is Cuisinart brand and I’ve had it for 6 years now (I can’t remember how much I paid, but less than $50). Makes smoothies like a dream. Because you hold it, it’s just so easy to blend up ice or frozen chunks or other really thick stuff. Also works great for soups b/c you can blend right in the pot. Especially great for someone on a budget and/or with not a lot of storage space. And so easy to clean. I’ve since inherited a high-speed blender but don’t even use it. Stick blender 4 life!

  3. Sweet potatoes are awesome!

  4. Hi

    Just looking at resources to maintain weight on a vegan diet since becoming vegan the weight is falling off .. Want to still maintain my fitness without losing the weight

    Any guidance appreciated

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