Vegan Bodybuilder Robert Cheeke, On the Shift from Processed Food to Whole Plants



Several years ago I met Robert Cheeke for the first time at the DC VegFest, after hearing him speak about the motivation and commitment which so obviously came through in his physique. I was deeply inspired by his words and sheer passion for this compassionate lifestyle, and since then it’s been my pleasure to come to call Robert a friend.

But a lot has changed about Robert since that first meeting. For starters, he no longer scarfs down massive amounts of tofu-dogs, opting instead for fresh, whole foods as often as possible. In today’s episode, we talk about Robert’s new book, Shred It, and how his new philosophy around food has changed the way he fuels his pursuit of fitness goals.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • How Robert went from tofu-dogs to whole plants
  • Bodybuilding on a plant-based diet
  • The 70-15-15 whole foods ratio, and where to get your calories
  • Meeting Matt and Robert on the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise

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  1. I listened to this podcast (first one) and enjoyed it. My question is, you spent some time during the interview talking about asking people to track what they are eating to build awareness and honesty of what they are actually eating. I’m looking for a good system to use to do this myself — do you have any recommendations for food diaries that are easy to use and accurate? Thanks very much…


    • Abolade Tayo says:

      Hi Jennifer ,a food diary is easy to keep,you don’t need any special book,I have been keeping one for several years now,all you got to do,is get a notebook,the size is up to you.Each day your heading will be, the date example-Monday 6th April 2015,then whatever you consume,food ,drink etc you note the time , example 7:15 am 2 glasses of freshly juiced red apples/green grapes/strawberries, and whatever else you consume for the day you take note,as simple as that.Also on the day you exercise you put a note to the top (EX). I am on a 100 % Raw plant food nutritional program,that doesn’t say you cannot eat lightly cooked plant foods,regarding protein,hemp seed is a rich source of complete proteins,I wish you the best,incidentally ,I am on no meat for nearly 40 years and I feel fine,thank you,Tayo.

  2. He couldn’t be vegan. Everybody knows he couldn’t possibly get enough protein. 🙂


  3. You guys asked what people do that average a high step count per day. I average about 17k a day and I typically hit 10,000 steps by 10 am which works out to 5.25 miles. I work as a construction superintendent so I’m constantly walking around. Plus I’m sure once the weather breaks in Boston and I start biking, running, and swimming outside my step counts will be even higher. I hit 24,000 steps (11.25 miles) yesterday and that’s without any running.

  4. Valerie says:

    A little late to the conversation, but just listening to this now (very insightful!) Speaking of steps per day, I average about 25,000/day which I started reaching when I made the decision to walk to and from work every day (about 4 miles each way). In addition to that I exercise either morning or evening which varies from running to yoga to kickboxing, but certainly adds to the step count. That and walking the dog a few times a day!

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