The Foods Worth Eating Every Single Day



Superfood lists are as common on healthy living blogs as Zen Habits references are on this podcast, but rarely do they show you how to actually incorporate those foods into your diet. In this episode, Doug and I talk about the healthy foods we try to eat every single day, why they are important parts of our diet, and how we eat them.

These aren’t crazy foods you have to travel to the mountains of Peru to harvest. Instead, the foods included on this list can be found in any grocery store. Just the way we like.

Think we left off one of your favorite superfoods? Let us know.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • G-BOMBS, what they are and how to knock out several in one meal
  • Where to get plant-based iron
  • Drinks worth drinking every day
  • Our favorite fatty food (that some vegans will not eat)

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