The Healthiest Habits You’ve Probably Never Thought Of



Over the past few episodes, we talked a lot about setting major goals. Today, Doug and I shift that conversation to zero, or near zero, friction habits that you can start implementing right now.

Naysayers like to point out that New Year’s resolutions never stick, and while it’s true that they don’t have the best track record, it doesn’t mean that January 1st isn’t a great time to start working on new habits. Our goal with today’s podcast is to share a few of our favorite healthy habits, and the tools you need to make them last.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Becoming the type of person you want to be
  • Setting an anchor habit
  • How keeping a journal can impact habit change
  • Healthy, zero friction habits you can start implementing today
  • How to make habit changes that stick

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