What It Means to Be a Vegan Runner



For Doug and I growing up, neither of us particularly cared about health or fitness. We weren’t runners, and we both ate plenty of junk. While we came to find running and the plant-based diet through two completely different ways, our stories begin to converge on what those lifestyles mean to us now.

In today’s episode of No Meat Athlete Radio, Doug and I get a little personal by sharing our stories, discussing what it means to be a vegan runner, and predicting where the two will take us moving forward. Our hope is that you can learn from, or relate to our stories, as you continue down your own path.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Listener questions: vegan sandwiches and breakfast alternatives
  • A slow transition to health and fitness
  • Knowing when it’s time to start that transition
  • Having a strong reason why, before doing something big
  • What it means to identify as a vegan
  • What it means to identify as a runner

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  1. Reading back the ridiculous Google Voice transcription reminded me of when Paul F. Tompkins used to do “Google Voice Theater” on his podcast where he and other comedians would recite Google Voice transcriptions live on stage. Funny stuff.

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