Plant-Based Travel and the Power of Connection with Karol Gajda



When I was vegetarian, thinking about going vegan, I had this massive fear that being vegan meant I could never eat out or travel ever again. After all, what would I eat if I were to go to Italy or traveling through France? But then I read a post by this guy named Karol Gajda, who was vegan, working for himself, and traveling all over the world without issue.

That’s when I realized that hey, if this guy could do it and travel all the time, so could I with only a few trips scheduled each year. And I decided to go vegan. Of course now I know those worries aren’t nearly as big a problem as I once thought, but it’s thoughts like those that keep people from taking the step towards a plant-based diet every day.

In today’s podcast, I invited Karol Gajda, the guy who convinced me to go vegan and someone I now work with regularly, on for a fun interview. He shares tips for being a world traveler while on a plant-based diet, and how the internet has allowed him to live wherever he wants.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Eating a vegan diet while traveling the world
  • When is it OK to be flexible in your eating decision
  • How a plan and accountability got Karol to run his first half marathon
  • Commitment and working through times of struggle
  • The No Meat Athlete Black Friday Bundle Sale

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