Christy Morgan — From Blissful Chef to Vegan Bodybuilder



For years, Christy Morgan has been known as the Blissful Chef. Her macrobiotic vegan cookbook, Blissful Bites, is one I really like and use now and then for a super-clean meal.

But recently, Christy took her career plant-based cooking world in an unexpected direction, becoming interested in powerlifting, bodybuilding, and fitness in general. Now a Certified Personal Trainier, Christy has rebranded herself as the Blissful and Fit Chef, and sat down with us to talk about her transformation from chef to trainer — and how her approach to healthy plant-based cooking has fit into both.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Macrobiotic foods and why it’s now part of the mainstream
  • How Christy eats to train for bodybuilding and powerlifting
  • Women and muscle building, why Christy is on a mission to change conventional thinking
  • Definition Magazine, strength and training for plant-powered ladies
  • How to get started with bodybuilding

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