Scott Spitz: Vegan Inspiration through Achievement and Adversity

scott-finalScott Spitz is one of those people in the vegan community whom everybody seems to know and love.

When we first met online back in 2010, and Scott gave his support to No Meat Athlete by contributing an interview to the Marathon Roadmap, he was hard at work on a huge personal goal: to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Trials. Scott was a 2:25 marathoner and passionate ethical vegan, which together made for a story that was plenty interesting and inspiring.

Then last year, his story took a sudden and unexpected turn. Scott was diagnosed with a rare type of abdominal cancer, forcing him to quit his job and turn in his racing singlet while he undergoes treatment and recovery.

I’ve kept up with Scott through his blog and Facebook feed, and have been nothing short of astonished by the poise and courage with which he handles all that a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment must bring. Observing the way Scott carries himself has inspired me tremendously, and I’m happy to share his story and remarkable attitude with you on the podcast.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Scott’s history as an elite runner
  • How cancer has changed Scott’s outlook on life
  • The problems with viewing veganism as a cure-all diet
  • Scott’s empowering definition of success
  • The value of living life in the moment

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