How to Lose 5 Pounds Without Changing Your Whole Life

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I want to lose five pounds. Not because I need to for health reasons, but because for as long as I can remember, I’ve had a little extra weight that I just can’t seem to drop. Even with a regular running routine, plant-based diet, and all-around healthy lifestyle, those pesky few pounds stick around.

So the question is, how can I lose five pounds without totally changing my life? I’m not interested in a crash diet, and I want to drop the weight in a sustainable, healthy way.

In today’s episode I pose that question to Matt, and together we formulate a plan for how to lose those final few pounds without completely disrupting my life and eating habits.

Here’s just some of what we talk about in this episode:

  • Intermittent fasting … what is it?
  • Why counting calories (for a few days) might help
  • Should I stop drinking beer?
  • Reducing oil intake
  • Nuts … and why I want to keep them in my diet

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  1. Some feedback for which you solicited in this episode:

    Please keep mixing your more content-heavy episodes and interviews with regular ol’ BSing. You two are a delight together, and I would be bummed to miss out on your personal tragedies and triumphs (Race reports! Children updates! Why is there poison ivy there?!!).

  2. Enjoyed the transparency in the “loose 5 pounds” episode.
    I’ve naturally done intermittent fasting just because I often do not like to eat early in the morning. I think longer-term the timeline of eating shouldn’t be so strict. I often will eat once I regain my hunger after a run in the morning. Sometimes that occurs around 9am, other times its closer to 11. On the weekends if I go for a scramble or a longer “workout” I might not eat until 1pm. There are times I’ll have an apple on a longer workout and then have a good meal when I am done. All in all it is training the body to process fat and to have a break from digesting food, whilst still listening to its needs. My hope is you can get to the point where you still give the body digestive breaks without sacrificing athletic performance.

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