Tony Robbins, Human Needs, and Reshaping the Way You Think

This party's on fire

When I hear the name Tony Robbins, I think of a giant dude, dancing crowds, and walking on coals. And I think of Matt, who for as long as I can remember, has been singing his praises.

After all, it was a Tony Robbins event that inspired Matt to go vegetarian and start this blog (which has gone on to became his business).

But even after reading the posts and hearing the stories, I’m still not convinced Tony does anything more than put on a show. In today’s episode, just a few weeks after Matt and his wife Erin returned from a 6-day Tony Robbins experience, we hash that out.

Can a Tony Robbins event help you become your best self, or is it nothing more than an expensive pump-up session?

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Why walking on coals is a big deal
  • Matt made his wife cry, sorry Erin
  • The six human needs
  • Opening yourself up to change
  • Can Tony Robbins really change your life?

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  1. Thanks for this. I listened to Tony’s tape(!) program Personal Power and read his book Unlimited Power back in the early 90s after graduating college and found it really useful, especially in terms of setting goals and recognizing limiting beliefs. (I think his nutritional advice at that stage was to not eat anything except fruit before lunchtime, which was pretty oddball at the time.) What rubbed me the wrong way were the few occasions the Tony Robbins company reps came to do mini seminars at a couple of companies where I worked and they ended up being thinly-veiled commercials for the expensive multi-day programs, sometimes delivered with skeevy hard-sell tactics. He also became sort of a caricature of himself around that time, so was easy to dismiss.
    Ultimately, I like the guy: he’s super motivating and had some really good ideas, but he’s also human not everything he does is perfect. I think it’s like marathon training or yoga or anytime you’re acquiring knowledge about a new endevour: some advice and suggestions will click and make total sense and inspire a change, and some will go in one ear and out the other.

  2. Thanks for you honesty on this subject. Not sure t is my thing it I do think I will watch the film to learn more.Perhaps I will hunt around for some tapes as well . I appreciate that you covered a topic that you feel passionate about despite what may be said and as usual being open to hear the other view point of this as well! It certainly worked for you and you are leading by example .Thanks for another great episode !

  3. Marvie Vanderleest says:

    Just went to Trader Joe to check for Tart Cherry extract and there I see your name, saying you were drinking their brand of the juice. On your 7 day trial you kept saying you did not know what brand you were using. A lot of people wanted to know.

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