No Meat Athlete Radio: How to Find the Time to Do Everything You Want

Michael, I did nothing. I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything I thought it could be. — Peter Gibbons, Office Space

Shortly after I started this blog back in 2009, long before I added ultramarathons and kids into my life, a lot of people started asking me: How do you find time to do it all?

Back then, “it all” meant marathon training, eating a vegetarian diet, not flunking out of grad school, writing a blog, and being a husband.

I never thought it was that much, honestly … I always had plenty of time to do nothing; time to just be.

But now that two young kiddos are part of the picture — along with a 100-mile ultra, a new book, and a 40-city tour to go with it — this year there hasn’t been so much time to do nothing. I have a new understanding of “busy,” something I’m never proud to be.

So with that understanding — and the skills and tricks I’ve learned for accomplishing a lot of different goals without going insane — I’m ready to take a decent shot at answering the How do you find the time? question.

That’s what this episode, number 17 of No Meat Athlete Radio, is about. Doug and I sat down and talked about how we manage to balance fitness, healthy eating, and family life (because that’s all pretty important, you know) along with all the extraneous stuff we want to do.

Here’s hoping you’ll  find a nugget or two that’ll help you handle what you’ve got on your plate, or maybe even add something more — even if that something more is just some precious quiet time to yourself, with which to do nothing.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • The classic time management tip: important vs. urgent
  • Is multitasking really any good?
  • The power of turning “shoulds” into “musts”
  • Choosing to spend time on activities that create more time
  • Being efficient with your workouts
  • My plans for running on the book tour
  • Time-saving tips for eating a healthy plant-based diet
  • Meal planning strategies when you don’t have much time

PS — We had some audio issues this time around that made the sound a little bit distorted at times. Sorry about that!

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  1. Janice Spiotta says:

    I pre ordered the book and sent a copy of the receipt but haven’t received any confirmation. Please check that I will get the bonus offer.

  2. First time listener to your podcast, lots of good information about time management here!

  3. Charlotte Gaskins says:

    Really enjoyed the podcast during my run; I always look forward to a new one. Hoping to be able to tell you that I’m finally vegan by the time you visit Charlotte, NC during your tour. I did preorder the book yesterday (Sept. 29), but I ordered it on my Kindle, which just sends a little “Thanks for your purchase, your book will be downloaded…” message. I don’t know how to let you know that I did preorder to claim all the goodies 🙂

    Thanks for your help and your inspiration!

  4. Time is a funny thing. We always seem to have time to do what is most important, and sadly there are too many people out there who feel that 4 hours of tv is most important. I use to be one of them. I still have my tv time, but with it cut down I can do so much more.

  5. I am a vegetarian runner just finding your blog, I love it! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  6. This is a late comment however; thank you for this podcast episode! This is such a struggle for all of us, especially as we continue to develop more technologically. Sometimes we think technology speeds up the process, when in reality it can sometimes slow it down or just become a distraction.

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