Dr. Pamela Fergusson on Practical Vegan Nutrition, Speedwalking Ultramarathons, and Living Intentionally


Pamela Fergusson lives in Toronto, where she runs a nutrition consulting practice as a registered dietitian and nutrition PhD. And that’s as normal as Pamela’s story gets.

She’s an ultramarathoner — sometimes running, but sometimes speed walking (different from power walking, as she explains in our interview). And this past summer, she did her own unsupported, self-styled iron-distance triathlon … no clocks, no crowds, just 140.6 miles to cover in a day, by herself.

Pamela has four children who eat like she does and have their own busy lives … but Pamela’s family chooses not to own a car.

Oh, and now and then, she pulls her kids out of school for a month to homeschool them in other countries.

When it’s so easy to let important things slide until it feels like you’re just getting by, Pamela seems to be so on top of everything. How does she find the time?

That’s what I wondered when I met her this summer in Toronto at a meetup of our No Meat Athlete group there, and it’s why I’m thrilled to have her as my guest on this episode of No Meat Athlete Radio.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Pamela’s advice on plant-based meal planning
  • Potential deficiencies in a plant-based diet … and how protein isn’t one of them
  • How to help your kids love eating healthy and being vegan
  • The Zen of speed walking
  • The joy of owning no car
  • Pamela’s experiences with homeschooling her children in foreign countries

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  1. Pamela is such an inspiration. Wonderful to listen to her story and tips. Love her

  2. Reminded me of how myself became a vegetarian: I was at a friend’s house whose family cooked very delicious, home made vegetarian food – similar to the Quinoa Power Bowl Dr. Fergusson mentioned. Nowadays I’m much more of a minimalist, preparing even less preparation time than this, but it did make me a bit nostalgic :). Great interview!

    • Thanks for reaching out Karsten! It is amazing to connect with other plant-based people, and congratulations on the big strides you have taken with your health

  3. Very refreshing to have a woman on the podcast! As a vegan mom, it’s very inspiring for me to hear how Pamela is raising her children, getting them to try new foods and help in the kitchen. Thanks!

    • Yes!! Yes to vegan moms : ) Thanks for the support and encouragement, Selma. All the best with your kids, it is so rewarding when it works, right?

  4. This episode was so enjoyable. Thanks for the great information. I didn’t know there was a difference between power walking and speed walking. I just competed in (AND WON) my first 100 mile race…and part of my strategy was to power walk every hill and any time I needed a walk break. I think this really made the difference!! My race was very hilly…including 11 killer-hills. I found that I could NOT power walk them!! But the rest of the time, I was able to stay between 15 and 17 MPH when I needed to walk. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of me with a No Meat Athlete shirt….I will make sure to do that next time 🙂

    • Hi Kelly,
      Awesome that you used power walking as part of your race strategy, and congratulations on WINNING your first 100 mile race, that is incredible!! Plant power!!

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