Jasmin Singer on Food Addiction, the 80s, and How She Lost 100 Pounds


Growing up in the 80s, we were told a lot of things by the food industry … often right smack in the middle of our Saturday morning cartoons.

Milk “does a body good,” sugary cereal is “part of a complete breakfast,” and in general, processed foods are a fabulous choice for healthy family dinners and snacks.

So how did all this affect our health and our relationship with food?

For Jasmin Singer, co-host of the Our Hen House podcast and author of the new book Always Too Much and Never Enough, the effect was an addiction to food and 100 extra pounds.

In today’s episode of NMA Radio, Jasmin shares her inspiring story: of the struggle with food addiction, the choice to go vegan, a dramatic transformation, and why she feels so betrayed by the food industry.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Growing up with a food addiction
  • Yep, you can be an unhealthy vegan
  • How a juice fast changed Jasmin’s life (and helped her lose 100 pounds)
  • Learning to love yourself (through running)
  • Have we all been betrayed by the food industry?
  • What Jasmin discovered about how we treat fat people … once she became thin

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  1. Nice segment. I heard her on Rich Roll and immediately read her book. It was nice to hear different aspects of her journey talking with you. She is so passionate in her role as an advocate. Thanks for having her on.

  2. I listened to this podcast and am in such awe over her honesty about the subject. Thank you for having Jasmin on the show. I want to buy her book now. I also want to state that you guys never change the format of your show….love how casual you guys are….I just discovered your podcast and have been enjoying it. I have been swaying back and forth between Paleo and plant based and get so confused and overwhelmed by the purists out there on both sides. I just the few podcasts I have near….I feel more empowered and know it can be done without the purist mentality. Thank you both!

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