Before you go any further, I need you to answer a question: Have you read Born to Run?

If the answer is “no,” go read it.  Seriously.  Stop reading this page and go to the library or get it on Amazon (and if you use my link, I’ll get a little commission :)).

Alright, done?

The reason I want you to have read Born to Run (besides the fact that it’s an incredibly inspiring book about ultrarunning), is that I don’t want to try to explain what pinole and chia are, and how they’re the running fuel of choice for the Tarahumara, the Mexican tribe that makes 50-mile runs through the Copper Canyon look like walks in the park.

In other words, I’m not here to try to convince you of the benefits of pinole and chia.  Instead, I’m here to help you out if you’re already itching to incorporate the Tarahumara foods into your training routine.

Why Pinole Just Doesn’t Work for Most Runners

As an ultrarunner fascinated by different approaches to nutrition-on-the-run, when I finished Born to Run I couldn’t wait to start fueling with pinole and chia.  But when I did, I was disappointed to find them inconvenient and none too tasty.

The common ways the Tarahumara eat pinole are to mix the ground corn into a drink or into a paste.  I tried them both; unfortunately, neither is very appetizing or convenient for bringing with you on a run.

And chia fresca, or iskiate, tastes alright, but the chia seeds release a gel that makes them clump together, rendering the drink kind of gross, if you ask me.  So that didn’t really work, either.  (But if you are interested in these more traditional pinole and chia recipes, you can read about them in my Tarahumara Pinole and Chia post.)

A Tastier, More Convenient Way to Capture the Power of Pinole and Chia

So that’s why I worked with my sister, a professional vegan baker and master of creating tasty stuff out of strange or healthy ingredients, to come up with some recipes to make pinole and chia more palate-pleasing and convenient.

The results were fantastic.  We came up with 15 delicious and easy recipes to help bring these ancient, tribal superfoods to the modern world.

We compiled the recipes into our first e-cookbook, Fuel Your Run the Tarahumara Way: 15 Pinole and Chia Recipes for the Modern Athlete, which as of this writing has sold nearly 500 copies to runners around the world.

Sound like something that’s up your alley?  If you’d like to get more information about Fuel Your Run the Tarahumara Way, head over to PinoleRecipes.com, a separate website we set up for the book, for a full description and some sample pinole and chia recipes.