Shrimp and Pasta with Chilis, Garlic, Lemon and Green Onions

[Pasta photo]I’ve got a special one for you today– the first reader-submitted recipe on the new “Recipe Index” page.  Proof that with just a quick email or comment, you could see your name in the bright lights of the blogosphere!  Thanks to Pete for being the first to submit a recipe.

Marathon Training Update

But before I get to the meal, I want to write just a bit around running.  Erin and I were planning to run the Country Music Marathon in Nashville on April 25th.  I say “were” because we’re not anymore.  I’ve been dealing with a pretty nasty knee injury (iliotibial band syndrome), and Erin got slammed with a stomach virus that did some serious damage to her and her training program.  We’ve both pretty much recovered, but to quickly build up mileage to run the race in three weeks just doesn’t make sense (this is supposed to be tapering time!).  For me, the goal at this point isn’t to run more marathons; it’s to qualify for Boston.  This goal has occupied at least the back section of my mind since I started running seven years ago.  I’m still ten minutes shy of it, but I really felt like it was going to happen this time with the improvements I was making on a new training program.  That’s running for you.

So our new plan is to run the Maryland Half Marathon at the end of May, then shoot for the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, New York in October.  I know it seems like a long way off, but we’re really eager to start fresh with a full-length training program.  Plus the Wineglass is a fast course (great for Boston qualifying), and Erin has been dying to run it.  And where else do you get a free bottle of champagne at the finish line?

Speaking of wine, today’s recipe would have tasted great with a bottle of white out on the deck.  We did eat it on the deck, but for some reason with no wine.  Actually I know the reason; our friend Pat was visiting.  And sometimes mixing Pat with wine is sort of like one of those science fair projects where you pour vinegar into the baking soda volcano.  Kidding, Pat.

Emeril’s Shrimp and Pasta Recipe

So here’s the recipe, from Emeril Lagasse.  Written by Emeril, not submitted by him.  Somehow Em doesn’t strike me as the as the No-Meat Athlete™ type.  But he sure can kick it up a notch, and with just a few minor substitutions this recipe becomes really healthy and perfectly suited for endurance training.  Protein from the shrimp, lots of complex carbohydrates from whole-wheat pasta, and some heart-healthy fats by substituting olive or canola oil for the butter.  All with a nice variety of fresh flavors from the lemon, parsley, scallions, and garlic.  And of course, just enough heat.  Bam!

If you can’t tell from that description, we liked this meal a lot.  We added a little oil and lemon juice at the table, but next time we’ll just save a little of the pasta water to toss in at the end.  That’s a really good way to make a light sauce for ‘sauceless’ pasta dishes.  I hate to just keep handing out blue ribbons to every meal we try, but this is another 4-cow-out-of-5 honoree.  I mean, if 3 cows is average, then these recent ones have got to be higher than that.  Maybe I should start awarding fractional cows, like 3 cows and an 8-ounce filet.  But this one would still be a 4, even under the revised scoring system.

By the way, the recipe calls for Emeril’s Essence (his seasoning brand, not his fundamental Emeril-ness or any of his bodily fluids).  But surprisingly, he tells you how to make it in the recipe, so that’s what we did.  I’m sure you could just use any cajun seasoning and be fine though.  And one last thing– don’t be fooled by the “Cook Time: 10 minutes” that the recipe claims.  This assumes you’re starting with cooked pasta and prepped ingredients.  So it’s more like 30 minutes. Still not bad for a tasty, healthy meal, requiring none of Emeril’s spiritual being.



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  1. This meal does sound wonderful! What whole wheat pasta do you use? I’ve tried some before and wasn’t too impressed. It had sort of an odd taste too it. And I’m excited for you running the Wineglass marathon in New York. Maybe this is the one that leads to Boston!

  2. Christine says:

    I’ve never made shrimp at home. Did you peel them and devein them yourself or is that the way you buy them?

  3. I don’t buy them if I need to devein them myself. Usually they have fresh ones that have been cut down the back and deveined, so all you need to do is pull the shell off. Also, frozen shrimp are pretty good, and you can get them fully peeled, or with tails on.

  4. I had never cooked shrimp either when I tried this. I found it very simple, the grocery store sold fresh deveined shrimp (or I ate the veins,who knows). It really just was as simple as peeling them and following the directions.

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