Get Inspired with Vegan Bodybuilder Robert Cheeke on NMA Radio

When Ben and I sat down to talk about possible guests for the No Meat Athlete podcast, there was absolutely no question as to who should be the first.

To call either of us bodybuilders would be an insult to the entire sport. And yet both of us are ardent fans of Robert Cheeke.

So why a vegan bodybuilder for our first guest, when for so long this website has focused largely on running?

Consider it a testament to Robert’s captivating personality and infectious enthusiasm for veganism and fitness.

Simply put: Hearing Robert Cheeke speak makes us proud to be vegan athletes and inspires us to do it better. We think you’ll agree, and that’s why we’re thrilled to have had Robert as No Meat Athlete Radio’s first guest.  

In this episode we talk to Robert about:

  • What drove him to become a vegan bodybuilder when he was the smallest kid in his 4th grade class
  • How he stays so overwhelmingly positive as an advocate for a movement that so many people still disagree with
  • How to find the time to stay healthy, even with a hectic schedule
  • The unlikely sources from which Robert draws inspiration (seriously, Will Smith?)
  • What it’s like to be part of the Forks Over Knives movement which is changing the way the world eats

We’ve also got a special giveaway today, courtesy of Robert! See details at the end of this post.

Click the button below to listen now:


Links from the show:

DVD giveaway!

Robert has offered up two DVD’s for lucky NMA Radio listeners: a copy of Forks Over Knives and a copy of Vegan Fitness: Built Naturally, starring Robert himself, Brendan Brazier, and Tonya Kay.

To enter to win one of the DVD’s. Listen to the show and leave us a comment about it below to get one entry. To double your chances and get two entries, leave us a rating and review on iTunes. (This also helps more people interesting in vegetarian and vegan fitness to find the show, so we all win!)

To leave a rating and review, just visit our iTunes page and press the “Open in iTunes” button on the left.

We’ll announce the two winners in the comments section below on Friday, November 11. Good luck and thanks so much for listening!



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  1. Great interview! I was so inspired by it… It really spoke to me on so many levels. Robert, I admire you for you commitment and work-ethic and will definitely check out your new book when it comes out.

    As for FOK, I can’t wait to see it, so please enter me into the draw (I’ll even pay the postage).

  2. I enjoyed the podcast, My boyfriend thinks he needs to drink whey protein shakes to stay big. I am trying to educate him so I need to be educated myself. Thanks for sharing the podcast

  3. Jon Weisblatt says:

    Hey Matt,
    so far so good on the podcasts. This was the first podcast I’ve ever listened to. I feel so techie. I would loke the FOK movie. I’ve been wanting to see it for a while now but have not had access. Keep the hits coming!

  4. Peter Hagstrom says:

    Hey guys, I really enjoyed this podcast and I hope you keep em’ coming! I look forward to carving out time in my day for these because it gives me a chance to relax, learn something new and connect with the vegan/vegetarian community. So exciting!

    I’ve seen Forks Over Knives and absolutely loved it. The movie is very fact-based, inspirational and hopeful for the future. I would love to get a copy of this movie so I can share with my friends and family whom are always curious about my lifestyle and vegan diet.

    I’d also like to check out the vegan fitness video as I’m always curious how other vegan athletes approach fitness, diet and life in general.

    Looking forward to more great posts and podcasts. Thanks again for making all this possible!


  5. Is it just me who the podcast isn’t working for? I can’t hear anything. I tried downloading it through itunes too and can only hear one side of the interview for the first show and nothing on the 2nd…:(

    • Emma, no you’re not the only one who is having this problem. I think it depends on how your speakers or headphones are set regarding stereo/mono. Sorry about that. We’ll work on it for next time.

    • OK we are working on uploading a version that has been converted from Stereo to Mono, so hopefully you shouldn’t have this problem in the future. Sorry!

  6. I am so excited you have started podcasts! As a new vegetarian who hopes to eventually become vegan, and an athlete, I have SO many questions about what to eat, how to sustain my training schedule without protein etc… It is SO nice to be able to come here to find resources and to hear straight from the mouths of people living the lifestyle. Thank you so much!


  7. Thanks fo all the links! Love the running shoes to the right. I don’t run a lot but do have the fivefingers. But not the best for colder weather. Both of those shoes are so hip, I know that’s not the point, but there is a girly girl inside of me somewhere. (even though their boys shoes!)

  8. Great podcast! This was interesting for me because I’ve been losing a lot of weight recently, and I’m actually looking to gain some muscle now. I think I’m going to have to look into more form Robert!

  9. I love the podcast! I think it’s a great way to possibly reach out to people who wouldn’t necessarily pick up a book or read a health related blog. Hopefully other people will benefit from having this playing in the background!
    I missed the FOK showing in my city and would love the DVD!

  10. This is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  11. I found great motivation to continue my vegan lifestyle after listening to your podcasts. Like you and many others I am driven to promote the vegan lifestyle and am currently working with a train who thinks it will take much more effort and time to build muscle mass. Of course my hindle goal is to prove him wrong and educate him that indeed you can be quite successful building muscle mass on a vegan diet.
    Keep inspire me to keep the path.

  12. The podcast with Robert was awesome! I listened to it during my 10-miler this morning and it really pumped me up! I did notice that I could only hear you and Robert out of my right earphone and Ben out of my left (and since there wasn’t a lot of Ben during the Robert interview, at times I thought my headphone had busted). Not sure if that’s an issue on the podcast’s end or if I need to change equilibrium settings. In any case, the material itself was awesome!

  13. Great interview. I love Robert’s attitude. Hope it is contagious!

  14. Great interview! Next time ask about some run specific core, other excercises he might suggest. I look forward to your next show. It would be easier to hear in true stereo, though.

    BTW, FOK is on Netflix!

    • Michael, will do. Personally I recommend planks. They are more effective than crunches in that they work your core harder in a shorter amount of time. Right now there is this whole #PlankADay craze on twitter, might be fun to get involved on that.

    • Michael, congratulations, you won the Vegan Fitness: Built Naturally DVD! Let me know via the contact form where I can send it and I’ll get it out to you.

  15. Great interview! I feel so lazy and unorganized, but inspired to get on track now. Thanks!

  16. Thank goodness for a vegan fitness podcast! I hope to listen to the next one on my next long run! Keep them coming!!

    Somehow I don’t own Forks Over Knives or Vegan Fitness so this is the perfect contest for me! Thanks Robert for the interview and thanks Matt for the podcast!

  17. As a 50-year-old woman who has recently become involved in a strength sport (girevoy/kettlebell sport), I am inspired by Robert Cheeke. I’m a vegetarian/vegan (I sometimes fall off the vegan wagon) and have never liked supplements (they upset my stomach)–I prefer whole foods and I’m trying to set a good dietary example for my teenage son. As an older person, a woman and a non-meateater, I often feel like the weirdo in the group, but I entered my first competition in October and came third among women who were all 15-25 years younger than me. People like Robert prove that you don’t need to eat meat to be strong.

  18. Another great podcast! This is just what I needed to get my motivation back for exercise!

  19. The podcast was great and very motivational! I loved hearing his positive attitude and dedication to fitness. I will definitely write a review on iTunes 🙂

  20. So who won the contest?

  21. Thanks for this! I’ve been a runner and generally active for years, and just recently started focusing more on weight training to build muscle and strength. I’ve been back-and-forth vegan-ovovegetarian for almost 3 years now, and find it hard to get good, consistent advice on nutrition and training.

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