Announcing the New No Meat Athlete Store (and the Summer’s Best NMA Shirt Photos)

If you’re one of the 2500 or so people who now owns a No Meat Athlete shirt, chances are good that you got it via the simple sales page on my blog.

(You know, the homemade one that probably left you with the feeling that it was about a 50/50 proposition between you actually getting your shirt and me absconding to Mexico with your money.)

Well, those days are finally over.

I must say I’ll miss the charm of that little page, but it’s with much relief that I finally introduce to you the shiny new No Meat Athlete store.  I say “relief” because I’ve sunk probably 40 hours into this thing, and have been to the brink of punching the computer screen and back many times over to get it just right (and I didn’t even do the design!).

I’ve stocked it full of No Meat Athlete stuff, not to mention a brand new shipment of shirts. So if you’ve been waiting because your size was out of stock, grab it now before they sell out again.  And there are some great new items too, including magnets, drawstring track bags, and those cool bags that fold up into themselves that are so good for taking to the farmer’s market.

So please, check out the new store and let me know what you think!

Oh yeah, and for ALL the people who have asked about tank tops and singlets — they’re coming.  Just another week or two.

And now…

The best NMA shirt photos of the summer!

You all have seriously ramped up the number of pictures you’re sending and posting on the NMA Facebook page. Which is awesome.

Here are my favorites of the summer’s crop, by far the best yet.

Erin skydiving (another Erin, not my wife):

TV/radio guy Andrew G. taking his NMA shirt for a stand-up paddle:

Who needs bratwurst? Daniel and Katrin in Germany:

Future Ironman Sweden champ:

Kayna doing her part to save the world from Team Beef:

Kayla, before Colorado Warrior Dash:

Kayla, after Colorado Warrior Dash:

Jay in NC hitting the range:

Leigh-Anne with her First Overall Woman trophy from a 5K (the day after winning First Overall Woman in a half marathon!):

“Scarlet O’Snap” and her teammate at roller derby practice:

Meriah after the Wisconsin Dirty Girl Mud Run:

Lisa and friend after the Verona Labor Day Classic:

And for the grand finale… Skott’s tattoo! Yes, a real tattoo:

Best crop yet, right?

Be like these awesome folks and head to the store so you can grab yours while your in stock. Well, we don’t have tattoos. Yet.

PS – If you’re in the Baltimore area, want to come hang out at our NMA meetup at One World Cafe on Thursday night (9/15) at 7 pm? Susan is in town (it’ll be the first time we’ve met in person), so come join us for some food, drink, and NMA-ness!  I’ll even bring along some freebies of new NMA items. One World Cafe is located at 100 West University Parkway in Baltimore near Johns Hopkins.



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  1. I love the photos of people wearing the shirts! Especially the one of the girl punching out the “Team Beef” guy, lol!

  2. What a fancy store! Looks great!

    Love all of the featured photos too!

  3. Sadly I’m a little far away from Baltimore these days, but I went to school in Baltimore and ate at One World at least once a week! (usually on half price burrito and margarita days) I hope you have a great meetup!

  4. “Who needs bratwurst?” – Haha Matt, good one! Although we have to admit that we´re not that much into Sauerkraut either 🙂

    Daniel and Katrin

    • I actually like sauerkraut a lot (my wife thinks it’s weird that my family always had it at Thanksgiving). But I haven’t had it since becoming vegan. I think I heard it was sometimes made with pork or something?

  5. I think you should also sell books from the people you reviewed and possibly vega supplements. 🙂


  6. The blue tote bag looks way cool.

  7. Do you think you’ll ever offer them in other colors? Sweat + white shirt (or pale yellow) = Ewwwww sweat stains!

    I really want one too!

  8. I’ll be racing in the singlet as soon as possible.

  9. That tattoo is the best… I’ll be checking in to see when they’re for sale 😉 The store looks great!

  10. Jon Weisblatt says:

    Hey Matt,
    Thanks for doing the hard part. Now I don’t know if I should get a T-shirt or singlet? Any deals if you get both?

  11. Tank top! Tank top! Tank top! (:

  12. I’m stoked to get a magnet for my car, I realize sadly that I can’t wear the shirt everywhere so this works too.

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