Tempt Non-Dairy Ice Cream and Hempmilk

Tempted by the Hemp of Another

[tempt ice cream photo]I was recently introduced to hemp products, since they’re so prominently featured in Thrive. Perhaps the best thing about hemp (well, the second best thing about hemp, I’m told ;)) is that it is nutrient-rich as a whole food, so little or no processing is needed to make healthy hemp products.  Hemp is also a source of complete protein, it’s highly digestible, and is much less acid-forming than other proteins.  Long story short: eat hemp stuff!

[tempt ice cream in dish photo]So of course I was very happy when Living Harvest, makers of all things hemp, sent me some coupons to try out their goodies.  In addition to their nutritional products like hemp protein and hemp oil, Living Harvest has a line of everyday foods called Tempt, which includes hempmilk and ice cream made with hemp milk (they call it non-dairy frozen dessert).  I decided to try the Tempt products first (what can I say, they were tempting), and I’ll review the health products in a later post.

Erin and I picked up two flavors of Tempt non-dairy frozen dessert: chocolate and coffee biscotti.  We tried the chocolate a few nights ago, and we were shocked at how good it was!  A very nice, rich chocolate flavor, with texture somewhere between that of frozen yogurt and ice cream.  Then today I tried the coffee flavor, made with real organic coffee beans, after my workout.  Erin abstained, on account of having a baby growing inside her.  Yum!  (The ice cream, not the baby.)  This was right up my alley.  Again, not quite the richness of real ice cream, but very close and still really tasty, on par with good frozen yogurt.

So the ice cream by itself was delicious, but if given the choice, I’ll always choose a milkshake over ice cream.  Now, if only I had some sort of non-dairy hemp product that could take the place of milk in a milkshake.  Let’s see what I can find in my pocket here…

[matt in pocket photo]

[tempt milk photo]

Yes!  Tempt hempmilk, how very convenient!  I blended a little bit of this together with some of the coffee biscotti ice cream and made myself one hell of a post-workout non-dairy treat.

By itself, Tempt hempmilk was pretty good too.  Very much like regular milk, just not quite as sweet.  I’m not a vegan, but when I became vegetarian largely for health reasons, I decided that regular milk is not something that I want in my diet.  I’m not a big fan of the taste of soymilk either, so I’ve been using almond milk instead.  But now it will be nice to mix it up a little with hempmilk, which tastes just as good to me as almond milk does.  Nutritionally, Tempt hempmilk (unsweetened vanilla flavor) has 1 gram of protein, 1 gram of carbohydrates, and 6 grams of fat (the good kind, with lots of omega-3’s and -6’s) per serving.

These Tempt products are among the very best products I’ve tried, and I would highly recommend any of them to anyone who doesn’t eat dairy for whatever reason, especially ice cream lovers looking for a non-dairy substitute.  Thanks Living Harvest!

Look for my Living Harvest health products (hemp protein and hemp oil) review soon!

No Meat Athlete Shirts Around the Blogosphere

Check it out, photos of other vegetarian-runner bloggers wearing No Meat Athlete shirts!  First, Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point wore her yellow one to a Team In Training meeting, who she’s raising money with as part of her training for her first marathon.  As if training for your first marathon isn’t enough of a commitment!  Seriously though, Team in Training is something that I really admire and am going to do someday.  And if you haven’t been to Healthy Tipping Point—wait a minute, what am I saying?  Of course you’ve been to Healthy Tipping Point, it’s one of the most popular blogs around.  I was so happy when Caitlin decided to become vegetarian a few months ago, so that all those readers would see what you can do on a vegetarian diet!

Next up is Lindsay, an avid runner who writes the blog iRun.  Get this—she had a running date (fun, Erin and I did something like that when we first started dating), and decided to wear her NMA shirt on the date!  Just like me, Lindsay is training for an October 4th marathon, the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee.  And she’s even thinking of doing one three weeks later.  Crazy!  (Aside: Holy crap, I just went to the Lakefront Marathon website, where they have a countdown. Only 34 days left?! )

Thanks Lindsay and Caitlin, for helping show the world that you can be a bad-ass marathoner without eating meat!



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  1. MMMMMMMM looks amazing! 🙂
    .-= Lizzy´s last blog ..food hangover =-.

  2. I’m a Living Harvest fan too – I use hemp milk in oatmeal, smoothies, breakfast cookies and over cereal too. Sometimes I forget about “the other” hemp connotations and have to laugh at the reactions of people when they’ve never heard of hemp milk before. You’re using WHAT??!

    I’ve yet to see the LH non-dairy frozen desserts, gonna keep an eye out! Thanks for the great review.
    .-= Alison´s last blog ..It Was Ladies Night =-.

  3. So you say it’s as good as almond milk. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m at Whole Foods. I assume you can buy it there as I’ve not seen in my regular grocery store.
    .-= Linda´s last blog ..New Discovery – The Flower Buds of Chinese Chives =-.

    • Linda, you might find it at Whole Foods. I checked in Wegman’s yesterday and didn’t see it (not this brand anyway); I had to go to my natural foods store. Almond milk, much as I like it, sometimes has a “bitter almond” taste to me, especially when I first drink it. So maybe this is even better. Try for yourself!

  4. thank you for your kind words 🙂
    .-= caitlin´s last blog ..A Taste of the Nation =-.

  5. Hemp milk is by far my favorite nondairy alternative. Also, I was wondering if the technical tees came in a men’s small? They look awesome.

  6. Glad to hear tempt is so good; I haven’t tried it yet myself.
    .-= Alisa – Frugal Foodie´s last blog ..Giveaway: BIG Gift Package from Pamela’s Products =-.

  7. Hey Matt!
    Thanks for the posting on my site! I have enjoyed reading your posts and journey towards your marathon! I know that my goal of an Ironman is a bit ambitious, but if I just put it out there, I think I’ll be fine. Does doing two half ironman’s in the same season count..if so, then I’m golden! 😉
    I ordered a few t-shirts and I’m really looking forward to wearing them at my next tri; I’m sure to get lots of questions I’m sure!
    I’m going to take it in baby steps. I have another half in November. We’ll see how it goes and when I feel the time is right to train for a full. Stay tuned and let’s encourage each other!
    Happy training to you and your feet,
    .-= Kerri´s last blog ..First Entry….anyone out there? =-.

  8. ah! I so need to get a shirt! They’re adorable. Glad you guys enjoyed the products. I’ve never had anything hemp…I will be on the lookout next time I’m at WFs- especially for the ice cream 🙂
    .-= Erica´s last blog ..Chobani: New Flavors Review =-.

  9. How much sugar is in Hemp milk? I’m a veg as well and limit my dairy (ice cream is actually the only thing that makes it difficult to go full on vegan!). I tend to drink soy milk mostly because it seems to be the only non-dairy milk that offers an “unsweetened” version (and its still pretty good). I compared it to almond milk and couldn’t justify the sugar content.

    Also – I’ve been hinting to my husband that he should SO buy me a No Meat Athlete shirt for some time now. 🙂
    .-= CharmCityKim´s last blog ..Serving my Civic Duty =-.

  10. Boo, it doesn’t look as though we have those products in my city. They look great though! If hemp has that much nutrition I should get some for my vegan challenge…
    .-= Sagan´s last blog ..Vegan Challenge kick-off =-.

  11. My boyfriend and I had “running dates” when we first starting dating a loooong time ago. Cheap and easy!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Pulled…and some good eats! =-.

  12. You know, I saw this at the store for the first time when i was home and wondered about it… now i wish i had picked some up!
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..Crystal Lake Triathlon 2009 =-.

  13. I must really check to see what hemp products are available here in the boonies…
    .-= Hanlie´s last blog ..Soaking and sprouting explained =-.

  14. hmm .. hemp milk.
    i tried hemp dream once, it literally touched my tongue, and i threw it out.
    maybe its just an acquired taste, or maybe that brand stinks, who knows!
    the ice cream sounds intriguing though.

  15. Thanks for the review! I don’t eat dairy and I would love to try the Tempt “non-dairy frozen dessert” sometime. Just need to find a place that sells it… and hope that it’s not ridiculously expensive for a tiny little carton. Which I fear it will be… 🙂 I’m frugal!
    .-= Jill Will Run´s last blog ..I Want: Dreams in Action Running Camp =-.

    • Hey Jill, I got it at a natural foods store. Maybe Whole Foods has it? I think it was something like 4.50 for a carton. A lot, but not much more expensive than premium ice cream.

  16. You make me laugh..hmm let’s see what is in my pocket…LOL. I have never thought to try hemp milk but will add it to the list!
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Umm what was I thinking? =-.

  17. I like the Hemp ice cream, but being a coconut fan I tried the lime coconut flavor which was a little off tasting to me. Almost too sweet in a weird artificial sweetener kind of way. But the chocolate was great! Have you tried coconut milk ice cream? It is hands down the best non- dairy frozen desert product on the market in my opinion!

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