The Ridiculously Simple Way to Peel a Mango (With a Pint Glass!)

(Click here to watch the video on YouTube.)

First, proper credit. While I would love to have invented this trick, I didn’t: I learned it from a Crazy Russian Hacker video.

To call this trick “life-changing” might be a stretch, but it’s not far off. I bet I ate 100 mangoes last August after I learned it. For real. (It helped that I was on a fruitarian kick, sometimes eating three or four mangoes for lunch.)

I’ve shown this trick for peeling mangoes to anyone who will watch, and I’m continually shocked by the number of people — even vegans, fruit people, etc. — who don’t know it. Maybe I get more excited about mangoes than most, but still: if this one were common knowledge, I truly believe there would be no wars.

Mangoes are delicious — really delicious — but I never ate them often before this. First, they were a pain to peel, and second, they have this huge, sort-of indeterminate pit that almost everybody mistakenly tries to bite or cut into the first time they go to eat a whole mango.

Typically, mangoes are peeled in one of two ways, both bad:

Bad way #1: Use a vegetable peeler or knife peel the skin, then cut the flesh away from the pit.

Bad way #2: With the skin still on, cut the cheeks away from the pit. Then use a paring knife to cut a big tic-tac-toe board in the flesh, and either scoop out the dice with a spoon or turn the cheek inside out and cut the dice away from the skin.

Like I said, they’re both terrible. Peel mangoes like this, and you won’t be eating mangoes for long. Because you’ll cut off your finger trying to cut an already-peeled mango, or you’ll get tired of working so hard for so little. (Because both of these methods waste a decent amount of fruit, too.)

But this simple method — using, of all things, a pint glass — solves the problem once and for all. If you’re like me, your life will never be the same.

Now you’ve got no excuse: go eat some mangoes!



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  1. This is kinda brilliant. My co-worker tried eating a mango like an apple once because he was too lazy to peel it, and his face broke out in a rash. Always peel your mangoes!

  2. sonia arora says:

    Why not just use a peeler to peel the whole thing and then chop it up in chunks?

  3. Wow! That is so clever. I love mango but am so reluctant to buy them because I feel like I just make a huge mess and waste a ton. I can’t wait to go buy a mango and try this. Thanks!

  4. So crazy! I was just going to check email and then peel some mangoes! Gave it a try…liberating!!!

  5. Are you kidding me? I literally just finished eating a mango mere minutes before seeing this post. I love their taste but don’t buy them often because of how hard they are to peel. Could have saved myself a lot of waste and avoided the mango juice stains on my shirt by using the pint glass method and not awkwardly hacking my mango apart as usual.

  6. Awesome! Thanks for teaching me a new tip! I didn’t buy any mangos the other day just because they are such a bother! Gonna try this out!

  7. This is awesome. Like Tara, I just finish the last mango from our last grocery run but I’ll be sure to stock up now with this tip! Thanks Matt!

  8. Very nice trick. If I may add another, not as smooth but easy for a lazy gal like me. I cut off the top of the mango, grab a grapefruit spoon or any spoon will do and then I just scoop down and eat on either side of the mango pit and if at the end I want to bring out the pit, I do. But I get a good amount of the fruit this way, just eating it like a sundae! Yours is very nice for salads and a better presentation. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Christine says:

    That was brilliant – and a new trick that I’m going to implement next time. Matt, thanks so much for heading NMA!

  10. This is awesome and I can’t wait to try it out. I love mangos but the peeling is a pain (I’ve used bad method #1) – this is the one fruit I’ve been tempted to buy pre-peeled but that’s just too expensive. Thank you!

  11. I had this very problem this morning. I love mangoes but they are such a pain to peel and have required major time and effort to prep. I can’t wait to try this, and to load up on many more mangoes now that I know a quick and easy way to eat them. Thanks, Matt!!

  12. Jennifer Little says:

    Nice!! Okay going to go and buy a mango – or 2 – and try this out. Thanks for the tip.

  13. Citlalli says:

    How about mango-on-a-stick?

  14. This is life changing! Thanks Matt!

  15. My son just picked up a mango at the store today. Of course I groaned thinking of peeling it. So glad I watched this!!!

  16. I tried this maybe 15 minutes after I watched the video. It’s excellent! I had a glass of mango wonderfulness! However, for the pit, I still prefer just to peel away the remaining edges of skin, then gnaw the last of the fruit from around the pit with my teeth.

  17. Ah that’s great, thanks for sharing Matt! I have always found mango to be really annoying to cut and always make a mess with it. I will definitely give this technique a go! Thank you 🙂

  18. Thanks for posting! I have a mango tree so I end up harvesting literally hundreds of mangos every summer (they freeze really well)… I have used both of the other methods mentioned in the video and will definitely be trying the pint glass method this year!

  19. This is genius, did it last night and loved it! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Thanks for sharing. Close to tears reading about you all eating Mangoes. Here in Australia it is not Mango season. Have not eaten, seen or smelt a mango in two months!

  21. This is so awesome, Matt! We’ve eaten a dozen mangoes at my house since I saw your video! I even got my four-year-old to do the technique in a few seconds on his first try! Check it out! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  22. PS- I too once long ago ate a mango like an apple (ate the skin!!) and had a terrible case of sharp pains and *****for hours afterward, SO NEVER EAT mango skin!

  23. Oh, this is like magic! We used to peel and then pretty much hack at it, and then I discovered the square method… Now I’ll definitely be trying the pint glass method! Works brilliantly.

  24. This reminds me of the kiwi and spoon trick!

  25. I found a way to improve on this- Use a martini shaker instead of the glass- it’s so much easier !!


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