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Take the stress out of meal planning and experience the health, fitness, and energy you know is possible.
(Plus: How You Can Join Our 8-Week Jumpstart Challenge, Starting Next Week!)
Curious about how it works? Watch this 2.5 minute video to see how quickly and flexibly Doug plans his weekend's meals with Health Made Simple 2.0:

In each of the five plans, we suggest exactly what to eat, and when to eat it. But those times when you need to make a change — because you can't get or don't like a certain ingredient, or need to swap out an entire meal because you've got some extra vegetables from the farmer's market you need to use up — the drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to do so, and even updates your shopping to reflect your changes!
Simple, streamlined meals.
Sensible, expert advice.
Live coaching & an on-call nutritionist.
If you believe that food should be simple and enjoyable — and that there's got be a way to eat without stress and still get all the nutrition you need to thrive — then you're in the right place. 

I’m Matt Frazier, the founder of No Meat Athlete, author of two books on plant-based diets and fitness, and a vegan 100-mile ultra marathoner.

Because of what I do, food is a huge part of my life… but just like you, I've got a lot else going on, too. With two young kids running around, most of the time life is so crazy I don't have time to think about what I'm going to eat.  

And I know I'm not alone here. In fact, one of the questions I'm most frequently asked by audiences after I give talks is, "How do you find the time to fit all this in?" 

Well, today I'm going to let you in on a little secret about food that not many people understand. Ready for it?  


It's taken me almost 10 years to refine and become comfortable with this counterintuitive idea, but the reward has been worth it: a downright comfortable, stress-free relationship with food — and not just any food, but the healthiest foods one can eat... a whole-food, plant-based diet.

Today, along with certified plant-based nutritionist and author Sid Garza-Hillman, I'd like to offer you the chance t​​​​​​​​​​​​​​o join us in learning how to eat and plan meals this way yourself:

If you're reading this, you're among the first to be invited to join Health Made Simple 2.0, the newest version of our revolutionary plant-based meal plan system whose goal it is to to remove the stress from healthy eating, and which has helped thousands of people learn to eat healthier and feel better... without the stress.

Why stress? Because here's what most people fail to realize:

Y​​​​​ou can eat the healthiest diet in the world, but if it causes you stress to do so — constantly batting cravings, feeling hungry all the time, and struggling to plan and prepare meals in the limited time you have for it — then I've got some news for you...

Your "healthy diet" isn't healthy.

At least, "health" isn't the message that reaches your body. Stress is.​​​​​​​

But healthy eating doesn't have to be stressful, and that's why we created Health Made Simple 2.0.


It pains me to say it because I want more than anything for plant-based diets to keep growing in popularity, but most meal plans get the stress part totally wrong.

They provide an endless stream of new meals for you to plan for, shop for, and prepare... and then cross your fingers that you family will eat it (especially if you've got little ones, like Sid and I both do). Until you're swimming in new recipes, as if endless variety is a good thing.

But if you know anyone who has made a healthy diet their lifestyle, you know that's not how they do it.

More recipes ​​​​​​misses the point entirely. Instead, it's about finding handful of recipes that you love — because their healthy, simple, reliable, and you know your family will eat them. That's how you start building the foundation for a diet you don't have to think about.

Health Made Simple isn't about new meals every month. We provide 85 solid, family-approved, time-tested plant-based recipes (all with easy oil-free and gluten-free options), and help you — through live nutrition coaching where you can ask whatever questions you have — to incorporate the ones that look best into your diet.

When you find a winner, ​​​​​​​you try it again, as soon as you're ready. Over time, you develop of stable of simple, go-to recipes you know like the back of your hand.

And then one day, you realize you don't really have to think about food anymore — that healthy eating is on autopilot, and you don't need a meal plan anymore.

Sure, every now and then, it's fun to crack open a cookbook and make something new... but that's the exception, not the rule.​​​​​​​

Five different meal plans
85 simple, whole-food recipes
Live Q&A sessions

A simple primer on plant-based nutrition
The Basic Plan, the Variety Plan, the Athlete Plan, the Weight Loss plan, and the Minimalist Plan. All designed to make sure you get everything you need, as simply as possible.

​​​​​​​Each plan includes a done-for-you shopping list, which automatically adjusts based on how many people you're feeding, so that you don't need to spend extra time planning your grocery trip or at the store.
All oil-free and gluten-free, or with easy options for making them that way. And they're all simple to shop for and prepare, otherwise they wouldn't be in our program (we kept the hard-to-find superfood stuff to an absolute minimum).

These are the recipes Sid and I have discovered and developed over our collective two decades of eating this way, feeding our families, and helping others eat better... they're the recipes that are simple, healthy, quick, cheap, and delicious, and we know you'll feel the same way. 
Once a month for the first year of your membership (and whenever we hold one after that), you'll be invited to attend a live Q&A session to help make sure you stay on track, and address any questions or concerns you have about making Health Made Simple 2.0  work with your unique situation. 

Plus, you'll benefit from hearing what other members are going through, ​​​​​​​
and learn nutrition tips that will come in handy down the road. We like have a lot of fun in the Q&A sessions, but what you'll learn in them is invaluable.

Bonus: For the first 8 weeks of the program, Sid will be hosting a Q&A session every week, to make absolutely sure you get started on the right foot! See below for details about the 8-Week Challenge.
What separates Health Made Simple from other plans is that our ultimate goal is to teach you not to need a meal plan — and that means a strong understanding our simple, intuitive philosophy of plant-based nutrition

Health Made Simple 2.0 features tons of (optional, but highly recommended) content on nutrition — a "just what you need, nothing you don't" primer, articles for athletes, and 23 entertaining videos on everything from nutrition philosophy to cooking demos.

Just so that you know what you're getting into, here are three of the principles that all of our plans are built around:

1. No calorie-counting or macronutrient ratios. 

We’ve built this program on whole, plant-based ingredients, and when that’s all you’re eating, your body knows exactly how much to eat, and will grow to crave the foods it needs. (We've even refused to provide nutrition facts for our recipes, to encourage our members to take their focus away from numbers. Yes, we know a lot of people won’t join because of this … and we’re 100% okay with that.) 

2. No portion control.

Eat as much as you want from our bank of 85 recipes, all of which are oil-free and gluten-free or have easy options to make them that way.

3. As little or as much structure as you want.

For those who like structure, our plans show you exactly what to eat for every meal and snack of the day. If instead you want some flexibility, you’re free to swap any meal out for any other, any time, and we provide guidelines for how to do this effectively. 

We also believe that:
  • Whole food, plant-based is the healthiest way to eat.
  • The key to losing weight (or gaining it) is caloric density… by changing the foods you focus on, you can reach these goals without calorie-counting or stressing over macronutrient ratios.

And you'll find all of these ideas reflected throughout the plans and recipes in Health Made Simple 2.0.

Of all the changes we made in creating the new Health Made Simple 2.0, this one is my favorite.

​​​​​​​We've put together an extra-special bonus that, for many people, will be the most valuable part of the entire program. 

I'm so excited to invite you to join us in the Health Made Simple Challenge, an 8-week program to jumpstart your Health Made Simple 2.0 experience and provide you with a "sprint" to get where you want to be before the holidays arrive. 

Once you complete the Challenge, you'll go into​​​​​​​ Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season with more momentum than ever, feeling incredible, and in total control of your diet and health.


October 1st through 14th
For the first two weeks, you'll take "small steps" to gradually ramp up to one of the five Health Made Simple meal plans. You'll start with breakfasts in Week 1 and incorporate snacks in Week 2, all while learning the nutrition concepts that underlie the system and laying the foundation for sustainable habit change.
October 15th through November 11th
In Week 3, "the sprint" begins. For four weeks, you'll follow the plan to the letter, but with a finish line in sight that will help you stay motivated. The goal isn't for you to eat this way forever, but to immerse yourself in the meal plan and its philosophy for a month, so that you come out the other side with a new outlook on how simple healthy eating can be — not to mention the benefits to your health and energy that come from a month of super-healthy choices.
November 12th through 26th
In the final two weeks of the program, you'll gradually reduce your reliance on the plan, and practice incorporating Health Made Simple strategies to fit your unique situation and schedule. Here's where you'll learn to "not need a meal plan"; we'll help you to fit your favorite Health Made Simple recipes into your family's routine, while adapting other favorite recipes to make them simpler and healthier. It all ends on Thanksgiving week, when we'll help you go into the holidays with energy than ever and feeling better than you ever have about food.
Of course, along the way you'll have plenty of support. Here's how a typical week will go:

On Saturday, you'll get a new video explaining the week's focus, along with the date & time for that weeks live Q&A Healthcast with Sid. You'll have the weekend to shop for whatever ingredients you need for the upcoming week (and if needed, we can arrange to get your shopping lists early).

On Monday, you'll start the new week's plan and connect with others in the exclusive Facebook group to provide support and accountability and get help wherever you need it.

On Wednesday, we'll point you to relevant videos and articles inside Health Made Simple — optional but recommended content that will help you to understand the nutrition philosophy and provide you more freedom later on.

On Thursday (or another day that week), Sid will host the live Q&A Healthcast, , where you can ask whatever questions you might have about your specific situation, and hear how things are going for other members doing the challenge.

Of course, all along the way you'll also have access to our exclusive community of members, who can help to support you, hold you accountable, give you advice... and of course, celebrate with you.

I'm not sure we'll able to offer this in future challenges, but for this initial 8 weeks we've decided to give it a try and see how it goes.

​​​​​​​For the entire 8-week program, you'll have anytime access to Sid Garza-Hillman's wealth of nutrition knowledge. Whenever you have a question, just submit it via the form in the members' area, and you'll get an answer back from Sid or another qualified plant-based nutritionist on our team within a day or two.

Like I said, this is an extremely valuable service, and honestly we don't know for sure that we'll be able to offer it in future challenges. But for this initial session we've decided to make it available to you at anytime — all we ask is that you won't abuse it.​​

To figure out a fair price for this system, we looked around at other meal plans — typically just single-option plans, instead of the five different options we’ve got in this first iteration of Health Made Simple 2.0 — and found some priced at over $100 per year, some at $240 per year, and a few at more than $350 per year. 

This, by the way, was just for plans… no personalized, live nutrition coaching. 

(Truly though, many of these other plans clearly put a lot of resources into fancy apps, beautiful photography, and delicious new recipes every single day for a year. If that's what you're looking for, you should absolutely join one of those, or just put your money towards cookbooks!

But none of that fits in with our mission of streamlining everything to help you to achieve maximum health with less time and stress than ever… we don’t want to cook a new recipe every night, or have to follow a new plan every month!) 

While the original Health Made Simple was subscription-based, we've realized that the nature of Health Made Simple makes a one-time price for lifetime access a much better fit. 

​​​​​​​So instead of costing $150 or $200 per year like so many other meal plans, Health Made Simple 2.0 costs just $197, for life. If you use it for just two years — not to mention the possibility that it frees you forever from paying for meal plans — that comes out to just $8.20 per month. (I don't need to break out the daily-trip-to-Starbucks comparison, do I?)

But you won't pay even that much. During this initial launch of Health Made Simple 2.0 — including the invaluable 8-Week Challenge that we've included to make absolutely sure you get started right — you can join Health Made Simple 2.0, for life, for a one-time enrollment fee of just $147.

When you join, you’ll get immediate access to a few very special bonuses to help you get excited about this journey toward effortless health and help you get the most out of this program.

BONUS #1: "The Secrets of Plant-Based Weight Loss" interview with Chef AJ, author of Unprocessed and Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight on a whole-food, plant-based diet, Chef AJ is it! Her appproach to weight loss through "caloric density" means choosing foods that help you to feel full (and get the nutrients you need to thrive) without packing in extra calories. AJ's methods are so effective that she's personally responsible for my wife's losing 20 pounds of leftover baby weight in 8 weeks, so I'm a believer.

In this 93-minute video interview, we talk about:

  • Why calorie-density is the real key to effective, healthy weight loss
  • The "vegetables first" rule (the #1 change my wife made to lose the weight)
  • How salt, sugar, and fat hijack your brain and make it impossible to control your cravings
  • What a typical day on Chef AJ's diet looks like
  • How to tweak Health Made Simple recipes to make them fit AJ's approach

BONUS #2: “A Minimalist Approach to Healthy Eating” interview with Leo Babauta, author of Zen Habits and The Power of Less

If you’ve been a No Meat Athlete fan for any amount of time, then you know what a huge influence Leo Babauta has had on my life and my approach to making changes. And given the nature of Health Made Simple, an interview with Leo — a minimalist, a vegan, and an expert in habit change — just made perfect sense. 

In this inspiring 49-minute video/audio interview, Leo talks about how minimalism impacts his diet, what he eats in a typical day (and how similar it is, day to day), and how he lost 60 pounds and discovered health by changing his picture of himself and removing the “food rewards” from his life. 

BONUS #3: “Approaching the Natural Diet in the Modern World” interview with Sid Garza-Hillman, vegan nutritionist and author of Approaching the Natural

When I started the No Meat Athlete Academy a few years ago, Sid was the first person I asked to be a guest (no surprise there). What I didn’t realize was that we’d get so into talking about the “natural” diet and lifestyle, and the small steps it takes to get there, that we’d talk for close to 3 hours!  

This seminar is still one of my favorites, and it provides a perfect philosophical context for the principles we’ll help you apply when you join Health Made Simple. 

All three of these bonuses — more than seven hours of seriously information-packed audio and video — are waiting for you inside Health Made Simple. So as soon as you join you can immediately start filling your brain with new ideas and inspiration for eating simply and healthily (even before you've started the plan). 
Click the button below to make the commitment now:
*The 8-week challenge starts Monday, October 1st, but I highly recommend you sign up by Thursday, September 27th so that you have time to prepare!

All this stuff sounds good so far, I hope. But Health Made Simple is not for everybody, and I want to be totally upfront about that.

When we created this program, we made a choice. We decided it would be for people who value health and simplicity equally, who want incredible health but also care passionately about other things, and don’t want food to take up all their time. 

So that necessarily means there are a lot of people it’s not for. 

​​​​​​You shouldn't join Health Made Simple if...​​

​​​​​​​1. ... you want nutrition fact numbers with your recipes.

We don’t provide them, and we don’t plan on ever providing them. Sid and I have raised vibrant, healthy, families, and we simply do not believe that a focus on numbers has a place in a healthy, stress-free diet. So we left them out. The point of Health Made Simple is to teach you not to need them, ever again, and to be healthier than ever without counting calories or macronutrients.

2. ... you love cooking from cookbooks and want a new recipe every night.

No judgment here; this is exactly how I used to be. But it’s not what Health Made Simple is about. Our Variety Plan offers a different dinner every night for a month, and doesn’t rely on leftovers for lunch... but that’s the exception. The philosophy underlying Health Made Simple is really about making choices like planning for leftovers and repeating meals that work, every few weeks (or even more frequently for some real time-savers and nutrition-packers, like smoothies). 

3. ... you’re not in it for the long haul.

As with all of our products we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If after the 8-week challenge you don't think your mindset about food — not to mention your health, energy levels, and attitude — has been absolutely transformed as a result of following the Health Made Simple plans, we want to give you a 100% refund, no questions asked. Just shoot us an email to let us know, and your enrollment fee will be back in your account within a day or two.

But we do ask that you try it, really try it, for a few weeks. Health Made Simple works, but we're not about instant, overnight results. We're about creating habits that last, and sometimes, those take longer to build than quick-fix solutions. And they take commitment. 

We're looking for members who are dedicated to creating change in their life, and to helping us make Health Made Simple the best possible tool for doing that. 

We don’t want you to hit a little hurdle, give up, and ask for a refund (but like I said, we'll be happy to give it to you no matter what). We want members who will view a hitch like that as an opportunity to try again, with a slightly different approach. And we’re counting on our members’ feedback over many months, not on their jumping ship at the first sign of struggle.

None of those sounds like you? Then we've love to have you aboard.

Click the button below to join us inside now!
Meet the Authors:
Matt Frazier
Matt Frazier is an author and vegan ultramarathoner, best known as the founder of the No Meat Athlete movement and named by Greatist as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness in 2015. His work has been featured in books including Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra, Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Foods, Seth Godin’s What to Do When It’s Your Turn, and in print magazines such as Runner’s World, VegNews, Outside and Trail Runner. Matt's book's, No Meat Athlete and The No Meat Athlete Cookbook have sold over 85,000 copies and been printed in 5 languages around the world, and Sports Illustrated named The No Meat Athlete Cookbook one of their "7 Best Health & Wellness Books of 2017." Matt lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife, two young children, and rescued dog. 
Sid Garza-Hillman
Sid Garza-Hillman, the "Small Step Advocate," is the author of Approaching the Natural: A Health Manifesto and Raising Healthy Parents, and host of the What Sid Thinks podcast. He graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Philosophy, and is a speaker, certified nutritionist, and Health Coach, working with private clients all over the world. He is also the Nutritionist and Programs Director at the Stanford Inn’s Wellness Center. Sid lives on California’s Mendocino Coast with his wife and three children, and recently completed both 50K and 50-mile ultra marathons.