Google Reader Users: Find an Alternative Way to Get NMA Posts (Before July 1!)

Kind of a weird post, since usually I prefer to handle housekeeping issues with social media or email. But this one’s important if you read No Meat Athlete and other blogs via Google Reader.

Google Reader officially goes away on July 1. That’s this coming Monday, just a few days from now.

Which means if you want to keep having No Meat Athlete posts delivered to you, without having to remember to come visit the blog, you’ll need to choose a new way to do it.

What to Do

Option 1: Subscribe via email (free, of course).

You’ll get complete blog posts sent automatically to your inbox, usually within a few minutes of when I hit Publish. To subscribe by email: visit the homepage and enter your email in the box at the top right where it says “Keep In Touch.”

Important: you’ll then get a single confirmation email, which you need to open and click the link inside in order to confirm your subscription.

Subscribing to blog posts is not the same as the NMA newsletter, which starts with a 10-part e-course, after when I send occasional brief emails, usually about new posts. But I only email once every week or two, not about every post. I’m careful not to duplicate emails between blog subscribers and newsletter subscribers, so you can get on both lists if you want and nothing will explode (that includes your inbox!).

Option 2: Find and use another RSS service. 

Feedly is a popular alternative to Google Reader, and they offer a one-click import of all your Google Reader subscriptions (tips here if you want more details about getting started). If you’re using another service or need to manually add No Meat Athlete, the feed url you’ll need is

Don’t Put it Off!

Come on … it’s Friday already. If you don’t make the switch now, this weekend will go by in a blur, and on Monday morning you’ll go to log in to trusty ol’ Google Reader, only to find a pile of digital ash in a digital urn (who knew that Bright Eyes foresaw this back in 2005?).

Your Monday will be ruined, so you’ll slack off at work, and then get fired. And of course you’ll forget about No Meat Athlete, since you’re not getting posts, so you’ll probably stop running and go back to eating meat.


So subscribe now by email or get yourself on Feedly, so you don’t forget about NMA and all the other blogs you read. 🙂

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week in the post-Google-Reader world. Where I hear we’ll have jetpacks.



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  1. I switched to Feedly recently. It was a very smooth transition and has been working great.

  2. Ditto to Tina. Feedly has both an online app and a mobile app to catch up on feeds.

    Goto your GoogleReader, settings. Export the your feeds in the “take out” section. The feed file is .opml. I can’t remember if Feedly accepts .opml or not. If not, rename the file to .xml. Import all feeds. Everything is peachy. Feedly is very fast at loading content as well.

  3. I really appreciate the blog and I think it’s great, that you advertise rss 🙂

  4. All the alternative that I tried suck! AOL released one a week ago –> hate it. Feedly is probably the best of a bunch, but still sucks relative to Google Reader!

  5. Jacob D. Barnett says:

    I shifted to two days back. Its going great

  6. I use iGoogle (which I love) as a home page and check for my new NMA blog posts there. Unfortunately it will end on 11/1/13 🙁 Its a great homepage- not sure why they are making it unavailable. I will subscribe via email but that’s not a great solution because I end up with so much spam I sometime miss things there :/

    Great blog-thanks for encouraging me to eat healthy & workout! And congrats on the new addition to your family!!

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