Anniversaries, and a Movie You Must See

Three-Month Veggie-versary!

Yesterday marked the anniversary of two momentous No Meat Athlete events, if there is such a thing.  First and foremost, it was the three-month anniversary of my new diet!  Actually, three months ago is when I turned pescetarian; it was still another month or so before I stopped eating fish.  So big ups to me (and Erin), if I don’t say so myself!  Honestly, it has not for one second been a struggle.  I was so worried about what it would do to my passion for cooking, but if anything, my cooking and eating have become more varied, more interesting, and far healthier as a result.  But what has been a struggle…

Three Weeks of No Coffee and the 30-Day Challenge

Today marks three complete weeks without coffee for me, and roughly three weeks for most of the readers’ 30-Day Challenges!  How are yours going?  My guess is that we haven’t lost anyone since last week; I’ve found that after a few weeks of interrupting the old pattern, the habit is mostly broken.  But I must admit that even though I don’t crave coffee anymore and there’s no chance I’ll bitch out on the Challenge for a cup of it, I’m still really looking forward to being able to have some again.  When Erin realized I was counting down the days, she said something like “Sounds like you’re not ready to give it up.”  And I think that’s true.  I absolutely want to be able to enjoy coffee from time to time, realizing that it will give me some anxiety but that the pleasure of having a cup or two now and then is worth the tradeoff.  But knowing I can go 30 days (or more, if I desired) without having it kind of makes me feel like I control my coffee habit, not the other way around.  If I start drinking it every day once this challenge is over though, I expect you to give me some hell about it!

Food, Inc.

food-incThere’s a new movie being released (in a very limited fashion, I’m sure) that’s doing free screenings now.  It’s called Food, Inc., and it details the atrocities of the industrial food system and the Western diet, very much along the lines of the Michael Pollan stuff that I’m always pushing.  The real-food world is quite abuzz about it; I first heard of it when Oikos included a little flyer for it in the package of yogurt they sent me.    I would love to see it, but for now I’m forced to get my fix by reading reviews from those who have.  I found a really good, comprehensive, well-written one yesterday, on the new blog Jujudish; take a look!

Reading about this kind of stuff makes my blood boil.  And I’m generally a pretty passive guy.  I don’t have strong political views (I’ll admit that all a politician has to do for my vote is ease up on gambling legislation), and I don’t get inflamed about anything.  But this food-industry stuff (is “food” even the right word anymore?) strikes a chord with me like nothing else.  It used to make me proud that I eat well, as if somehow I’m above it all, but the issues run so deep that it’s really impossible not to be impacted.  And to think of the hundreds of millions of people who are completely oblivious frustrates and overwhelms me to no end.  Again I’m reminded of the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world,” but often it feels like that’s not enough.

Please check out the review of the movie, get ahold of it or see it when you can, and share it with others.  Before anything can change, people need to know about what’s going on.  Thank you, readers!  You can see a trailer here (featuring Michael Pollan himself), at the blog Feed Me I’m Cranky.



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  1. Colleen says:

    Today is day 18 of the no-soda challenge and we are still going strong. I have decided that, once the 30 day challenge is over, I will not purchase soda for the house and try to only have it once in a while when I am out. If I start slipping then it’s going to get cut again. There are some organic root beers and gingerales that I really enjoy and I would like to be able to have those on occasion. I also tried the Stoneyfield (I think?) organic yogurt the other day and it made me ready my Yoplait label this morning…once I finish what’s in the fridge, no more Yoplait. If I don’t want Aspartame and other chemicals in my soda, why would I want it in my yogurt…uh, oh…watch out…look at where my 30 day challenge might be headed!

  2. I haven’t watched this yet, but I read Annabel’s blog, too. And yeah, it makes my blood boil, too. I hate it when humans start playing experiments with the natural whole foods God gave us.
    30 days withour coffee…I think I would die.
    .-= Sophia´s last blog ..Blemishes or Beauty Marks? =-.

  3. oh i have been wanting to see that movie too – if anyone finds it, let me know too!

    congrats on the anniversary!

  4. Happy anniversaries!

    I’ve really become a champion for the little guy lately. Big corporations (oil, food, pharmaceutical, financial, etc) have been so irresponsible with our resources, human lives, the economy, the environment and our quality of life for so long. I get very angry! Especially because most people won’t even acknowledge that we have major problems and that things need to change or we’re doomed.
    .-= Hanlie´s last blog ..Lights! Camera! Action! =-.

  5. I love that Gandhi quote- something to keep in mind when it seems like individual actions don’t amount to much.

    Thanks so much for linking to my review, and congrats on your veggie-versary! 🙂
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..The right spice =-.

  6. Oh and for anyone interested in catching a free screening, check out I’ve seen at least a few for this movie in DC (you can go to events and look under the “film” category)
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..The right spice =-.

  7. Kristina says:

    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to direct you to a link where you can find a list of theaters that will be showing Food Inc. More locations may be added as well.

    Check out our website – – and click on the Food Inc. tab. You’ll be able to print coupons for our organic yogurts as well as many other organic products. Make sure you check out the movie too, you’ll be glad you did.

    Take care,
    Stonyfield Farm

  8. Thanks for posting a link to the review, it was excellent and so I linked it on my blog also. Mainstream America really needs to see this film.

  9. Happy Blogiversay 🙂 Way to go 🙂 I have already cut so much out of my diet, if I cut out coffee my husband would have a fit! We just love sharing a cup in the morning and on weekends over the newspaper. I would miss the routine of it for sure 🙂

    • Yeah I can see that. My favorite time to drink coffee is when my wife and I go to Barnes and Noble on the weekend together. There’s more to life than eating perfectly healthy, and some things (like your weekend mornings with your husband) are definitely worth the small sacrifice.

  10. Your paragraph about “this stuff making your blood boil” is EXACTLY how I feel! I often feel like I’m the only one who gives a damn about “this stuff” and it’s really kind of comforting to know that others feel the same way. (Plus you articulate it so well!)

    • Thanks! It really is comforting to know that not everybody’s in the dark about this; the awareness among food blog readers is extremely high, and that’s a start.

  11. It was just listed as coming to Charles Theatre in Baltimore on July 3rd. Sounds like an NMA night at the movies!

  12. congrats on the veggieversary!

    our 1 yr veggieversary passed us without a notice. funny how that happens. it’s just a way of life for us now.

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